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Chapter 1906: True Demon Hunting Order

Many superpowers were stunned by the news. Su Mo’s displayed strength was far too strong. It far surpa.s.sed the capabilities of his realm.

He had far exceeded the boundaries of what cla.s.sified a genius and he had destroyed all knowledge that martial artists had of geniuses.

For a Rank 8 Martial Honorable to crush a few thousand Martial Sages and kill the revered Mo Lin of the True Demon Tribe, it was an earth-shaking event.

As soon as the news reached the ears of the True Demons Tribe, they were completely enraged. Two top geniuses, Mo Xiao and then Mo Lin, had been killed by Su Mo.

The True Demon Tribe quickly set off a public outcry and informed all superpowers of the Infinite Region of a Hunting Order for Su Mo.

This news slowly spread through the Infinite Region and many superpowers were quickly engulfed in chaos.

True Demon Hunting Order for Su Mo was an absolute Hunting Order for the top enemies of the True Demon Tribe and they rarely issued it. Yet, the moment it was issued, no one would be able to survive it.

That was because the rewards of killing the tribe’s enemy was enough to move the heart of any martial artist below the Empty G.o.d Realm. Even King Sages would go mad over the Hunting order.

No enemy under the Hunting Order would be able to escape and conceal their ident.i.ty. Within 3 years, the target would meet an endless stream of attempts.

In a second, the martial world of the Infinite Region was incited.

Many G.o.dly talents and top experts above the Martial Sage Realm were eager to kill Su Mo.

Furthermore, those men who had had their physical bodies destroyed by Su Mo in the Ancient Dream Forbidden Land also ordered their respective superpowers to immediately start searching for Su Mo.

Su Mo sat down cross-legged in the broad, starry s.p.a.ce as he refined his Dark Force. He remained ignorant of the chaos he had brought to Infinite Region.

As he refined his Dark Force, he sped towards Sun Moon Star. At the same time, he used the Illusory Technique to change his appearance and aura. No one under the Empty G.o.d Realm would be able to recognize his true ident.i.ty.

After G.o.d knows how long, he closed in on Sun Moon Star. A few hours was all he needed before he would reach his destination.

However, right at that point, a blindingly bright ray of blood light shone from his body.

The blinding blood light illuminated the area a few kilometers from him, s.h.i.+fting all attention to him. A large blood-red ‘kill’ word appeared above his forehead.

This ‘kill’ word was as big as a 10,000 foot tall mountain. Blood-red light wrote out the word and it drew all attention to him.

“What is going on?” Su Mo’s eyes widened in surprise and confusion wiped his face. He completely did not understand why such a strange scenario would happen to him.

With that, he immediately checked all over his body but did not find anything strange.

The blinding light and the ma.s.sive ‘kill’ word had appeared without any warning.

No matter how much he surveyed his body or what he did, he could not get rid of the blood-red light on his body.

Although the light shone off of him, it seemed to not be linked to his physical body and there was no way to get rid of it.

“Could it be that someone wants to kill me?” Su Mo’s face darkened to be as black as water.

His current situation meant that anywhere he went, he would attract attention onto himself.

The large ‘kill’ word was as large as a 10,000 foot tall mountain and bright red light shone from him. Even if someone was 1,000 kilometers away from him, they would be able to see him.

As such, Su Mo could confirm that someone had used a special martial skill to target him.

“I am in deep trouble!” Su Mo muttered under his breath as the frown on his face turned deeper and deeper. The moment he went to Sun Moon Star, he would be in grave danger.

After all, he had killed Mo Xiao and left Sun Moon Tribe instantly. He did not think that Sun Moon Tribe would help him.

He might even be killed by Sun Moon Tribe the moment he returned.

Without hesitation, Su Mo immediately whipped around and flew away from Sun Moon Star. He would head back to where the True Sage World was.

He would only be safe in Myriad World Mountain with his current situation.

Furthermore, Myriad World Mountain might be able to help him get rid of the blood light.

“Who in the world is it?” Su Mo’s face darkened, becoming blacker and blacker as he pondered to himself as to who would want to kill him.

The Sorcerer Tribe?

Su Mo instantly eliminated the Sorcerer Tribe. If the Sorcerer Tribe had such a skill, they would have used it directly and not waited till now.

The True Demons Tribe?

Su Mo locked in on his target quickly. Only the True Demons Tribe would do it do him.

After all, he had killed Mo Xiao and then Mo Lin. The True Demons Tribe must want to kill him desperately.

However, even though Su Mo knew that the True Demons Tribe wanted to deal with him, there was nothing that he could do.

Right then, he could only head back to Myriad World Mountain as fast as he can.

The starry s.p.a.ce was broad and vast, many martial artists would be travelling through it. The bright light s.h.i.+ning off Su Mo was shocking and eye catching, even if they were 1000 kilometers apart, Su Mo could be spotted by his enemies.

Two Martial Sage experts were travelling through the starry sky not far from Su Mo and upon seeing the blood-red light s.h.i.+ning in the distance, they immediately stopped themselves.

Among these 2 martial artists was a yellow-robed middle-aged man and an elder in a long brown robe.

“What is that?”

The yellow-robed middle-aged man stared at the blood-red light in the distance as his face filled with confusion.

Over the horizon, he could see a blinding red light illuminating the entire starry sky. Squinting his eyes, he could make out the word ‘kill’ moving quickly through the air.

“That is… true Demon Hunting Order?” The brown-robed elder first jumped in shock before his eyes glittered with intelligence.

“What? That is the True Demon Hunting Order?”

The middle-aged Martial Sage’s heart jumped in shock. He was an elder of the Empty Sky Sect and had long heard of the True Demon Hunting Order of the True Demon Tribe. Yet, this was the first time he saw it personally and he couldn’t help marveling at the sight of it.

“I wonder who it was to actually agitate the True Demon Tribe to issue the True Demon Hunting Order?” The brown-robed elder’s face darkened as he pondered.

“Elder Tie, we must be lucky to meet the target of the True Demon Hunting Order!” The yellow-robed middle-aged man laughed as a flash of killing intent crossed his eyes.

If he killed the target of the kill order, his reward would be a request of the True Demons Tribe.

No matter what request it was, the True Demon Tribe would agree to it as long as it did not harm the tribe itself.

This was the rules that had been guaranteed for a few hundred thousand years every time the True Demons Tribe issued the hunting order. Although the True Demons Tribe was a Demon Tribe, they had never rejected a request’s reward.

As such, the reward of the True Demons Tribe had gained a high reputation for itself through the Infinite Region.

It being ranked 29th on the Ten Thousand Archean Tribe Board meant that it was looked highly upon by all martial artists of the Infinite Region.

In another way of speaking, any regular martial artist who managed to kill the target of the Hunting Order would have his entire life changed by the one request to the True Demon Tribe.

This request for any expert was valuable as it could benefit one greatly.


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