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Chapter 755: Xi’er’s Feelings

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“Look, it is the Holy Son and Maiden!”

Su Mo immediately turned at the sound and followed the direction of that person’s gaze.

He then saw two figures standing on top of a steep cliff at the top of Emperor Peak.

They were a man and a woman. The man was a handsome young man clad in a golden long robe. He stood tall and straight, giving off a strong and determined air.

Just by standing there, the young man’s strong aura permeated the air, as if he was a burning sun in the sky with the world at his feet.

This man was none other than the Holy Son of Emperor Xuan Palace, Shangguan Hao!

Su Mo immediately recognized him despite not having seen him in four years and his slight changes in appearance.

There was no way he could forget Shangguan Hao’s domineering and arrogant att.i.tude back at Sunnywood City.

As for the woman, she looked about 28 and was clad in a moon-white velvet dress, her bearing soft and graceful.

Her hair fell freely like a waterfall and her gorgeous features were like a blooming violet, beautiful yet dignified.

“You’ve grown taller and more beautiful!” Su Mo’s gaze locked onto that woman as he muttered to himself.

She was none other than Xi’er!

Xi’er’s appearance had changed greatly. In four years, her girlish features had transformed into one of a stunning beauty.

Su Mo was delighted to see her again but resisted the impulse to rush up to her.

With Shangguan Hao around, he was just courting death if he rushed up just like that!

Su Mo did not fear Shangguan Hao, but the timing was not right. He would ultimately battle Shangguan Hao, just not today.

Shangguan Hao and Xi’er appeared to be deep in conversation, so Su Mo immediately sent his Dark Force to his ears and started to listen in intently.

Shangguan Hao and Xi’er stood side by side on the mountaintop, their clothes fluttering in the wind.

“Junior Sister, I have already discussed this with my Master. Our wedding date shall be set eight months from now!” Shangguan Hao said with a smile as he looked at the gorgeous woman in front of him.

“Wasn’t it agreed that we would only get married after you attain Martial Royal Realm?” Xi’er asked coldly as she frowned at Shangguan Hao’s words.

“I’m on the verge of cultivation now and my foundations are stable. I should be able to break through in six months!” Shangguan Hao said confidently.

“Our marriage would be a grand one and invites would be sent to many experts across Firmament and Continent. Not only would the three clans and five sects of the Humans be invited, but also many experts from the Demons, so we must fix a date in advance.” he continued.

Xi’er remained quiet, but her face grew colder, as if it was an ice block frozen for thousands of years.

Shangguan Hao frowned slightly and his eyes darkened for a brief moment.

“Junior Sister, do you still miss that aborigine even today?” Shangguan Hao’s voice also grew cold.

He knew that Xi’er had never forgotten Su Mo, but the fact that she was still thinking about another man even as their marriage loomed ahead was absolutely unacceptable to a man as proud as Shangguan Hao.

He would have never spoken to nicely to her if she were not the daughter of his Master!

“Brother Su Mo said that he would come to Central Continent in five years!” Xi’er said softly, her eyes unreadable.

Anger flashed past Shangguan Hao’s face. Four years had pa.s.sed and she was still holding on to this unrealistic fantasy!

He clenched his fists and killing desire flashed across his eyes. The fact that his woman was constantly thinking of someone else was driving him crazy.

However, Shangguan Hao was not one to be swayed by his emotions and quickly tamped down his anger.

They would be married soon enough and everything will then come to naught!

Shangguan Hao shook his head and replied, “When would you let go of this unrealistic fantasy?”

Xi’er also shook her head as she said, “This isn’t unrealistic. Brother Su Mo would definitely fulfill his promises.”

Xi’er’s words showed that she had absolute faith in Su Mo.

Shangguan Hao scoffed and said, “Junior Sister, do you not know that the Barbaric Mountains lie between East and Central Continent? The distance between these two continents aside, it would be impossible for that aborigine to cross the Barbaric Mountains alone!”

Shangguan Hao found it unbelievable that an aborigine from a G.o.dforsaken land could cross the Barbaric Mountains to arrive at Central Continent.

It would be impossible even if that aborigine cultivated for a hundred years!

Shangguan Hao was absolutely sure of that!

“Brother Su Mo is incredibly talented and gives everything his all. Nothing can stand in his way!” Xi’er said resolutely.

Xi’er had her own reason for believing in Su Mo. She knew his secret, a secret that no one else knew.

His secret lay in his Martial Soul!

When she went training with him at Breezewind Mountain in Sunnywood City, she had witnessed how incredible his Martial Soul was.

Su Mo’s Martial Soul might not be of a high level, but it would be easy for him to increase his cultivation just by devouring the blood essence of demonic beasts.

No one else would have been able to do what Su Mo did when he increased his cultivation by two levels thanks to his Martial Soul.

Therefore, Xi’er was pretty confident that there was a large possibility of him making it to Central Continent even as defeating Shangguan Hao in five years was still all but impossible.

She had always been waiting for him to come.

She was getting more and more anxious as it approached her impending wedding with Shangguan Hao.

It would be too late if Su Mo still did not make an appearance before their wedding!

Xi’er had mixed feelings when it came to this. On one hand, she was looking forward to his arrival, but on the other hand, she wished that he would never come.

She knew that even if Su Mo came, it would not change anything and he could even lose his life because he came.

Xi’er had attempted to sneak out of Central Continent to head back to East Continent in search of Su Mo, but she had been discovered.

Her father’s mind was imprinted within her body. Therefore, he knew her every move and she was completely under his control.

A year ago, Di s.h.i.+ had wanted to send someone to East Continent to kill Su Mo in order to stop Xi’er from pining for him.

Xi’er had begged him to stop and he finally agreed on the condition that she was to forget about Su Mo and marry Shangguan Hao.

She could only agree if she wanted to save Su Mo.

“Gives everything his all?” Shangguan Hao’s face was filled with disdain and a look of scorn flashed past his eyes.

“If this world is all about hard work, what are all these geniuses for?”


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