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Chapter 153: The Renowned Sky Alliance

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Nangong Linjue and the other disciples of the Sky Alliance stood afar off and looked coldly at Su Mo, who was walking down the fighting ring.

“Junior Brother Yi, should you spar with Su Mo, just admit defeat if you can’t beat him!” Nangong Linjue said flatly.

Yi Xiaoguang, who was standing beside Nangong Linjue, frowned, and looked ghastly.

His strength was almost on par with Lu Shaoyun.

Since Su Mo could easily defeat Lu Shaoyun, he could do likewise to him.

However, he would rather die than to admit defeat to Su Mo.

Yi Xiaoguang was silent.

“Shall I admit defeat?”

A few months ago, he could have easily killed Su Mo, but now, he had to concede defeat.

“Junior Brother Yi, don’t worry. If Su Mo spars with me, he’ll surely die!”

Li Jiandong carried a long sword on his back and said with a grim look.

Among the top 10 Outer Disciples, five of them were members of the Sky Alliance, except He Yangjun, who was dead.

The rest of the four members were:

Nangong Linjue, number one in position.

Duan Bingye, number two in position.

Li Jiandong, number four in position.

Yi Xiaoguang, number seven in position.

Other than Yi Xiaoguang, the other three were greater in strength and had great confidence in killing Su Mo.

“I’ll leave Su Mo to you guys! I have no interest in this!” Duan Bingye said flatly.

Although Su Mo had great strength, she could not be bothered with him.

“Senior Brother Nangong, for this Outer Disciple Compet.i.tion, my goal is to defeat you!”

Duan Bingye looked at Nangong Linjue and said, “My cousin has promised to coach me in my cultivation if I’m able to defeat you.”

Having said this, Duan Bingye smiled.

Since young, her cousin Duan Jingtian had been her idol. He was the reason for her hard work.

Should Duan Jingtian coach her personally, she would be able to increase her strength tremendously.

Upon hearing this, Nangong Linjue nodded and said, “Junior Sister, I’m looking forward to seeing your performance!”

After Su Mo had defeated Lu Shaoyun, the compet.i.tion continued.

The next combat was between Ling Muchen and Duan Bingye.

“Ling Muchen, you’ll definitely lose!” Duan Bingye said proudly at the ring.

“Is that so?”

Although Ling Muchen was third in position among the top 10 Outer Disciples, he looked grave as he took on Duan Bingye.


In the next instant, Ling Muchen’s shadow vanished and appeared by the side of Duan Bingye. He threw out a palm at her.

Ling Muchen was not only fast in his body movement, but his palm force was also forceful and overbearing.


Duan Bingye reacted quickly with a punch and hit against the palm power.

Although Duan Bingye was a lady with skinny built, the fistplay that she had cultivated was forceful and invincible. She was more powerful than Ling Muchen.


With a punch, Duan Bingyue pushed Ling Muchen back.

Su Mo was impressed that a skinny lady could have such forceful fistplay.

Hereafter, Ling Muchen attacked violently to Duan Bingye.

The whole fighting ring was filled with Ling Muchen’s residual shadows. Several powerful palm prints attacked Duan Bingye from all directions.

Ling Muchen was powerful but Duan Bingye was much more powerful than him.

Although Ling Muchen continuously attacked Duan Bingye, she stayed put in her position and counteracted the attacks with her punches.

Soon, Duan Bingye turned around and attacked Ling Muchen.

After more than 10 strokes, Ling Muchen was thrown down from the fighting ring.

“Senior Sister Duan is awesome. Ling Muchen is no match for her!”

“That’s right, for this Outer Disciple Compet.i.tion, only Senior Sister Duan is fit to spar with Senior Brother Nangong!”

Everyone was amazed by Duan Bingye’s strength.

“Duan Bingye wins! Next round, Nangong Linjue VS. Yi Xiaoguang!” The Deacon shouted.

For this round, Yi Xiaoguang would combat with Nangong Linjue.

As expected, Yi Xiaoguang immediately admitted defeat.

“Next round, Li Jiandong VS. Wu Meng!”

Li Jiandong and Wu Meng went up to the fighting ring.

Li Jiandong carried his long sword on his back, looking expressionless and grim.

Wu Meng held on to his spear and exuded an immense aura.

“I’ll defeat you in three strokes!” Li Jiandong said in an icy tone.

“Three strokes?”

Wu Meng frowned upon hearing this. “Li Jiandong is too arrogant!”

