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Chapter 2010: Brought Back

“Su Mo, wait in Myriad World Mountain!” Bai Tiannan stood up and was prepared to go towards Ming Xu Galaxy.

“Brother, we should be able to succeed, right?” Su Mo asked worriedly. Yun Youyou was of utmost importance to him. He was somewhat worried if he was not part of it.

“Don’t worry! There will be no problem!” Bai Tiannan waved his hand. With Mo Jue and Leng Xie, bringing Yun Youyou back would be as easy as pie and he was sure of it.

“That’s good! I’ll wait for you to come back!” Su Mo took a deep breath.

“OK!” Bai Tiannan acknowledged. He then strode out of the palace and his body flashed as it immediately entered the cave.


Seeing this, Su Mo sighed inwardly. Now, he could only hope that Bai Tiannan would succeed.

Immediately after, Su Mo returned to his loft and cultivated while waiting.

After his cultivation reached Martial Sage, his speed was incomparably slow. He needed a long time to settle down before breaking through to the Advanced Stage of Martial Sage Realm.

With regards to his cultivation situation, Su Mo was extremely sure that if he did not settle down for two to three years, it would be difficult to break through the bottleneck of the Realm.

“Self-made Martial Skills, s.p.a.ce Ultimacy!”

Su Mo thought hard in his heart as he cultivated the Grand Chaos Five Elements Skills and consolidated his cultivation.

In the past, his plan was to cultivate until he reached Sage King, or consider realizing the s.p.a.ce Ultimacy after achieving an Empty G.o.d and creating his own Martial Skills.

Now, however, his cultivation speed was extremely slow and he had no choice but to consider the two aspects.

Regardless of if it was the s.p.a.ce Ultimacy or the Self-made Martial Skills, he still wanted to do them in the future!


With a flip of his palms, a crystal stone appeared in Su Mo’s hands.

This crystal stone was what Xu Wushen had given him previously and it was the crystal stone that contained the s.p.a.ce Ultimacy.

Su Mo was prepared to try realising the s.p.a.ce Ultimacy. He would first enter it and then slowly progress in the future.

As for the self-made martial skills, he would wait until he realised the s.p.a.ce Ultimacy to a certain point before thinking about it.

The crystal stone glowed brightly, causing the Empty s.p.a.ce around it to continuously fluctuate slightly.

Su Mo’s thoughts switched as they wrapped around the crystal stone and he carefully understood it.

The s.p.a.ce Power of the crystal stone was very powerful and mysterious.

Under Su Mo’s perception, he gradually discovered that the Empty s.p.a.ce was a type of rule, a type of rule power.

This spatial Power transformed infinitely and was mysterious and unpredictable. It simply was not one to be understood in a short amount of time.

Time pa.s.sed by, day after day. Soon, ten days had gone by.

In ten days, Su Mo had had a bit of insight.

However, at that time, there was still a long way for him to go till he truly entered the s.p.a.ce Ultimacy!

At that moment, Su Mo could no longer calmly understand it anymore.

Ten days had already pa.s.sed. Logically speaking, Brother Bai Tiannan should have returned by now.

He was slightly worried, but he was not worried about Bai Tiannan.

As a Rank 3 Empty G.o.d Realm Power, Bai Tiannan basically would not be in any life-threatening danger in the Infinite Region.

He was worried about Qing Xuan. If Qing Xuan was able to be brought back, everything would be perfect.

If Bai Tiannan failed, who knew how many more months he would have to wait until he could bring Qing Xuan back?

“Ais.h.!.+ I hope it is a success!” Su Mo sighed, suppressed the anxiety in his heart as he prepared to continue cultivating.

At that moment, he was slightly stumped as he could feel that someone had suddenly appeared outside.

His reached his senses further out and was instantly happy. Bai Tiannan had returned.


Without hesitation, Su Mo immediately got out and walked out of the loft, arrive in front of Bai Tiannan.

“Brother, did you succeed?”

Su Mo’s gaze was burning as he stared fixedly at Bai Tiannan and asked quietly.

He was extremely nervous, worried that he would hear about a failure.

Bai Tiannan was expressionless as he looked at Su Mo. After a while, a smile appeared on his face. He said, “Failure does not apply to me.”

“You succeeded?” Su Mo was instantly happy to hear this as a weight was lifted off his chest.

“I succeeded! The Sun Moon Tribe, True Demon Clan and Sorcerer Tribe wanted to lure you out by killing Yun Youyou. This really made me pull a few tricks!”

Bai Tiannan said. He had originally wanted to talk terms with the Sun Moon Tribe. Who knew that such a thing would have happened.

As such, he had eventually relied on s.n.a.t.c.hing and, under unforeseen circ.u.mstances, he had managed to s.n.a.t.c.h Yun Youyou away.

However, afterwards, he was besieged by Yin Shen and Demon G.o.d Jiu Yang, causing him to be trapped.

Fortunately, he had managed to escape with Leng Xie and Mo Jue as hostages.

In short, there was no danger in this situation and it was considered smooth-sailing.

“Thank you Brother Bai!” Su Mo immediately cupped his fists to Bai Tiannan. He was elated.

Who would have thought that this situation would have been resolved so easily.

He could now cultivate in peace now that this had been settled. He had to strive to become an Empty G.o.d as soon as possible.

Immediately after, Bai Tiannan waved his sleeves and the Empty s.p.a.ce fluctuated slightly. A white figure appeared before Su Mo.

The white figure was none other than Yun Youyou.

However, at that moment, Yun Youyou seemed to be in a coma, lying flat in the air. Her eyes were shut tight and hea breathing was even.

“Brother, she..?” Su Mo asked, confused.

“She’s fine. She had been exposed to my Trapping Skills and will wake up in half a month!” Bai Tiannan said.

Su Mo nodded upon hearing this. He could understand what Bai Tiannan meant. No outsider was allowed to know of Myriad World Mountain’s existence.

Since Yun Youyou was brought to Myriad World Mountain, she definitely could not be woken up.


Su Mo’s thoughts switched as he immediately put Yun Youyou in the Bangle s.p.a.ce. Since she was not dead, he just had to wait until she woke up.

“Su Mo, let me warn you. Do not show up too much in the Infinite Region from now on. Otherwise, you will be chased endlessly by the True Demon Clan, Sorcerer Tribe and Sun Moon Tribe!” Bai Tiannan looked at Su Mo and warned.

“Understood!” Su Mo nodded. His current cultivation was not enough to hold off a chase from those few Super Forces.

“Also, come find me after you have reached King Sage. I will bring you to G.o.d’s Path!” said Bai Tiannan.

“Isn’t it that only Empty G.o.ds can go to G.o.d’s Path?” Su Mo asked, confused.

“Haha, with your power, even if you are not an Empty G.o.d, you are almost like one!” Bai Tiannan smiled.

“OK!” Su Mo nodded. He was somewhat curious as to what the G.o.d’s Path was like. He definitely wanted to go there in future.

Bai Tiannan said no more upon seeing this. His body flashed as he flew towards his palace.

Afterwards, Su Mo closed the gate of his loft and his body flashed as he flew towards his cave.

Qing Xuan could not wake up in Myriad World Mountain and had to do so in the outside world.

Su Mo flew towards the cave in Ah Mi Galaxy and started to be transported there.

Ming Xu Galaxy and Ancientspirit Galaxy could be dangerous. As such, he chose to go to Ah Mi Galaxy, which was further away.

After entering the transportation, Su Mo activated his Cultivation power to increase the speed of transportation. Immediately, the speed of transportation was increased greatly.


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