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Chapter 966: Zhan Luan

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“How did you reach Lv 4 Martial King Realm so quickly?” Su Mo asked.

”Haha! I’m just so talented!” Sikong Yan said with a proud smile.

Sikong Yan used to feel hostile toward Su Mo, but since going to Firmament Palace and receiving the legacy for Firescorching Palace, his hostility was long gone.

“Talent?” Su Mo scoffed at Sikong Yan’s arrogance. He did not believe that talent alone could cause this improvement.

Then, he released some of his own aura.


Sikong Yan widened his eyes in shock when he sensed Su Mo’s cultivation, and his prideful look instantly faded.

He had not expected Su Mo’s cultivation to have reached Lv 5 Martial King Realm.

Up until now, Sikong Yan and Wenren Tiandu used up countless of Firmament Palace’s resources and cultivated under the guidance of Light One and Fire One, which is why their cultivations had soared.

Sikong Yan thought he had far exceeded Su Mo’s strength, but he himself had been exceeded.

“What the h.e.l.l?” Sikong Yan murmured to himself.

“Alright, since you’re here, let’s go to the Fighting Spirits’ Plane soon!” Su Mo said with a wave of his hand.

Then, Sikong Yan and Wenren Tiandu sat down near Su Mo.

There were two days until the Plane opened up. Since Su Mo arrived earlier, all he could do was wait.

As time trickled by, many experts arrived. A couple hours later, a wave of powerful aura emerged from the horizon.

This wave was so strong that it crushed the air like powerful mountains.

Everyone looked up and saw a giant crowd of experts rus.h.i.+ng in.

“They’re from Warlord Hall!” Someone exclaimed.

Warlord Hall was one of the nine great human powers, but it was different from the other eight.

They focused primarily on Body refining and secondarily on Qi cultivation.

Therefore, all of Warlord Hall’s martial artists had exceptional physical strength and combat strength that exceeded that of others at the same level.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

Over 30 Warlord Hall experts rushed forth and landed on the island.

No matter young or old, all of them had very muscular builds and projected the power of experts.

One of these men was slightly different from everyone else.

Su Mo’s gaze immediately fell on him.

He was a stocky young man who was almost two meters tall, wearing a skin-tight hide s.h.i.+rt. His hair was surprisingly short, with each strand standing straight up like a needle and glinting coldly.

His aura could only be described as menacing.

His entire existence exuded a menacing power.

His piercing eyes were filled with cold and apathetic contempt.

He attracted the attention of many.

At this moment, everyone on the island was looking at him.

“Zhan Luan!” Su Mo murmured to himself, immediately recognizing this man.

He was a disciple of Warlord Hall and number one on the List of 10,000 Talents, Zhan Luan!

After arriving on the island, Zhan Luan scanned the crowd and fixed his gaze on Su Mo.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Then, he strode straight toward Su Mo, with each step hitting the ground like a boulder.

“Hm?” Su Mo frowned. He did not know this man, so why was he walking toward him?

Shortly, Zhan Luan got only three meters to Su Mo and looked down at him.

“You’re Su Mo?” he asked with a resounding but cold voice.

Su Mo nodded slightly.

“Did you cultivate Archean Dragonesque Elephant Skill?” Zhan Luan asked again.

Su Mo’s eyes flashed in astonishment. How did Zhan Luan know that he had cultivated Archean Dragonesque Elephant Skill?

Then, he realized that he usually never disguised his moves when using physical strength, so someone must have recognized his skills and told Zhan Luan.

“Yes!” Su Mo nodded again.

“Great!” Zhan Luan smiled widely and said coldly, “When we leave Fighting Spirits’ Plane, you and I will fight to the death!”

His words silenced the entire island, and everyone was stunned.

Did Zhan Luan have something against Su Mo?

Why else would he want to fight to the death?

However, a lot of worldly individuals soon understood.

Many smiled at the excitement of being able to witness a battle to death between geniuses.

Shangguan Hao shook his head and smiled. He had been worrying about how to deal with Su Mo, but someone else was going to do his job for him.

If this were truly the case, he would not have to worry anymore.

As long as Su Mo accepted the challenge, he was basically done for.

“Fight to the death?” Su Mo was also speechless. He had no history with this person, so why was he being challenged to fight?

“Have we ever had issues?” he asked with a frown.

“No!” Zhan Luan shook his head.

“Then why do you want to fight to the death?”

“Because of our cultivation skills. You cultivated Archean Dragonesque Elephant Skill, and I cultivated Firmament Body Intensification Skill!” he answered deeply.

“Firmament Body Intensification Skill?” Su Mo was stunned for a moment, and then his eyes lit up.

He finally realized why Zhan Luan wanted to fight him to the death.

When he was in the Barbaric Mountains, the Ancient War Elephant man said that humans used three main types of Body Refining Skill: Firmament Body Intensification Skill, Immortal Golden Body Skill, and Archean Dragonesque Elephant Skill.

If the descendants of these cultivation skills met, they would have to fight to the death.

At the time, Su Mo did not care because he would never pick a fight with someone.

However, someone else was provoking the fight now.

“I’m sorry, I’m not interested!” Su Mo shook his head. He had no time to fight with a stranger.

“You won’t accept?” Zhan Luan asked with a darkened expression.

“Yes, go fight someone else!” Su Mo said, nodding.

Zhan Luan sneered coldly and suddenly struck, swinging his fist toward Su Mo’s head.


His giant fist tore open the air and carried the force of a tall mountain.


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