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Chapter 441: Peerless Magnificence

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The nine peaks pierced into the sky like long swords.

They were unfathomably tall because their tops were hidden in the clouds.

Su Mo knew that this was Celestialspirit Sect. It was the same nine peaks etched on the Heavenly Token.

“Although Celestialspirit Sect is not as fierce-looking as Holy Teal Dragon Sect, its aura is just as powerful!”

Su Mo thought.

“We’re at Celestialspirit Sect!”

The handsome young man said calmly. Then, he flew swiftly to Celestialspirit Sect, while carrying Su Mo’s group.


So fast!

When the young man was teleporting, Su Mo could not perceive how fast they were, but in the outside world, the speed astonished Su Mo.


With an ear-piercing sound, the group streaked through the sky and left a long stream behind. Relying on sheer speed alone, they broke through the barrier of s.p.a.ce.

In only the span of two breaths, the young man had traveled hundreds of kilometers with Su Mo’s group and arrived above one of the nine peaks.

“Haha! Xunyue, I hope you don’t mind for coming here without your invitation!”

The handsome young man scanned the peaks and laughed. The calm and quiet young man was a little excited at this moment.

After a while, a woman said from inside the peak.

“Thank you, Brother Zuoqiu, for bringing my disciple back! Please come into my Dark Maiden House!”

Her voice was as melodious as a song and dreamy like water, as if it were of a fairy. Anyone who heard her voice could not help but imagine how beautiful her appearance was!

“Haha! Xunyue is too kind!” the handsome Zuoqiu Ting said with a chuckle. Then, he took the three others and flew toward the peak.

After a while, they landed near a spring on the peak.

This stream poured from the top of the mountain and congregated here into a clear pond, giving off a light mist.

On the bank of the pond was an exquisite building, in front of which sat a woman who was feeding a Spiritual Crane.

The Spiritual Crane was over 3 meters tall and had beautiful and colorful feathers.

However, the crane’s beauty completely paled in comparison to the woman.

She was about 25 years old, wore a pure white gown, and had straight black hair that fell past her waist.

She was so beautiful that she seemed like a dream. Her stunning eyes looked at Su Mo’s group, and charming smile arose on her face.

A slight breeze swept through her gown and hair, and time seemed to stand still around this beautiful woman.

Su Mo was speechless. He had never seen such a beautiful and elegant woman, who seemed much more mature and cultured than Hong Qingxuan.

At this moment, two words arose in Su Mo’s mind: peerless magnificence!

Only these words could describe this woman’s aura!

“Master!” Hong Qingxuan’s call caused Su Mo to snap back to his senses.

She swiftly flew toward the beautiful woman.

“Haha! In only a few months, you’ve improved quite a bit!”

The beautiful woman glanced at Hong Qingxuan and smiled warmly.

“Heehee! Master, I’ll keep working hard to make you proud!” Hong Qingxuan was no longer as cold as she usually was and turned into a playful young girl.


The beautiful woman nodded in satisfaction and looked toward Zuoqiu Ting.

“Brother Zuoqiu, I haven’t seen you in two years. I hope everything’s been well!” the woman said with a smile.

At this moment, Zuo Qiuting’s eyes were fixed intently on her. He had never looked away since they arrived.

“Xunyue, in the past two years, I’ve never stopped thinking about…”

Before finis.h.i.+ng his words, Zuoqiu Ting was interrupted.

“Brother Zuoqiu, you’ve traveled for a long time. I prepared some tea for you!”

She waved her slender white hands to invite Zuoqiu Ting to come into the building.

Zuoqiu Ting was slightly taken aback, and his eyes showed a hint of inextricable emotion. He nodded and walked in.

“Xuan’er, who are these two?”

The woman asked, looking toward Su Mo and Wu Sheng with a frown.

“Master, this is Brother Su Mo and Brother Wu Sheng, who came with me from Hong Domain. They’re both extremely talented, so I want to recommend them to join Celestialspirit Sect.”

“From Hong Domain!”

The woman looked unhappy and scolded gently, “You’re a girl. You can’t just bring random boys to the sect!”


Hong Qingxuan was stunned but did not dare to object. She said firmly, “Master, they’re both geniuses!”

The woman shook her head and thought, “Celestialspirit Sect isn’t lacking in geniuses.”

“Alright! Since they’re here, then they can be Outer Disciples in Celestialspirit Sect!”

After a while, she sighed and said to Su Mo and Wu Sheng, “Stay right here. Someone will take care of you!”

Then, she turned around and walked toward the building.

“Brother Su Mo, Brother Wu Sheng, you…!” Hong Qingxuan wanted to say more before her master called, “Xuan’er, come here!”

Hong Qingxuan was helpless and could only smile at her companions apolegetically. Then, she walked swiftly into the building.

Only Su Mo and Wu Sheng were left standing in a daze outside.

“Wu Sheng, I don’t think we’re welcome here!”

Su Mo said defeatedly, rubbing his nose.

Wu Sheng took a deep breath. He was also shocked by Hong Qingxuan’s Master’s beauty.

“We’re not on the same level as these people. At least we’re in Celestialspirit Sect, so I’m content to cultivate here!” Wu Sheng said with a sigh.

He was also secretly encouraging himself. Cold-blood Hall ruled over Hong Domain, and he was admired by millions. He was the future hope of swordsmans.h.i.+p.

“You’re right!”

Su Mo nodded. It did not matter that Hong Qingxuan’s Master did not welcome them,

as long as they could cultivate in the sect.

After the two chatted outside the building for a while, a plain-looking woman in purple swiftly ran up to them.

“You two, come with me. I’ll take you to your entrance exam!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she immediately turned to leave.

Su Mo and Wu Sheng did not say anything and hurriedly followed behind.


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