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Chapter 2532: The Most Undesirable Outcome

It was Gongsun Changjue who had thrown out the blow. He had 90 percent confidence in obtaining the token if he could defeat Su Mo.

The blow was as quick as lightning. The minute Gongsun Changjue threw out the blow, it was already before Su Mo.

If Su Mo was. .h.i.t by the blow, he would lose the opportunity to get into the 10th City even if he was not defeated by it.

However, Su Mo had never let down his guard. When the blow was about to hit him, he threw out a blow with his palm and blasted the attack.


There was an explosion when the forces clashed together. Gongsun Changjue was no match for Su Mo and he was sent flying a fair distance away.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

A few people cried out as they were severely injured when more than 10 of them attacked their opponents.

Su Mo did not fly to the 10th City but he came to a halt. He immediately released his Devouring Primordial Sprit.

The mighty devouring power swirled out and engulfed everything.

Su Mo immediately threw out a blow and the Sword Qi whizzed across the horizon, attacking everybody with its mighty power.

The token would belong to him if everybody was beaten by him.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Those people who were fighting one another were unable to fend off Su Mo’s attack and they were severely injured. They spewed out blood and retreated.

However, Gongsun Changjue was powerful. Although he was engulfed by the devouring power, he was still able to move rapidly toward the 10th City.

In a flash, he traversed 300 meters in one leap as he moved hastily toward the 10th City.

“You won’t be able to make it!”

Su Mo shouted as he dashed toward the 10th City. He fully activated his devouring power that almost engulfed the entire Shen Kun Small World.

However, Gongsun Changjue was well-versed in the Rules of s.p.a.ce. Even under the devouring power, he could move around swiftly.

Gongsun Changjue was quicker than Su Mo and he was the first to get near the 10th City.


When Su Mo saw it, he immediately brandished his sword and the Chaotic Sword Qi flooded toward the 10th City like Sword Rain.

“c.r.a.p!” Gongsun Changjue’s face turned ghastly pale when he saw the attack. However, he had no choice but to move away to the side.


Gongsun Changjue managed to avoid the blow and Su Mo made use of the opportunity to reach the city gate of the 10th City.

10th City was different from the rest of the cities. There was an array above the 10th City that deterred everyone from entering from above. One could only enter through the city gate, which was already wide open.

Su Mo was not in a hurry to enter the city when he reached the gate. He merely stood in front of the city gate to prevent everyone from entering.

Gongsun Changjue stopped far away with the rest of the people. Although some of them had been severely injured, they were reluctant to leave and they chose to stay far away to watch.

“Do you intend to vie with me?” Su Mo asked. As he spoke, his mighty devouring power engulfed the 10th City and his Holy Senses stretched far into the center of the City.

10th City was small. There was a stone platform that was about 16 meters tall at the center of the City with a scroll on it.

Su Mo knew that the scroll was the token.

However, he was not in a hurry to get it. On one hand, he was apprehensive if another test was awaiting him and, on the other hand, he was wary of Gongsun Changue as Gongsun Changjue was well-versed in the Rules of s.p.a.ce.

Su Mo regretted not kicking Gongsun Changjue out of the Fight earlier.

“Su Mo, I will not give up until the last moment!” Gongsun Changjue said. He had spotted the token as well and he was thinking of the probability of him obtaining the token.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, he would have activated the Rules of s.p.a.ce and Time to break through Su Mo’s defense and get hold of the token.

However, Su Mo’s Primordial Spirit possessed mighty devouring power and it affected every inch of the entire s.p.a.ce. That affected Gongsun Changjue greatly.

“If I go all out, you may lose your life!” Su Mo said flatly. Having said that, he moved back gradually and entered the City.

For the earlier blow, Su Mo had restrained himself. If he had used too much force, Gongsun Changjue might have been killed.

Su Mo fixed his Holy Senses on Gongsun Changjue as he moved closer to the token.

He gradually flew up and sped toward the token.

Gongsun Changjue’s expression changed perpetually. He knew that he had to act immediately or he would lose the opportunity.


At the next instant, Gongsun Changjue disappeared. He activated the Teleportation Skills and dashed toward the token.

“Don’t blame me for it!”

Su Mo immediately noticed what Gongsun Changjue was up to. He turned around to throw out a blow with his sword and the blow shot out of the city gate.

Suddenly, a huge Chaotic Rotating Sword cut across the area like the sun.

The huge Chaotic Rotating Sword seemed to have sealed off all the pa.s.sageways at the city gate. Although Gongsun Changjue was well-versed in the Rules of s.p.a.ce, he was unable to go past the Chaotic Rotating Sword.

Su Mo had given his best shot and the blow was mighty. Since he had warned Gongsun Changjue, he would not show Gongsun Changjue any mercy. Su Mo was determined to get hold of the token.

The minute Su Mo threw out the blow, he dashed toward the token at lightning speed.

Everything went smoothly and Su Mo obtained the token in an instant.


Following that, there was an earth-shattering explosion as the Chaotic Rotating Sword exploded at the city gate. It swirled up a terrifying shockwave.

Gongsun Changjue did not try to counter the Chaotic Rotating Sword. When he saw the blow that Su Mo had thrown out, he moved out of the 10th City. The Chaotic Rotating Sword had hit the city wall at the gate.


Gongsun Changjue sighed outside 10th City. The die was cast. He would not be able to s.n.a.t.c.h the token away from Su Mo.

After Su Mo had obtained the token, he put it away carefully before he walked out of the 10th City.

More than 10 people from the Third City stood nearby and looked at Su Mo with different expressions on their faces.

That was the outcome that they had expected.

However, when they saw that Su Mo had obtained the token and emerged as the winner in the Thousand Selection Fight, they could not help feeling awed by him.

Outside Shen Kun Small World, when everybody saw the outcome, they had different expressions as well.

As expected, Long Chang and the men from the Dragon Tribe were smiling broadly.

Since Su Mo had emerged as the winner in the Thousand Selection Fight, the Dragon Tribe would have much to gain.

The men from Heavenly Palace, Ancient Demon State, Sky Tyrant Court, and the other forces looked ghastly pale.

Although it was not the outcome that they had desired, they could not change it.

Di Yihun looked impa.s.sive. He slowly shut his eyes and opened them again. They had to carry out Plan B.

That was not the outcome that he had antic.i.p.ated. However, since things had turned out this way, he could not let Su Mo return to Sky Dragon Court.

Tuoba Qingyun had been observing Di Yihun and he was sharp to notice the change in Di Yihun’s expression.

Tuoba Qingyun started to ponder.. What action will Di Yihun take? Will he sit around and do nothing about it?


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