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Chapter 1492: Priority Rights

The ma.s.sive Demon Domain stood on the grounds. Being completely jet black in color, it seemed like a bottomless hole.

From time to time, demonic creatures would rush out of the Demon Domain, some were in groups of three to five creatures while others came out as a single creature.

Once a demonic creature appeared, the group of twenty Empty Sky Sect disciples would take turns to battle it.

Although these demonic creatures were strong, they would eventually be defeated by the Empty Sky Sect disciples.

“Lyu Gang, there are so many demonic creatures in this Demon Domain. Why hasn’t an expert come here before to destroy it completely?” As Su Mo waited in a corner, he casually talked to Lyu Gang.

“Even a Martial Sage expert would not be able to completely destroy this Demon Domain. Furthermore, it is such a good training ground, why would anyone want to destroy it!” Lyu Gang shook his head as he explained. ‘

“That’s true!” Su Mo lightly nodded his head. This Demon Domain was a good training ground indeed.

“Is there an underground world under this Demon Domain?” Su Mo asked again. He thought that this Demon Domain would be a Demon Nest that had numerous demonic creatures in it.


Lyu Gang shook his head before explaining in a deep voice, “It is thought that this Demon Domain links to another galaxy, the Demon Kingdom Galaxy. That is a demon territory and it is where the evil demons are born!”

“Demon Kingdom Galaxy?” Su Mo was taken aback by this information. There was an uncountable number of galaxies and various types of them.

“There is a legend that a few hundred thousand years ago, the Demon Clan of the Demon Kingdom Galaxy had gone through Demon Domain links in order to attack the Ming Xu Galaxy. However, these Demon Domains were sealed by a large number of Empty G.o.ds later on. Thus this prevented the stronger demonic creatures from coming here through the Demon Domain links. Only average demonic creatures can go through the Demon Domain links!” Lyu Gang explained.

Realisation hit Su Mo. No wonder the demonic creatures that came out of the Demon Domain were not exceptionally strong.

As the two casually conversed, they waited patiently. However, ten hours pa.s.sed by and the second day arrived. However, the group of Empty Sky Sect disciples showed no intention of leaving.

“How long are these people going to continue hunting?” Su Mo frowned and he was completely bored. It was a complete waste of his time.

“We have to continue waiting! After the Empty Sky Sect disciples leave, we will still have to wait for the Imperial Sword Faction members!” Lyu Gang shook his head.

“What? We still have to wait for the Imperial Sword Faction members?” Su Mo gasped in shock upon hearing Lyu Gang’s words.


Lyu Gang nodded his head as he pointed in another direction and said, “Look. There are ten Imperial Sword Faction disciples over there and there is even a pro-disciple among them. Once the Empty Sky Sect disciples leave, the Imperial Sword Faction group will control the Demon Domain!”

Su Mo looked in the direction where Lyu Gang pointed and saw the ten Imperial Sword Faction people in the distance.

The men carried long swords on their backs but they purposely concealed their auras. Even with that, the sword forces the group were carrying were already overflowing from them.

“My G.o.d!” Su Mo’s face instantly darkened. After waiting for the Empty Sky Sect disciples, he still had to wait for the Imperial Sword Faction members. Would he still have to wait for other disciples of the other superpowers to finish their hunt after the Imperial Sword Faction?

By then, what would he be left with to kill? His turn to hunt wouldn’t come even after a million years!

“Lyu Gang, just say it. When will our turn arrive?” Su Mo’s face darkened as he asked.

“This… we don’t have a pro-disciple over here. We might have to wait for a very long time!”

Lyu Gang sighed as he continued, “The Imperial Sword Faction is after the Empty Sky Sect. The Roaring Sky Wolf Sect also has a pro-disciple among them. We would only have a chance once the three superpowers are done hunting.”

“What the heck!” Su Mo wore an utter look of disgust. How much time would he have to waste if he waited for these three superpowers to finish hunting?

