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Chapter 1611: Forget It!

“Leave Tushan town?” Everyone’s faces darkened upon hearing this. Did they have to flee again?

They had been developing in Tushan Town for the past few years and had just laid a solid foundation. Were they going to have to give up everything and start all over?

Everyone was aware of Su Mo’s concerns, he was definitely worried about the Sorcerer Tribe. After all, Su Mo had hatred in the Shenwu Academy and this implicated the Firmament Palace.

It would be different if the Sorcerer Tribe were to know about this.

“Father-in-law, what do you think?” Su Mo looked at Emperor s.h.i.+. The latter was now the Palace Master of the Firmament Palace and could express his opinions.

Hearing this, Emperor s.h.i.+ fell silent. After a while, he sighed and said, “It would be impossible if we were to leave Tushan Town in such a short time!”

“Oh? What would the difficulties be?” Su Mo asked in a deep voice.

“In the past one or two years, a large number of disciples in the palace have gone out to practice. Most of them were not in Star Guzhou. Furthermore, we have opened a lot of shops selling weapons outside. We cannot take them back with such short notice!” Emperor s.h.i.+ said solemnly.

Hearing this, Su Mo frowned. He had not thought about this aspect. This did spell trouble.

“How long would it take to take them back?” Su Mo asked.

“At least half a month!” Emperor s.h.i.+’s face was marked with helplessness. After speaking, he added, “In addition, if we were to leave Tushan Town, it would be hard for Xi’er and the other Eight Palace Masters to find us if they were to return in future!”

Everyone nodded to themselves upon hearing this. Truth be told, they would not leave Tushan town given a choice.

After all, they had lived there for so long. It could be said that they had already put roots down there.

Moreover, in the past year or so, there had been many disciples who had married and had children with outsiders. They were deeply rooted here.

Su Mo furrowed his brows. He was not worried about the second point that Emperor s.h.i.+ brought up.

Even if Firmament Palace was evacuated from Tushan Town, one could leave a few informers and wait for Xi’er, Si Kongyan and the others to return.

However, it would be a problem to leave Tushan Town in a short period of time.

“How many disciples are practising outside?” Su Mo asked.

“There are tens of thousands of them!” Emperor s.h.i.+ said. At the moment in Firmament Palace, there were tens to hundreds of thousands of disciples who had reached Martial Changed Realm, Martial King Realm and a few who had reached Martial Emperor Realm.

These people could not always stay in Tushan Town and as such, many disciples often went out to practice.

In the beginning, these disciples only practised within a few million miles. However, today, many of them went to other stars outside of Star Guzhou.

Hearing this, Su Mo sighed. It was impossible to call all of these people back in such a short time.

However, abandoning people was not his style. After all, there would be some of his tribesmen and friends among so many people.

Su Mo’s face darkened as he pondered, what would the next step be?

Yun You You looked at Su Mo silently. She did not speak as she waited for Su Mo to decide.

Su Mo could take the Firmament Palace from the Firmament World alone and develop it to where it was today.

His abilities and character were self-evident. As such, she knew that Su Mo would definitely come up with suitable arrangements.

Everyone looked at Su Mo silently and waited for his decision.

If Su Mo decided to evacuate Tushan Town, they would not object. The ball was in Su Mo’s court.

“Forget it, you all should stay!”

After a long time, Su Mo sighed and made the final decision. Since it was not a good decision to evacuate in such a short period of time, he might as well forget it!

“Su Mo, will it be dangerous if we stay?” Emperor s.h.i.+ frowned and asked. Although he wanted to stay, it would still be a good decision to evacuate if there was going to be danger.

“It won’t be dangerous! I have an idea!” Su Mo took a deep breath. This was because regardless of if it were people from the Tais.h.i.+ Family Faction or the Sorcerer Tribesmen, Su Mo was their only target.

The people of both tribes did not know about Firmament Palace, nor did they know about Su Mo’s relations.h.i.+p with the Firmament Palace.

As such, as long as he came out, Firmament Palace would be unharmed.

This principle was very simple. Take the Tais.h.i.+ Family Faction for example. As long as they knew where Su Mo was, they would not wonder why Su Mo had appeared in Tushan Town today. This was the same for the Sorcerer Tribe.

Everyone nodded upon hearing this. Although they did not know what idea Su Mo had, looking at Su Mo’s calm expression, they knew that there should not be a problem.

All of them trusted Su Mo unconditionally.

“Everyone in Tushan Town has seen what had happened today. Quickly settle it, do not let anyone know about my relations.h.i.+p with the Firmament Palace!” Su Mo said in a loud, clear voice.


The crowd responded. This was not difficult. The entire Tushan Town was firmly in control of the Firmament Palace.

What they had to do was make sure that the people in Tushan Town did not find out about Su Mo.

Afterwards, Su Mo a.s.signed a few tasks and then dismissed everyone.

After a while, only Su Mo and Yun You You were left in the courtyard.

“What do you intend to do?” Yun You You asked.

“The Firmament Palace has no enemies, only I do!” Su Mo sighed.

“What do you mean?” Yun You You was puzzled and was stumped for a while.

However, she soon realised. “You are going to lure the enemies!” She exclaimed.

“That’s right!”

Su Mo nodded and said, “I am a disciple of the Shenwu Academy. As long as I appear in Shenwu Academy, who will take notice of Tushan Town?”

“Aren’t you afraid of danger?” Yun You You asked curiously. She truly admired Su Mo’s courage.

“Danger is just a stepping stone to growth!” Su Mo smiled and said nonchalantly. He did not care much about the people in Shenwu Academy and Tais.h.i.+ Family Faction. He had his own ways of dealing with the Sorcerer Tribe.

After speaking, he asked, “Qing Xuan, I am now about to leave Firmament Palace. When will you be returning to the Sun Moon Tribe?”

“I’m not sure, maybe in a month or two!” Yun You You said. She could not stay too long here as she came up with an excuse that she had come here to practice.

“Alright, wait for me at Firmament Palace. You can leave after I come back!” Su Mo said.

He was going to return to Shenwu Academy then immediately go to Myriad World Mountain. It would take more than a month to come and go.


Yun You You nodded gently and smiled, “I will protect Firmament Palace while you are gone!”

“Hehe, good!” Su Mo smiled broadly. Although he was unsure of Qing Xuan’s strength, he knew that it definitely was not weak.

As the Holy Lady of the Sun Moon Tribe and the disciple of Grand Elder Jin Yang, how could it be weak?

Now that she had reached Level 2 Martial Honoured Realm, her powers had risen a notch. It was sufficient to protect the Firmament Palace for a short period of time!

Later, Su Mo and Yun You You chatted for a while and then bade each other farewell.

He recruited You Tianhan and the Avatar to leave Firmament Palace with him to go to Shenwu Academy.


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