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Chapter 995: Black Dragon Wave

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“My prey has finally appeared!”

Su Mo exulted in his heart and secretly observed the black dragon patriarch. Judging from his aura, the black dragon patriarch was probably at Lv 5 Martial Royal Realm.

Su Mo appeared a little dignified. He did not fear a prey who was at Lv 5 Martial Royal Realm. He decided to meet him.


A huge dragon resounded through the sky. The black dragon patriarch came quickly. He lifted up his huge head and looked at Su Mo from above.

“Who are you? ” asked the black dragon patriarch. His big eyes were full of anger. He was furious.

The Palace-protecting Formation, which consisted of many guards, was destroyed in one mighty attack. The dragon palace was also greatly damaged. Seeing this, the dragon could not contain his anger anymore.

However, the black dragon patriarch stared at Su Mo and did not rush to act because he feared his abilities. If Su Mo had defeated the Palace-protecting Formation so easily, then Su Mo was perhaps already too strong.

However, Su Mo’s aura was at Lv 6 Martial King Realm. This baffled him.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is that I’m going to kill you! ”

Su Mo chuckled and did not want to waste time. He twirled his Demonic Sword causing sword Qi to burst out.

Swish swish swis.h.!.+

Gus.h.i.+ng Demonic Qi and flickering sword radiance stormed forward.

However, Su Mo was not targeting the black dragon patriarch, but the nearby experts.

The experts were Demons of Black Dragon Palace. They were probably descendants of the black dragon patriarch.

Su Mo could not let so many black flood dragons survive. He would kill as many as he could.

Puff! Puff!


Blood gushed out and screams were heard. Under Sumo’s attack, a large number of black dragons were killed.

Endless blood was drawn to the Demonic Sword. It now appeared b.l.o.o.d.y and cruel.

“d.a.m.n it!”

Seeing his children being ma.s.sacred, the dragon could no longer control his anger. His huge claws stretched out toward Su Mo.

His claws was the size of a palace. They poured down at Su Mo overwhelmingly.


Su Mo dodged the black dragon patriarch’s claws. He dashed and flew out of Black Dragon Palace riding a Spiritual Sword via a hole in the air s.h.i.+eld.


The black dragon patriarch roared. His body gleamed and was immediately turned into an old man with a gloomy face. He rushed toward Su Mo.

Su Mo did not retreat far away. He stopped somewhere only a thousand miles away.

“Today, I will skin you and refine you!” cursed the black dragon patriarch, whose eyes flashed with killing desire. Su Mo had destroyed his dragon palace and killed his children. He was unforgivable!

“Today the Black Dragon Tribe is doomed!” Su Mo appeared calm. With a chuckle, he shot eight Natal Spiritual Swords out.

The Spiritual Sword bypa.s.sed the black dragon patriarch and again rushed toward Black Dragon Palace.

There were still many black dragons in Black Dragon Palace. Su Mo wanted to kill them all.

“Come back!”

Discerning Su Mo’s intentions, the black dragon patriarch immediately moved in order to intercept the eight Spiritual Swords.

However, how could Su Mo let him? Su Mo immediately struck at the black dragon patriarch.

Accompanied by a torrent of Demonic Qi, immense three-colored sword Qi rushed toward the black dragon patriarch.

The sword Qi tore open the air and pierced through the endless sea at a lightning fast speed.


To fend off Su Mo’s attack, the black dragon patriarch clenched his fists and shot the claw radiance against Su Mo’s sword Qi.

The black dragon patriarch was furious. He almost went mad. The situation seemed to be completely under Su Mo’s control. He could only watch his children being slaughtered.


Su Mo’s sword Qi and the black dragon patriarch’s claw radiance immediately clashed. They then exploded in the air. They were well-matched.


At the same time, screams were still reverberating in the air.

Su Mo’s eight Spiritual Swords were continuously killing black dragons.

Only a few of the black dragon patriarch’s descendants who were experts at Lv 2 or Lv 3 Martial Royal Realm had barely escaped. Others were so weak that they were immediately eliminated.

Accompanied by continuously gus.h.i.+ng blood, the Spiritual Sword was claiming lives quickly as if it were Death’s scythe.

Countless black dragons fled and ran in all directions.

The black dragon patriarch wanted to rescue his children, but Su Mo was capable of stopping him.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” The black dragon patriarch shouted madly, his eyes turning blood red.

“Combat Form!”

The black dragon patriarch screamed; his body glistening with a black light. A set of majestical black scale armor covered his whole body.

“Saint Dragon Fist!”

The black dragon patriarch no longer held back and tried his best to kill Su Mo as soon as possible so as to save his children.

Black fists akin to black dragons pushed all water in the sea within a thousand miles away onto Su Mo fiercely.

A terrifying power scattered in all directions. The majestic dragon’s power affected lands near and far away.

Su Mo squinted. Although the black dragon patriarch’s “Saint Dragon Fist” was not as powerful as Flood Dragon Prince’s “Saint Dragon Fist”, its attack power still seemed to work.


As Su Mo shouted, Endless Dark Force poured into the Billion Demonic Sword; its sword ray surged and then rushed toward the giant black dragon.


The dragon lost many parts of its body as the attack hit it. As these broken ligiments crashed to the ground, they caused the area to rumble with a terrible sound.

“Capable as I expected!” The black dragon patriarch looked terrible. The battle was certainly a difficult one.

However, as an Lv 5 Martial Royal Realm expert, the black dragon Martial Royal Realm had other methods.

In order to kill Su Mo as soon as possible, the black dragon patriarch immediately displayed his unique skill—Black Dragon Wave!

The black dragon patriarch againturned into his real body. It was a mind-blowing enormous black flood dragon that was nearly 30,000 meters long.


The black dragon patriarch opened his mouth and roared a thunderous roar toward Su Mo.

Strange ripples spread out from the black dragon patriarch’s mouth, affecting everything in its way.

They were like sound waves. Su Mo was incapable of dodging these strange ripples and was instantly hit by them.


In the blink of an eye, something thundered in Su Mo’s consciousness ocean. He was immediately knocked out.

For a moment, Su Mo’s mind stopped working and he stopped thinking.

At that very moment, the black dragon patriarch bent his head and gulped Su Mo down.

The black dragon patriarch had swallowed Su Mo along with an endless amount of sea water.


After the swallowing, the black dragon patriarch belched.

Then, with a flash, he once agin turned into its human form.

“Digging your own grave!” The black dragon patriarch sneered. Now that the enemy was within him, he had surely won.

His bloodline was strong. It had allowed him to win many battles previously and it hadn’t let him down this time.

In other words, now that he had gulped Su Mo down, he would soon vanish in his belly!


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