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Chapter 468: Captured Alive

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Once Cai Yun attacked, she also revealed her aura.

“Peak of Lv 9 Enlightenment Realm!” Su Mo was shocked to the core. No wonder she was so powerful. It was because she was actually an expert at Peak of Lv 9 Enlightenment Realm.

He was definitely no match for her.


Su Mo did not hesitate to escape back to the Demon-controlling Fort. So long as he could make it back, no matter how strong she was, she could not possibly make her way into the fort.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

At this moment, Cai Yun’s five fingers moved and five finger radiance flashed toward him.

Four of them completely sealed Su Mo’s evading s.p.a.ce while the other radiance went straight for his elixir field at his lower abdomen.

They moved so quickly. It was as if they were traveling beyond the limitations of s.p.a.ce and time and instantly arrived in front of Su Mo.

“Oh no!” shocked, Su Mo cut at the finger radiance that was attacking his lower abdomen with the Sky-crus.h.i.+ng Sword.

At the same time, Su Mo’s body emitted a burst of golden light and his body was covered in golden scale armor.

The lower abdomen was a martial artist’s vital spot. Once it was punctured, the elixir field might rupture. To a martial artist, this was definitely an extremely deadly attack, so Su Mo unleashed his peak combat strength.

Her attack was too quick and with his evading s.p.a.ce also blocked, Su Mo did not have enough time to even use the Small Void-teleport Charm to escape, so he could only block it.


The sword radiance made contact with the finger radiance with a loud bang. Even though Su Mo’s swordplay was strong, it paled in comparison to the finger radiance.

The finger radiance swept off the Sky-crus.h.i.+ng Sword and crashed into Su Mo’s lower abdomen.

“s.h.i.+t!” Su Mo turned pale as he knew that this finger definitely could pierce through his elixir field. Once that happened, he would lose his cultivation and become a defenseless target.

Su Mo felt demoralized. “Am I going to die here when I’ve yet to reach the Central Continent?”

‘Moreover, being killed by a woman!”


The finger radiance hit Su Mo’s lower abdomen but his elixir field was not ruptured. It rushed into his body and turned into a strange power that sealed his elixir field.

With his elixir field sealed, Su Mo’s Vital Spirit immediately stopped working and caused him to crash down from the sky.

“This is…!”

Su Mo was happy but also horrified. He was happy that his elixir field had not ruptured, which meant that his cultivation remained, but he was also horrified that he could no longer use his cultivation after his elixir field was sealed. He was much less of a match for this girl now that he could only rely on his physical strength.

Moreover, if he could not activate his internal Vital Spirit, many of his tricks became unavailable, such as the Small Void-teleport Charm, which required his Vital Spirit for activation.


Before Su Mo landed on the ground, he rapidly scooted away in the air like a sharp golden sword.

He could only run away as she was too powerful for him to handle.

“Still trying to escape!” Cai Yun shot him a teasing look and grabbed toward Su Mo with her slender white hands that were covered in purple scale armor.

With that, a gigantic Demonic Vitality palm caught up with Su Mo at an incredible speed and grabbed him.

“Let go of me!” Su Mo shouted anxiously. This Demonic Vitality gigantic palm was like a huge metal hoop that squashed him to the center of the palm. No matter how strong his physical strength was, he still could not break free.

“Follow me back to the tribe!” Cai Yun sneered as she waved her arm and pulled Su Mo back.

Her figure flashed and she left quickly with Su Mo wrapped in her arms.

Many in the Demon-controlling Fort witnessed Cai Yun taking Su Mo away, but no one came out to rescue him.

First of all, her cultivation being at the Peak of Lv 9 Enlightenment Realm scared them off. Secondly, Su Mo was a disciple of Towering Sky Peak, so no one would rescue him.

“Isn’t he the new disciple from Towering Sky Peak, Su Mo?”

“That’s right! It’s him. He was the one who killed Zheng Renjie at Holy Sky Peak!”

“Haha! Those people from Towering Sky Peak were always arrogant and domineering. Looks like Su Mo is going to die without a burial place!”

“Those who are captured alive by the horned demons will basically suffer all kinds of torment til death without exception!”

Many of them saw Su Mo being taken away and were all talking about him.

Su Mo was completely imprisoned in Cai Yun’s arms as she flew rapidly toward her tribe.

While looking at Cai Yun’s glamorous beauty and smelling her delicate fragrance, Su Mo was instead seething with anger.

“It’s over!”

“Completely over!”

He started out in Gale Island and rose to the top triumphantly and dominated the young generation in Hong Domain, but now, he was defeated by a woman.

“Why…why do you want to bring me to the horned demon’s tribe?” Su Mo glared at Cai Yun’s delicate face and asked in a deep voice. He felt confused that she wanted to bring him back instead of killing him.

Cai Yun remained expressionless as she moved rapidly without looking at Su Mo.

“Humph!” Su Mo snorted and turned gloomy when she did not respond.

It took only about two hours for Cai Yun to bring him to the first horned demon’s tribe.

While looking at the huge horned demon tribe ahead, Su Mo became gloomier than ever.

However, he had gotten over it since the worst that could happen was dying. He had been through it once before!

Besides, she did not kill him straight up but brought him back to the horned demon tribe instead. This was very intriguing as it meant a chance of survival for him.


They flew into the tribe and landed in front of the magnificent stone palace door shortly after.

Su Mo turned his head and saw 10 horned demon guards standing in front of the tall, majestic stone palace. Apparently, this stone palace was the core of the horned demon’s tribe.

“Go in!” Cai Yun looked at him coldly.

“Humph!” Su Mo snorted again as he walked toward the stone palace. He had prepared to risk everything and took as they come.

Cai Yun also went into the stone palace with Su Mo.

Inside the stone palace, Su Mo glanced around and realized this was a meeting hall.

There was an elder horned demon sitting on the grand seat in the hall, while nine other horned demons sat beneath him.

These men’s auras were unfathomable and this signified that they were obviously beyond the Enlightenment Realm.

“Grandpa, I’ve brought him back! I’ll be going now!” Cai Yun said to chieftain Jin Li and left without waiting for his reply.

“This girl…!” Chieftain Jin Li shook his head helplessly, and suddenly focused his sharp gaze on Su Mo.

The rest of the nine horned demons also looked toward Su Mo and hit him with an immense pressure that made it hard to breathe.

“Young man, what’s your name?” Jin Li asked with a deep voice.

“Su Mo!” he answered uprightly.


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