At the Points Match, Wu Meng had only used four strokes to defeat Gu Zhan, who was the 10th in position among the top 10 Outer Disciples. He was powerful.

He felt that he had the strength to get into the top five, but Li Jiandong had just said that he could defeat him in three strokes.

“Ha! Let’s see how you can defeat me in three strokes!”

Wu Meng sneered.

“Watch out then!”

Having said that, Li Jiandong’s sword flew out of the sheath and exuded a radiance. He swept across a residual shadow, and in a split moment, attacked Wu Meng at his throat.

This stroke was as quick as lightning.

Wu Meng was taken aback. This stroke was too quick, like a delusion.

Wu Meng could only hastily wave his spear to counter the attack.


The spear and sword clashed together, giving out a loud noise and explosive radiance.

Wu Meng was being pushed back.

Li Jiandong’s sword was like a violent force. The moment he waved the sword, a cold breeze blew past. In an instant, a bright sword Qi flashed toward Wu Meng, sounding out danger.

Wu Meng shouted out, waved his spear vigorously, and destroyed the sword Qi.

However, in the next instant, another bright sword radiance appeared and cut across his shoulder, sending out splatters of blood.


Li Jiandong stopped behind Wu Meng.

“You’ve lost!” Li Jiandong said coldly and turned to walk down the fighting ring.

Wu Meng turned and looked at his shoulder. There was a long cut caused by the sword, and blood was flowing out.

Wu Meng smiled wryly. He knew that Li Jiandong had been merciful to him.

If not, this stroke would have killed him.

“Li Jiandong wins. Next round, Ling Muchen VS. Fei Kuang.”

Ling Muchen was third in position among the top 10 Outer Disciples, and Fei Kuang was fifth in position. Their strength was almost on par.

They had a fierce combat of 70 to 80 strokes before a winner emerged from it.

Fei Kuang had lost!

Although Fei Kuang had a powerful human body, he had been beaten by Ling Muchen.

Not only was Ling Muchen’s palm force great, his speed was daunting. Fei Kuang was unable to catch up with him, and he had been suppressed since the beginning.

“Next round, Nangong Linjue VS. Lu Shaoyun!”

Nangong Linjue and Lu Shaoyun went up to the ring.


The moment Lu Shaoyun stepped into the ring, he released his Martial Soul. His genuine Qi surged, and he was vigilant.

“No matter how well prepared you are, it’ll be useless. I hope you can take two strokes from me!” Nangong Linjue said flatly and exuded much confidence.


In the next instant, Nangong Linjue attacked with his long saber.

The sharp white saber radiance tore the air apart, destroyed everything, and flashed toward Lu Shaoyun.


After being hit by the stroke, Lu Shaoyun spewed out blood and moved back.

“Second stroke!”

After Nangong Linjue had said that, the white saber radiance shot up to the sky and caused the clouds to disperse. The terrifying saber Qi slashed down.

“Cloud-breaking Bladesmans.h.i.+p!”

The glaring saber radiance slashed across the void and the radiance was pre-eminent.

Lu Shaoyun broke into a sweat. He kept attacking with Howling Silver Wolf Palm.

However, when faced with Nangong Linjue’s saber, his palm force was as weak as a baby.


Shortly after, Lu Shaoyun gave out a cry and was sent flying out of the ring, with blood spewing out of his mouth.

Although Lu Shaoyun was powerful, he could not withstand two strokes from Nangong Linjue.

“Senior Brother Nangong is invincible!”

“Senior Brother Nangong is formidable!”


Hundreds of disciples from the Sky Alliance were excited. All of them shouted and their voices covered the whole place.

Finally, Nangong Linjue had shown his great strength.

For the few rounds of combat, be it Nangong Linjue, Li Jiandong, or Duan Bingye, all of them had easily defeated their opponents and brought glory to the Sky Alliance.

Disciples of the Sky Alliance were unstoppable in the Outer Gate.

Su Mo stood afar off and frowned.

Nangong Linjue was vicious in his attacks. He did not share a hatred history with Lu Shaoyun, but he was merciless, and heavily injured Lu Shaoyun.

Shortly, the Deacon raised his voice and announced.

“Nangong Linjue wins. Next round, Su Mo VS. Yi Xiaoguang!”

Immediately after the Deacon said this, the whole place was in dead silence.

Finally, Su Mo would be pitting again, against the member of the Sky Alliance.


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