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Chapter 1163: Why Do You Smell so Good

Remove your clothes now.

These words left Jun Xiqing stunned. W-What did he just say? He wanted her to remove her clothes?

Had he noticed anything?

Jun Xiqing had been mentally prepared for this. He had suffered a blow at Country Z previously and must have increased vigilance this time. With his sharp-wittedness and astuteness, this must be a trap he laid. He just wanted to lure her in with her elder brother, Jun Chulin.

This was West Palace, his territory. Every step she took was as though she was walking on thin ice.

When Sister Mo’er asked him about what he was planning to do with Jun Chulin, he hadn’t spoken at all. He merely gave off this sinister aura that felt really eerie to her.

Somehow they had this barrier between them, they were heading towards two different paths.

Jun Xiqing wasn’t just anyone, she quickly reacted, not protecting her chest but her groin. “W-West Duke, what are you planning to do? Don’t even try, I’m perfectly straight, I-I’m never going to be a Xiao Shou[1]!”

Lu Yeming immediately noticed his reaction, the way he protected his groin area, he indeed reacted like a man. Lifting his brows, he asked, “Make yourself clear, what’s a Xiao Shou?”

“Xiao Shou… Xiao Shou is… West Duke, stop pretending like you have no idea at all.”

Lu Yeming stretched his arm out, picking up her face and pulled her closer to him. He looked at her carefully, it was an ordinary-looking face that certainly wouldn’t stand out at all.

But he had a pair of l.u.s.trous eyes.

Whenever they s.h.i.+fted, he could see those pupils gleaming, there was no way he could neglect them.

“I really have no idea what a Xiao Shou is, why don’t you explain it to me?” He put on a serious tone as he asked.

The longer she got to know him, the more she couldn’t fathom his thoughts. She had both hands on his chest, trying to push him away as she explained, “Xiao Shou means… two men together!”

Lu Yeming didn’t move a single inch as she squirmed in his arms. The corners of his lips kicked up as he exuded a devilish charm. “Oh, how do two men even get intimate? I only know how it works between men and women.”

Jun Xiqing’s face turned red, all the way till the back of her ears. She pummeled him, trying to get him off of her. This terrible guy!

“Why don’t we discuss how it works between two men? You don’t need to continue covering, I don’t see anything there that’s worthy of such effort.”

Lu Yeming narrowed his eyes, his gaze traveling down on her pants. “It seems like there’s nothing inside at all…”

He stretched his arm out.

What was he planning to do?

His hand moved towards her groin.

Jun Xiqing was embarra.s.sed, irritated and definitely angry. He certainly was doing it on purpose, this scoundrel knew everything, but he just had to force her to explain what a Xiao Shou was.

Moving quickly, Jun Xiqing hit his hand away. “West Duke, what are you trying to do? Is it really that fun to tease me? I have a girlfriend and I really love her, don’t even try anything funny with me!”

“Girlfriend?” Lu Yeming repeated the word sarcastically.

Jun Xiqing no longer wanted to stay in the same s.p.a.ce with him. “West Duke, unlock the door. I want to get off.”

Surprisingly, Lu Yeming didn’t force her to stay, he unlocked the door. Jun Xiqing quickly stretched her arm out to pull open the door. The car door was finally open and some fresh air and light came in.

She heaved a sigh of relief.

Right when she was about to step out of the car, a large hand appeared and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back. Her body was twisted around, her lips landing on a cool surface.

Jun Xiqing’s pupils contracted at that instant, looking at the handsome face right in front of her.

She kissed him just like that.

Their lips were together.

And her mind was blown away.

She was stunned, totally stupefied as she looked at him with widened eyes. He didn’t close his eyes too, looking at her calmly.

He could sense the panic in her.

One. Two. Three… Jun Xiqing finally reacted and she moved away, their lips separated.

His smell remained on her lips, she quickly used her sleeve to wipe her lips. He suddenly lifted his hand, holding the back of her head and her vision instantly darkened.

He kissed her.

His clean, masculine scent was everywhere.

Jun Xiqing froze.

Lu Yeming’s brows were slightly furrowed as he kissed her lips, opening his mouth as though he was tasting a delectable dessert. He bit her lips lightly, with an overbearing stance, he was determined to make her melt.

Her lips seemed to tingle, spreading to the rest of her body and Jun Xiqing instantly pulled his black s.h.i.+rt. She tugged on it so hard until it had some creases. It was such an unfamiliar feeling spreading through her body.

It was hard to explain. She wanted to push him away, it was unbearable but at the same time, she wanted more. It wasn’t enough.

Jun Xiqing was only 20, she was an innocent maiden who had no experience at all, be it relations.h.i.+p matters or physiologically.

