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Chapter 147: Before True Strength, Nothing Counts

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The match at the fifth fighting ring continued.

Elder Wei was smiling in the Spectator Stand.

Although it was a disaster that Su Mo and the Sky Alliance were enemies, Elder Wei was pleased with his strength.

In less than a year, Su Mo had achieved such great strength. Even if his talent was not comparable to that of Duan Jingtian, he was not far from him.

At the second fighting ring, rounds of combat had taken place, and after one round of 10 combats ended, the second round took place.

During the first round, whether it was Su Mo, He Yangjun or Fei Kuang, they all defeated their opponents effortlessly.

Each of them had one point.

During the second round, Su Mo was soon called up for the combat.

This time round, his opponent was a muscular youth with a long sword hanging at his waist.

In the ring, the muscular youth looked solemnly at Su Mo.

“It’s the Shadowless Swordsman, Huang Feiyang. I wonder if he can defeat Su Mo!”

“Possible. Huang Feiyang’s Shadowless Swordsmans.h.i.+p’s very quick, and he’s definitely an expert among the top 10 Outer Disciples.”

The disciples who were watching the match discussed among themselves.

“Su Mo, even though you have great strength, it’ll be impossible for you to defeat me!” said the muscular youth, Huang Feiyang. He looked expressionless and continued in a deep voice, “I shall see how great your strength is!”

“After you!” Su Mo smiled and said.

Huang Feiyang nodded his head and released his Martial Soul.

His Martial Soul was a silvery long sword, Rank 8 Human Cla.s.s.


The sword was out of the sheath, and his Martial Soul was being released. The aura from Huang Feiyang’s body suddenly became overwhelming.

After a few breaths, when Huang Feiyang’s imposing manner reached the peak, he attacked with his sword.


Huang Feiyang waved his hand, and a ray of sword radiance flashed across.

At the next instance, wavy sword radiance suddenly appeared by the side of Su Mo and slashed towards his waist.


Su Mo swiftly moved a few meters away and avoided the sword radiance.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Su Mo had just planted his feet down when three sharp rays of sword radiance immediately slashed towards him.

The sword radiance was sharp and quick and had Su Mo not been sensitive, he would not have realized that it was in the air.


The sword radiance slashed through Su Mo’s shadow, and the shadow immediately dispersed.

It was his residual shadow!

Instantly, Su Mo’s figure appeared more than 10 meters away.

“His body movement is so quick!” thought Huang Feiyang in shock.

Not many people on the same level as he could escape his attack.

For martial artists of a lower strength, he could easily deal with them in one stroke.

“Su Mo’s indeed powerful. His body movement’s amazing!”

“Yes! His speed’s comparable to Senior Brother Ling Muchen!”


Those disciples who were watching the match were amazed by Su Mo’s speed.

“I’ll see how you’ll escape!”

In the fighting ring, with a shout, Huang Feiyang waved his long sword, and his arms turned into multiple residual shadows.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swish…

The sword radiance shone brightly, and the sword Qi shot all over and formed a big net, sweeping through the whole fighting ring.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoosh…

Su Mo moved swiftly and skillfully within the sword Qi.

“How… How can this be possible?”

Huang Feiyang looked stunned.

“Your swordsmans.h.i.+p’s good, but your attack’s too weak!” Su Mo said lightly. “True strength can counter all attacks.”

Su Mo suddenly stopped and faced him head-on.


The roaring of the tiger sounded, and Su Mo continuously attacked with punches as strong as a ferocious tiger.

Boom! Boom!

The ferocious tiger roared, and fist force flowed at great speed, and in no time, all the sword Qi had dispersed.

“Dragon Conquering the World!”

Following after Su Mo’s voice was a huge fist shadow that pierced through the air.


Above the fist shadow, a ghostly dragon image was moving around, with frightening cries.


Huang Feiyang looked very solemn. He held his sword with both hands and slashed towards the fist shadow.


Huang Feiyang was struck by the powerful fist shadow, was thrown back many meters away, and fell from the fighting ring.

“You’re good!”

Su Mo nodded to his opponent and walked down from the fighting ring.

Huang Feiyang’s facial expressions kept changing, and finally, he sighed and accepted his defeat.

Su Mo’s strength was way above his, and he had been merciful to him.

Su Mo had given the crowd another surprise.

Su Mo had shown that he had the strength to compete with the lower members of the top 10 Outer Disciples.


He Yangjun snorted and sneered at Su Mo.

“The higher you climb, the harder you fall!”

The match continued.

However, in Su Mo’s team two, since one of them had died, they were not able to pair up for 10 combats.

Thus, the last person could freely select his opponent.

Su Mo effortlessly won the next three rounds of combat.

He already had five points.

Along the way, he had met another disciple of the Sky Alliance.

However, after hesitating for a while, the disciple was afraid to take Su Mo on and immediately admitted defeat.


Suddenly, the people surrounding the fourth fighting ring shouted with excitement.

Su Mo turned his head and saw Nangong Linjue and Mei Ling, who was in the eighth position among the top 10 Outer Disciples, fighting against each other.

Mei Ling was tall and slender and looked graceful.

Although she was not as beautiful as Duan Bingye, she was pretty.

“Senior Brother Nangong, I’ll not let you win so easily!”

In the ring, Mei Ling held her long sword and looked solemn.

“One stroke!”

Nangong Linjue carried his long bright saber on his back and said lightly.

On any other day, Nangong Linjue would have had some fun with Mei Ling, but he was now angered by Su Mo.

He was not in the mood.

“One stroke?”

Mei Ling’s face froze upon hearing this.

He was too arrogant!

“Even though you’re powerful, you’ll not be able to defeat me with just one stroke!”

“Get ready!”

Nangong Linjue wasted no time. He took out his long saber and pointed it towards the ground.


In the next instant, Nangong Linjue jumped into the air and slashed down fiercely with his saber.

“Cloud-breaking Cut!”

After a shout, a white saber Qi about 10 meters long, ripped through the air and went all the way down.

This stroke was quick and powerful. It destroyed everything that stood in its way.


Mei Ling suddenly turned pale.

This stroke was too quick and powerful. She was unable to withstand the blow.


As expected, with just one stroke, Mei Ling was sent flying out of the fighting ring.

Blood trickled from the corner of Mei Ling’s mouth, and even her robe was torn by the saber Qi, showing her smooth complexion.

After defeating Mei Ling, Nangong Linjue walked down from the fighting ring.

“He’s so powerful!”

“He’s really powerful. He’s defeated Mei Ling, who’s also one of the top 10 Outer Disciples, with just one stroke!”

Everyone was stunned.

Nangong Linjue was indeed the strongest in the Outer Sect, being first in position.

In the previous matches, the disciples who were supposed to fight against Nangong Linjue admitted defeat straightaway.

The few of them who went ahead with the match were defeated by him with one stroke as well. No one was good enough to make him display his true strength.

Now, with Mei Ling, who was in the eighth position of the top 10, Nangong Linjue had displayed great strength beyond imagination.

Su Mo narrowed his eyes and looked at Nangong Linjue walk away.

“This man’s powerful!”

At the same time, even Duan Jingtian, who was standing at the peak of a mountain, closely watching the match and smiled.

“Nangong Linjue’s a good candidate to groom.”


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