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Chapter 1462: I Love Holy Lady

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The longsword pierced the air and, instantly, a ma.s.s of Sword Qi exploded from the tip of the blade.

The Sword Qi were tiny and looked almost like silver needles. However, there was an infinite amount of them littering the sky. With such small Sword Qi spreading out over the sky, it filled the entire area.

The radius this Sword Qi covered was large, as it instantly created a formation that sealed a small area within it.

Ling Hua quickly retreated backward while waving the spear in his hand to shatter the rain of Sword Qi before him.

Boom boom boom!!

Explosive sounds sounded continuously. Although the rain of Sword Qi was shattered apart by the spear, every streak of Sword Qi was so tiny that Ling Hua’s efforts were futile with so many Sword Qi remaining.

Vicious explosions shook the fighting ring as auras shot into the sky.

Although Ling Hua wasn’t weak, he was simply no match to Zhao Jianhao. One round of sword rain had forced him to the edges of the fighting ring.


A yell suddenly sounded and just as the sword rainfall was about to disappear, a large wave of sword force suddenly emerged when had Zhao Jianhao gripped the longsword and thrust it into the air.


Brilliant sword radiance that blinded one’s eyes as well as a terrifying Sword Qi swept through the air like a gus.h.i.+ng river. With lightning speed, it rushed towards Ling Hua.


Ling Hua’s face took a drastic turn upon seeing the next attack. By now, he had already been forced to the edges of the arena and the surrounding sword rainfall around him had not completely dispersed. He had no way to dodge the next attack.

Under the influence of the sword force, he felt as though his body had been torn apart. He stiffened and froze in place like a block of ice in a blizzard.


Without hesitating, Ling Hua ran backwards quickly, retreating out of the fighting ring.

The powerful Sword Qi exploded to cover a full 30 kilometer radius and it only dispersed slowly once it reached the stands.

“Zhao Jianhao wins!”

As the voice of the brown-robed elder rang through the air, Zhao Jianhao lifted himself back to the stands, showing no sign of joy from his recent victory.

To him, defeating a weak martial artist like Ling Hua was as easy as waving his hand.

The crowd was shocked. This Zhao Jianhao looked to be stronger than Yan Lantian and Yang Tiancheng!

Of course, Yan Lantian and the other gifted geniuses had yet to display their true strengths. It was still uncertain how strong each of them was.

However, what was confirmed was that the first ranked for this fight meet would be among Zhao Jianhao, Yang Tiancheng and the other three G.o.dly talents.

“Very strong indeed!” Su Mo nodded his head in approval. However, Ling Hua was also very weak here. Apart from his quick speed, his powers weren’t very strong.

Then, the fight meet resumed.

It was You Lang’s turn but he did not challenge Su Mo. Since Su Mo had already fought a battle, he couldn’t be challenged again in this round.

You Lang challenged a genius of the Thunderclouds Bird Tribe and won over his opponent decisively with a single strike.

Battle after battle continued. Since there were so many partic.i.p.ants, the fight meet continued to drag on.

Of course, this was because no one had been eliminated yet. Once the third round was over, those who had lost all three rounds would be eliminated. The fight meet would proceed much more quickly from then on.

Ling Feng of the s.h.i.+ning Spitirual Tribe was up next and he similarly defeated his opponent in a single strike. Likewise, Yan Lantian of the Black Flame Tribe, Ley Yunhao of the Thundercloud Birds Tribe also defeated their opponents in one blow.

Perhaps it was Zhao Jianhao’s display of strength that had caused them to decide against slowly defeating their opponents as they all used terrifying attacks to defeat their opponents.

Then, it was Yang Tiancheng’s turn in the fighting ring.


The good-looking Yang Tiancheng stepped on the stage again, wearing a light hearted smile.

“Holy Lady, this is my second round!” Yang Tiancheng cupped his fists towards Yun Youyou and announced.

“Mm!” Yun Youyou nodded her head as she wore a small smile on her lips. You don’t have to tell me what round it is, right?

At that point, Yang Tiancheng had not chosen his opponent yet before he sighed a heavy breath and smiled, “Holy lady, I created a poem for you as I was waiting. This poem represents my feelings for you and I hope you like it!”

Looking at Yun Youyou’s beautiful smile, Yang Tiancheng appeared to be calm but was very excited inwardly. As long as Yun Youyou was willing to give him a chance, he would definitely chase her.

Yang Tiancheng was an expert with regards to women. Previously, all the cold and icy beauties were all won over by him.

The moment Yang Tiancheng said those words, many people were surprised. It was rumoured that Yang Tiancheng wasn’t only a gifted genius, he also had some artistic talent. It seems that that rumour was true and he was going to prove the rumour right.

“Disgusting!” Su Mo glared with his eyes bulging out of its sockets. This dude was actually going to be an idiot and use such disgusting methods to chase after Qing Xuan!

However, Su Mo shook his head in silence. In this world, all those who practiced cultivation were uncultured men. How much artistic talent could this Yang Tiancheng have?

Yun Youyou was shocked but also suspicious. She wasn’t dumb and she knew that Yang Tiancheng was trying to win her over. However, she had no intention of establis.h.i.+ng a relations.h.i.+p with Yang Tiancheng.

“What poem? Let’s all hear it!”

Before Yun Youyou could speak, Ling Xuan beside her requested curiously.


Yang Tiancheng heavily nodded his head. Then, he took a deep breath and stared directly at Yun Youyou as he sang:

I am an idiot whose heart has been stolen away,

My love runs deep into my soul,

When the holy moon G.o.ddess dances in the sky,

The nine heavenly ladies appear in my dreams.

Yang Tiancheng recited each word and sentence slowly. Each word echoed through the fighting ring.

“That was brilliant!”

“Not bad. He does have some artistic talent!”

“Not only is Yang Tiancheng an outstanding genius, I didn’t expect his artistic talent to be so good as well!”

“He really is multi-talented!”

After hearing Yang Tiancheng’s poem, many people shouted out compliments. Although there were many others who did not understand what it meant at all, they still acted as if they did.

“What a lousy poem!” Su Mo thought to himself and was almost on the verge of an outburst. Could that even be called a poem?

However, a few moments later, his eyes squinted as he realised that this poem actually had a hidden message behind it.

“I love Holy Lady!” Su Mo mumbled to himself. In these four verses, the first word of the first sentence, the second word of the second sentence, the third word of the third sentence and the fourth word of the fourth sentence could be linked to reveal a sentence – I love Holy Lady!

This realisation made Su Mo’s face fall. Even if his temper was good, he couldn’t help feeling annoyed. This Yang Tiancheng was really shameless. He’d so proudly declared his love before everyone’s eyes.

Su Mo became rather wary. Qing Xuan wouldn’t be attracted to such a man right?

If that was the case, it would spell trouble for Su Mo!

“A complete joke!” Su Mo sighed inwardly. Then he smirked slightly. If Yang Tiancheng dared to confess to Qing Xuan here, then Su Mo would make him regret it later!

On the northern stands, Yun Youyou heard Yang Tiancheng’s poem but did not figure out the hidden message within it. She smiled and complimented, “Young master Yang is talented, I admire you!”

“Hehe, as long as the Holy Lady likes it!” Yang Tiancheng’s face immediately erupted into a grin upon hearing Yun Youyou’s compliment. His heart started pumping with excitement while he wore the same handsome smile on his face, appearing as though he was still calm and poised.


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