She quickly turned her head, avoiding his lips. “W-West Duke, please don’t do this…”

Lu Yeming kissed her cheek, his lips on her hair as he murmured with a husky voice, “You don’t have the looks but you actually smell pretty good.”

Sniffing him, he found that the man had a pleasant, maidenly scent. It was strangely enticing.

Jun Xiqing was fl.u.s.tered, her fingers moved, wanting to give him a slap. Her hand was in place, ready to slap him.

But she hadn’t managed to slap him, he grasped her wrist, warning her, “I dare you to hit me?”

“Let go! West Duke, you’re really too much!” She was filled with anger.

Lu Yeming smiled. “Do you prefer kissing me or your little girlfriend?”


Shameless jerk!

Lu Yeming moved closer, biting down on her lower lip. “Break up with your girlfriend and come with me, hm?”

His hand moved down, slapping her b.u.t.t. “Your b.u.t.t is so perky, you’re born to be a Xiao Shou. You’re my Xiao Shou from now on.”


See? See! He knew everything. In fact, he probably knew everything else that other people didn’t know too.

“West Duke, I’ll never agree. Let go of me!”

But Lu Yeming pressed her down on the pa.s.senger’s seat. “Let me kiss you awhile more.”


Before Jun Xiqing could even react, he moved in front to kiss her again.

She forgot to bite her teeth together and his tongue went inside, exploring every corner and crevice before he teased the tip of her tongue.


Jun Xiqing’s body almost liquefied. She was an innocent, inexperienced maiden who couldn’t possibly win over Lu Yeming. She wanted to push him away, but she didn’t have any energy to do so.

No one had ever taught her about such things.

No one had ever taught her how to protect herself from such a bad man.

He was cold-blooded and ruthless, women were merely his playthings to relieve himself of his desires. But he was suave, just like an addictive poppy flower that would always attract others with a deathly allure. Once he set his mind to start flirting, no one could escape out of his clutches.

Imitating his movements, Jun Xiqing then bit down hard on the tip of his tongue. A faint, b.l.o.o.d.y scent filled their breaths. She bit him so hard that he bled.

It hurt and Lu Yeming let go of her.

The car was totally silent, without any sunlight inside, the both of them were panting heavily.

He was on her, burying his face in her hair.

Jun Xiqing felt uncomfortable, he really was heavy and she couldn’t breathe. “Get lost, stop leaning on me!”

She hit him forcefully.

Lu Yeming furrowed his brows, holding her slim waist with both hands as he pulled her up, bringing her from the pa.s.senger’s seat to his lap. With her legs straddling his waist, it was such a suggestive position.

Jun Xiqing had been witty all along, but now she was incredibly fl.u.s.tered by his domineering kiss. She just couldn’t fathom why he continued to take advantage of her even when she dressed as a man.

She wanted to get up from his lap.

“Don’t move!” Lu Yeming’s eyes were bloodshot, unlike his usual calm demeanor, he gave her a serious glance and held her hand, placing it on the belt around his waist…

Half an hour later.

The door opened and a figure scrambled down, running away as if the wolves were after her.

She even lost her footing and almost fell in the process.

Jun Xiqing ran back to the West Palace. Tang Mo’er had arranged for her to stay in a room. She ran into the room, was.h.i.+ng her hands first thing.

Scrub scrub scrub. She scrubbed her hands carefully with soap many times over, her skin all red until they felt raw.

With the recollection of the incident in the car earlier, her face turned beet red.

Breathe. Try as she did to regulate her breathing and calm down, her heart didn’t stop its relentless pounding. She would never forget her purpose for coming, this was her chance.

She had finally arrived at the West Palace.

She had her sources, her elder brother, Jun Chulin was hidden in the West Palace.

She had to save her elder brother.

Opening the room door, she stepped inside. The door was pulled open by a maid, a tall figure appeared, with the cold wind accompanying him.

Lu Yeming was back.

Jun Xiqing’s gaze landed on him, there wasn’t a single crease formed on his outfit, his clothes were still perfectly straight. What a scoundrel.

Hmph. He really was good at pretending.

Jun Xiqing shot a baleful stare in his direction and she noticed a red figure following right behind him.

It was Ye Ruge.

As Ye Ruge walked over she removed her coat and she pa.s.sed it to the maid. The maid greeted, “d.u.c.h.ess.”


Jun Xiqing’s expression changed, her gaze riveting on the figure downstairs. Lu Yeming didn’t have much of an expression on his face, he merely stretched his arm out, holding Ye Ruge’s waist in a natural way.

Ye Ruge lay in his arms, hugging his trim waist as she looked at him blissfully. “Yeming, the wedding date you’ve set is too early. My father does not want me to get married so soon.”

[1] The receiving gay partner.


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