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CRUSIE, _s._ a lamp, properly one made of malleable iron, and suspended by a handle or wire.

_To_ CRY, _v. a._ to proclaim the banns of marriage in church.

CRYING, _s._ childbirth.

CUD, _s._ a club; a strong staff.

_To_ CUDDLE, _v. a._ to embrace.

CUDDIE, _s._ an a.s.s.

CUFE, _s._ a simpleton.

CUFF-O’-THE-NECK, the back part of the neck.

c.u.mMAR, KIMMER, _s._ a young woman.

CUNING, CUNNIE, _s._ a rabbit.

_To_ CURFUFFLE, _v. a._ to discompose.

_To_ CURL, a game, to throw or force a flat-bottomed stone along the surface of ice.

CURLING, _s._ a game in which stones are pushed along ice.

CURPLE, _s._ a crupper.

CURRAN, CURN, KURN, _s._ a few; indefinite number.

CURUNDDOCH, CURCUDDY, _s._ a dance among children, in which they sit down on their houghs, and hop round, in different directions.

CUSCHETTE, _s._ a ringdove.

CUTE, COOT, _s._ the ankle.

CUTIKINS, _s. pl._ spatterdashes.

CUTTY, _s._ a wanton immoral young woman.

CUTTY, CUTTIE, _adj._ short.

CUTTY-STOOL, _s._ a low stool; the stool of repentance.


_To_ DAB, DAUB, _v. a._ to peck, as birds do with their bills.

DAD, DADDIE, _s._ father.

_To_ DAD, DAUD, _s._ to beat.

_To_ DADDLE, DAIDLE, _v. a._ to do anything slowly.

DADDLIE, _s._ a larger sort of bib.

_To_ DAFF, _v. n._ to sport; to romp.

DAFFIN’, _s._ gaiety; sporting; diversion.

DAFT, _adj._ delirious; stupid.

DAFT-LIKE, _adj._ foolish-looking; silly-like.

DAFT-DAYS, the Christmas holidays.

DAG, _s._ a gentle shower.

_To_ DAG, _v. a._ to rain gently.

DAIGH, _s._ dough.

DAINt.i.tH, _s._ a dainty.

DAINTY, _adj._ pleasant; good-humoured; worthy; excellent.

DAIVERED, _adj._ dull; stupid; wanting apprehension.

DALL, _s._ a doll.

DAMBROD, _s._ a draft-board.

_To_ DANCE, _his or her lane_, a phrase used to signify sudden and great rage, or joy at any news.

_To_ DANDER, _v. n._ to wander slowly; to roam.

DANDERS, _s. pl._ the hard refuse of a smithy fire.

DANG, the _pret._ of ding.

DARKLINS, _adv._ in the dark; hidden; sly.

_To_ DASE, DAISE, _v. a._ to stupify; to benumb.

DAW, DA, _s._ a sluggard; appropriated to a female, a drab.

_To_ DAW, _v. n._ to dawn.


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