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Chapter 1911: King Sage’s Power

Su Mo appeared fearless in front of Yin Wudao’s ultimate strike. Without backing down, he instantly unleashed 2 sword strikes.

Sword Force shot into the sky as terrifying chaotic Sword Qi appeared again. These 2 sword strikes seemed invincible as they lashed out at the 2 Dark Force claws.

Boom boom!

2 loud explosions shocked the region as the 2 Dark Force claws were instantly torn apart. Yet Su Mo’s body remained incredibly fast. Like a sharp arrow, he flew towards Yin Wudao.


With a strong wave of his hand, the Seven-colored Glazed PaG.o.da shot out at a speed as fast as lightning towards Yin Wudao.

The Seven-colored Glazed PaG.o.da grew into a large size instantaneously and let out glazed light over 100,000 feet. Explosions shook the starry s.p.a.ce and the paG.o.da flew directly to Yin Wudao.

“The Seven-colored Glazed PaG.o.da?”

Yin Wudao’s eyes quickly narrowed. As a Sun Moon Tribe member, he naturally recognized Hu Sheng’s flags.h.i.+p weapon.

With that, he opened his palm and clawed out several times to allow ten streaks of claw radiance to strike against the paG.o.da.

Claw shadows flooded the sky and instantly met the Seven-colored Glazed light, rapidly disintegrating along the process.

However, although the glazed light was terrifying, it could not completely destroy the claw shadows. About 50% of its strength had been reduced by the time it struck the Seven-colored Glazed PaG.o.da.

Boom boom!

With a loud explosion, the Seven-colored Glazed PaG.o.da shook violently from side to side. Instantly, it was forced backward by the explosions while the claw shadows disappeared completely.

At the same time, Su Mo closed down on Yin Wudao, pulling the distance between them to a few kilometers.


Right at that moment, the Ancient Demon Eye opened on Su Mo’s forehead. A sharp, bright-red light that seemed to come from h.e.l.l shot out at Yin Wudao at an indescribable speed.

Deadly but silent, the ray of light did not disturb the flow of air in the starry s.p.a.ce. Yet, it aimed directly at Yin Wudao’s forehead as a real existence.


Yin Wudao’s heart jumped in fright. He had not prepared for the attack at all and suddenly found himself struggling to defend himself.

The speed of the light was very fast and before he could bring his hands forward for a countermeasure, he whipped his head to the side in an attempt to avoid the ray of light.


Thankfully, his reaction was fast and he barely avoided a fatal attack. The ray of light sc.r.a.ped past his ear.

However, this wasn’t the greatest danger that Yin Wudao had to face yet. After he had avoided the fatal blow, his heart sunk as he saw the Sword Qi behind the ray of light.

A broad, dense chaotic Sword Qi drew across the sky, Sword Force flooding the starry s.p.a.ce to give off a deathly aura.

Su Mo had not held back with the sword strike as he activated Fighting Soul force to its maximum. The many Blood Forces in him circulated wildly, enhancing the forces of the Sword Qi.

This was his ultimate strike and he was sure that the sword strike would kill Yin Wudao.

“What?” Yin Wudao’s heart jumped in surprise. In the blink of an eye, the Sword Qi was already before his eyes and he didn’t have the chance to avoid it.

Dark Force throughout his body surged and he activated the Nine Yin Body to its maximum. At the same time, he pushed the Fighting Soul strength to its maximum to allow 2 claws to strike against the terrifying Sword Qi.

Boom boom!!

2 loud explosions erupted through the starry sky and shook it as the 2 claws smashed against the chaotic Sword Qi in a devastating boom.

A big mushroom cloud of blast waves formed from the explosion and blast waves swept through the starry s.p.a.ce for almost 10 kilometers, removing everything in its path.


Su Mo’s body retreated backward as fast as he could. Before he checked the outcome of the battle, he flew away at lightning speed.

There was no reason for him to stay and he had to rush back to Myriad World Mountain as fast as he could.

Although he did not fear Yin Wudao at all, there was the mysterious King Sage Jin Xu behind him, staring at Su Mo with deathly eyes. The longer he delayed, the stronger the martial artists Su Mo would attract.

If a few King Sages arrived simultaneously, he wouldn’t be able to make it back to Myriad World Mountain.


Yin Wudao was thrown backward violently by the attack. He did not fly backward voluntarily but was forced to by the collision.

The explosion between his attack and the chaotic Sword Qi occurred right before his eyes.


A mouthful of fresh blood escaped his mouth. Even with his strength, he wasn’t able to stand the violent explosion.

As fresh blood spurted out of his mouth, he was further thrown back by the secondary blast wave. His entire long robe, hair and skin had turned grey with ash and he looked as tired as a dog. His body barely managed to hold itself against the blast wave or he would have died directly.

Yin Wudao had suffered heavy injuries from the blow and he was exhausted.

Breaths were held in many people’s lungs as they witnessed the scene. Yin Wudao had actually suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat from Su Mo. The genius who was a mere Martial Honorable was still undefeatable.

However, it seemed that Yin Wudao was not much weaker than Su Mo. He had only suffered because he did not know of the Ancient Demon Eye card that Su Mo had kept hidden.

“Do you think you can escape?”

King Sage Jin Wu had been observing the fight and the moment he saw Su Mo flee, he roared and chased right after Su Mo.

The speed of the King Sage was very fast, and when he pa.s.sed through the starry sky, empty s.p.a.ce would explode behind him like the roar of a dragon.

“Die, you demon!”

Once the two were only about 10 kilometers apart, King Sage Jin Xu attacked. He did not use any weapons and only pushed his palm forward to release a sharp sword.


In an instant, gold light flashed out and sharp, golden Sabre Qi drew across 10 kilometers across the sky. It aimed directly for Su Mo’s back.

This Sabre Qu was terrifying and its radiance blinded the sky. Incredible Metallic Ultimacy that surged from the blow was enough to destruct stars.

A pure Kill Sabre, it contained pure metallic killing strength and was formed out of Metal Dark Force. Only a blinding radiance accompanied the sabre strike as it travelled through the sky. Pure attacking force followed the killing intent in the strike and it split the empty s.p.a.ce it crossed.

Furthermore, the Metallic Ultimacy that was held in the sabre was terrifying. The ultimacy force was as dense as water in the ocean.

In actual fact, King Sage Jin Xu did not even need to unleash an attack. The Metallic Ultimacy alone was able to kill a typical Martial Honorable.

“So strong?” As he sensed the attack behind him, Su Mo shuddered. If he was struck by the sabre, he felt as though his physical body would be destroyed. Perhaps his Spiritual Soul might perish too.


Very strong!

The blow of King Sage Jin Xu was much much stronger than Yin Wudao. Was this a King Sage? The strongest existence below an Empty G.o.d?

A random strike could destroy everything before him. It was a true King Sage!

Su Mo realized that he had underestimated the strength of a King Sage. He had thought that he had the strength to go against a King Sage, but looking at the attack behind him, he knew how wrong he was.

A Martial Sage would be able to greater gain enlightenment for his Ultimacy and this would increase the attack powers of one incredibly.

Su Mo did not comprehend any fighting Ultimacy. His strength was only incredibly strong due to 3 main aspects. His Fighting Soul, body const.i.tution and chaotic energy.

Ultimacy was Su Mo’s weak area. After all, he had cultivated too quickly and did not have time to comprehend the Ultimacy.


Without hesitation, Su Mo unleashed a counter attack, another streak of chaotic Sword Qu.

This sword streak was even stronger than it was before. Inside the Sword Qi, there seemed to be more than 1000 Fighting Souls roaring away to enhance the power of the attack.


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