Furthermore, even if the disciples of these three superpowers left, the remaining people would also have to fight for the priority rights to hunt the demonic creatures!

What’s more, a long time would have pa.s.sed by the time these three superpowers had finished hunting. If other experts from the other superpowers arrived at the Demon Domain in the meantime, wouldn’t their turn be pushed back again?

Forget it. These priority rights for hunting the demonic creatures were decided by fists. The stronger they were, the more priority they would have.

“Lyu Gang, how many members of our True Path Sect are here?” Su Mo asked in a serious manner. He wasn’t ready to continue waiting.

Lyu Gang scanned the surroundings and said, “Besides the two of us, there are five others!”

“Call all of them over, we cannot wait any longer. We must obtain the priority rights to hunt!” Su Mo barked out impatiently. He had no intention to act by himself. After all, the other superpowers had pro-disciples and Su Mo wasn’t completely confident that he could win. Hence, he decided to gather the True Path Sect members and ama.s.s their strength.


Lyu Gang’s mouth fell open as he heard Su Mo’s words. Then, wearing an incredulous expression, he stammered out, “Su Mo, you are suggesting that we fight against the Empty Sky Sect people?”

“Yup!” Su Mo nodded his head.

“This…!” Lyu Gang immediately started went into a cold sweat as he seemed at a loss for words. “Su Mo, there are so many members of the Empty Sky Sect here. And there’s a pro-disciple as well… let’s just forget it!”

Lyu Gang had been rendered completely speechless by Su Mo’s suggestion. It was a ridiculous suggestion!

Not only was there a pro-disciple among the Empty Sky Sect members, there were also around 6 to 7 Rank 1 Martial Honorables. Who would dare fight against them?

The Imperial Sword Faction disciples did not dare to fight against them, quietly sitting in a corner. But Su Mo had actually dared to fight against the Empty Sky Sect members?

At that point, Lyu Gang couldn’t help thinking that this Su Mo had talents that were G.o.dly. However, wasn’t he being too arrogant?

He could also see that Su Mo had broken through to the Rank 9 Martial Emperor Realm. Yet, even with that, Su Mo couldn’t possibly be a match for the pro-disciple of the Empty Sky Sect, right?

“What? Don’t you want to hunt the demonic creatures quickly? Do you want to just sit and wait?” Su Mo sensed the reluctance in Lyu Gang and furrowed his brows.

“I definitely don’t want to continue waiting, but…!” A look of hesitation was worn on Lu Gang’s face.

“No buts, just call the other True Path Sect members over!” Su Mo cut Lyu Gang short. Although he did not have absolute confidence in being able to win, he still wanted to give it a try.

“Alright!” Lyu Gang nodded his head helplessly, although he didn’t think that the other sect members would fight against the Empty Sky Sect members with Su Mo.

With that, Lyu Gang flew out, gathered the five other True Path Sect members and brought them before Su Mo.

Su Mo glanced at the group of five people. Among the five, a short, blue-robed young man had a lower cultivation rank – a Rank 8 Martial Emperor. A silver-robed young man was at a higher cultivation rank – a Rank 1 Martial Honorable. The other three members were Rank 9 Martial Emperors.

“Su Mo, what did you call us over for?” The tallest and most muscular young man among the three Martial Emperors asked.

This young man wore a warm look and he was well mannered. He had attended the fight meet and recognised Su Mo. He also knew that Su Mo was very strong and hence he was being very polite.

“We are not going to continue waiting. Right now, we will fight against the Empty Sky Sect disciples and gain the right to hunt the demonic creatures first!” Su Mo directly told the group.


The moment the five disciples heard Su Mo’s words, their reactions mirrored Lyu Gang and they widened their eyes in surprise and gaped.

They were completely shocked by Su Mo’s words. Was Su Mo mad to want to fight against the Empty Sky Sect disciples and gain the right to hunt the demonic creatures first?


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