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Chapter 469: Help You?

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“Su Mo?”

Chief Jin Li nodded, paused for a while, and said, “Su Mo, since you’re here, I have some questions.”

“What is it? Ask as you may!” Su Mo frowned while wondering what the issue was.

“Are you the descendant of Firmament Palace?” Jin Li asked as he stared at Su Mo.

“What?” Su Mo was shocked, and his eyes glittered unnoticeably.

“Elder, I don’t understand. Firmament Palace?”

Su Mo shook his head and denied this because this was too important to tell.

However, Su Mo was so confused about them knowing this.

He had never told anyone about this, not even Hong Qingxuan and Wu Sheng. It was weird that these demons in a Plane knew this secret!

It seemed like they indeed were deliberately hunting him. Laying siege to the fort and unleas.h.i.+ng a ma.s.sive amount of horned demons was all just to catch him.

“Ha ha!”

Jin Li chuckled and pointed at Su Mo’s lower abdomen. When the finger radiance contacted Su Mo, it did not harm him. It, instead, realeased the seal on his elixir field cast by Cai Yun, and his cultivation recovered.

Su Mo raised his eyebrows. “Doesn’t he know that I can run away now?”

However, Su Mo did not act rashly. It was almost impossible to escape. The strength of the present horned demons here were unfathomable; besides, he was in their horde. Although he had Small Void-teleport Charm, he might be captured by the others before teleporting.

“Su Mo, l want to see your Vital Spirit.” Jin Li smiled and said.


“My Vital Spirit?” Su Mo had confusion in his eyes. To refuse was not an option because his life was in Jin Li’s hand.

Su Mo controlled his Spiritual Spirals to run, and a strand of five-colored Vital Spirit flew out of his elixir field and gathered at his palm.

The Five Elements Vital Spirit shone with five splendid colors.

Jin Li, Huo Tang, Tu Kun, and the other chiefs stared agape at Su Mo’s hand.

“It’s really the Five Elements Force!” Jin Li was thrilled. “Finally, after so many years, the Five Elements descendent appeared!”

“That’s right! Absolutely right!”

“Only the true descendant of Firmament Palace can practice the Five Elements Force!”

The other chiefs all got excited. To horned demon tribe, the Five Elements Force was both their shackle and hope.

Su Mo was bewildered. “How do they know the Five Elements Force and the feature of the true descendant of Firmament Palace?”

“Is there some connection between the horned demons and Firmament Palace?”

“Su Mo, whether you admit it or not, you are the descendant of Firmament Palace!”

In a deep voice, Jin Li continued, “Truth be told, we horned demon tribe were once a part of Firmament Palace!”

“What? You belonged to Firmament Palace?” Su Mo had never expected this and was stunned.

“Correct!” Jin Li smiled and said, “We can call you fellow disciple now. How about this, you stay in this Plane with us from now on?”

Although Su Mo was the descendant of Firmament Palace, his cultivation level was too low and was of no help to horned demon tribe. Therefore, Jin Li wanted to keep Su Mo with them temporarily.

“Stay here with you?”

It shocked Su Mo for a moment. He then shook his head and said, “Elder, I’ve got friends and family outside the Plane. I can’t stay here!”

Su Mo refused straight away. He had so many things left to do. He had to meet Xi’er, and the Gale Island Sect and the Sus were still struggling to survive in Skymoon Country. How could he stay here forever?

Moreover, he did not trust these horned demons.

Fellow disciple?

Bullsh*t! Firmament Palace was destroyed hundreds of thousands years ago, who cared about “fellow disciples!”

Upon seeing Su Mo’s direct refusal, the chiefs frowned.

“Kid, think before you speak! You should know that we can kill you right now!” said Chief Huo Tang.

While remaining expressionless, Su Mo became more vigilant and got ready to take out the Small Void-teleport Charm to escape.

“Elder Jin, what do you think?” Tu Kun asked.

Jin Li stared at Su Mo with a solemn face, and talked after a long pause. “Su Mo, we can let you leave!”

“Em?” Su Mo was surprised. After so much effort spent capturing him, why did he decide to let him go so quickly?

“Elder Jin!”

“Elder Jin!”

“Chieftain Jin!”

The other nine chiefs frowned and uttered one after another.

“Everybody, I have a plan!” Jin Li waved his hand, and then his lips moved slightly as if speaking to the others. The crowd then fell silent again.

As the chieftain of the ten hordes, the horned demons had much faith in him.

Jin Li looked at Su Mo, sighed, and said, “Su Mo! As the descendant of Firmament Palace, you must enjoy an unbelievably high talent. Given that we are fellow disciples, if you reach Martial Royal Realm in the future, I hope that you can help us get away from the Celestialspirit Sect and set my tribe free!”

“Help you get away from the Celestialspirit Sect?”

Su Mo nodded and said without the slightest hesitation. “I will help you, if I can get there.”

Su Mo just wanted to leave as soon as possible and promised casually. However, he did not believe that they were letting him walk away so easily.

Jin Li smiled and said, “Good, I hope you are true to your word. We horned demon tribe will truly accept you after you set us free, and we’ll bend our knees toward you!”

Su Mo’s face looked calm. The horned demon tribe was not powerful. The strongest one was only at Lv 1 True Darkness Realm, and they had been suppressed by the Celestialspirit Sect for a long time. If he reached Martial Royal Realm, their submission to him would be unneeded.

Jin Li seemed to know Su Mo’s thoughts. He smiled and said, “We horned demon tribe are not as simple as you think. We are from the ancient times, and our inheritance is far beyond the Celestialspirit Sect. Once we’re free from them, we will be strong very quickly!”

“Is that so.” Su Mo nodded. Although he did not know how good their inheritance was, it could be extraordinary since they had survived from ancient times.

“Elder, please don’t worry! I will save you if I have enough strength in future.”

Su Mo said sincerely; however, it was completely different in his mind.

“You killed my three brothers, and are now asking for my help? I’ll slaughter you and your tribe first after getting strong enough!” Su Mo grinned inside.

“Haha! Good!”

Jin Li laughed and spoke after a short thinking. “I hope you can take someone out of here.”

“Who?” Su Mo asked in doubt.

“My granddaughter, Cai Yun.” Jin Li smiled.


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