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Chapter 227: Su Mo is Crazy

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Su Mo glanced at Ouyang Ping coldly and scanned the disciples around him. He sighed and said, “l had no intentioing of killing, but you have chosen to die!”

Su Mo was calm and had no respect for them.

“How arrogant!”

Ling Tianxiao stepped forward and yelled in a cold voice, “Don’t worry, Su Mo! Today I won’t kill you, but I’ll destroy your cultivation and take you to Senior Brother Yin!”

Upon hearing this, Su Mo smiled and asked. “Where is Yin Lige?”

Su Mo intended to find Yin Lige and kill him after killing these people.

“You will know after we have captured you!”

Ling Tianxiao bantered.

“Well, after killing you, I’ll look for him!”

After saying these words, Su Mo stood up suddenly and shouted. “Devour!”


His Devouring Martial Spirit appeared instantly. A strong devouring power immediately overflowed an area of several hundred meters.

A strong force appeared above his head, and the Wind sword will shot up high in the sky.


Su Mo withdrew the Spirit-slayer Sword and approached Ling Tianxiao like a sudden burst of wind. He slashed down hard with his sword.


Ling Tianxiao turned pale with fright at Su Mo’s speed. As his genuine Qi had been controlled by Su Mo’s devouring power, he could not counter the attack in time.


The sword radiance flashed, and boiling blood spurted up to the sky.

The second rank in the inner gate of Gale Island, Ling Tianxiao, had been killed by Su Mo in one stroke!


With an angry cry, Su Mo began his killing spree. Sword radiance continued to s.h.i.+ne, and sword Qi covered the whole mountain peak.

Above the mountain peaks, dismembered limbs flew and blood spewed out like a fountain.

The strong devouring power of the Devouring Martial Spirit was like a magic spell and restricted the disciples. Before they could regulate their genuine Qi, Su Mo had already attacked them with his sword.

As he had the Devouring Martial Spirit, Su Mo was not afraid of the joint attack. Moreover, his opponents were weaker than him.


After a short while, all the disciples were killed by Su Mo.

Ouyang Ping was still alive and laid on the ground. There was a great cut on his body that ranged from the shoulder to the abdomen. His intestines covered the ground and it was extremely b.l.o.o.d.y.

“Im… impossible!” Ouyang Ping murmured.

His eyes were filled with surprise and fear. He had never expected things to turn out this way.

Over 200 Inner disciples had died so quickly. He could not believe it even though the truth was right in front of him!

Su Mo glanced at him with disdain and sat cross-legged with his eyes closed.


Su Mo cried again and fully activated his Devouring Martial Spirit. The blood of the two hundred disciples moved toward him and encased him almost instantly.

Although Ouyang Ping had been alive at the start, he had been drained of his blood until he died.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Endless Blood Qi raged in his body, and they created huge waves in his seven Spiritual Spirals.

The amount of blood essence that Su Mo had absorbed was unimaginably huge. It was much more powerful than the Golden-lined Fruit and Red Ganoderma combined.

The genuine Qi of many disciples who had just died had not completely disappeared and was devoured by Su Mo.

As Su Mo had seven Spiritual Spirals, he needed a large amount of genuine Qi in order to break through. With such a large amount of Blood Qi, he broke through to the Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm in an instant.

As there were still lots of blood essence left, he continued to refine.

The Middle-stage of the Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm!

The Late-stage!

After refining all of the Blood Qi, his cultivation had reached the Late-stage of the Lv 9, nearly reaching the Peak. The ground was filled with dried corpses.

When Su Mo opened his eyes, two bright beams shot out.

“For me, martial artists and demonic beasts are the real Spiritual Herbs!” Su Mo said.

Although Su Mo had killed so many people, he remained calm.

He had to kill them as they had wanted him dead.

In the martial arts world, there was no right or wrong, only strong or weak. Su Mo was well aware of it.

Only the numerous skeletons he left in his wake could help him reach the peak of martial arts.

As it was said in his previous life: only the strongest could become the king!

It was appropriate to apply this to the martial arts world.

After resting for a while, Su Mo closed his eyes again.

Su Mo’s cultivation had reached the Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm. His human body strength was equivalent to that of a martial artist at the Lv 9 as well. It was time for him to condense the remaining two Spiritual Spirals to perfect his Nine Spirals Mystique.

Since Su Mo’s cultivation and human body strength had enhanced tremendously, it was easier for him to condense the remaining Spiritual Spirals than before.

In only about four hours, Su Mo had successfully condensed the last two Spiritual Spirals.

With the condensation of the nine Spiritual Spirals, Su Mo’s combat strength had risen ninefold.

As Su Mo’s cultivation had reached the Late-stage of the Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm, in only a few hours, his overall strength had surged more than 10 times.

“Yin Lige, wait for me!”

Su Mo stood up and left the mountain. After determining the correct direction, he walked toward Tsinghua Fairyland.

In the center of Tsinghua Fairyland was White Jade Square. Before the end of the trial test, all the disciples would have to gather at the Square and wait for the opening of the exit.

Su Mo was ready to go to White Jade Square and wait for Yin Lige.

Although only one day had pa.s.sed, Su Mo no longer wished to hunt for treasures.

He had a crazy idea. He wanted to steal!

He wanted to steal the storage pouches from all the disciples at White Jade Square.

This idea was crazy beyond imagination. Anyone who knew what Su Mo was thinking would think that he was crazy!

But Su Mo was full of confidence. He had fought with Cla.s.s 1 Lv 3 Demonic Beast, and his strength had increased tenfold.

He could easily kill an ordinary martial artist of the Lv 1 True Spirit Realm, not to mention a martial artist at the Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm.

For this reason, he dared to have such crazy idea.

Qinghua Rift was very large, and Su Mo spent two days sauntering to White Jade Square.

The Square must have been built by the four sects as it was huge and had a radius of a kilometer.

No one was at the Square.

There were still seven days before the trial test ended. No one would be at the Square at this moment.

Sitting cross-legged in the center of the Square, Su Mo refined his genuine Qi and consolidated his cultivation while waiting for the others.


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