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Chapter 1230: I Love You (3)

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His vision turned dark, he wouldn’t be able to see her once he blindfolded himself.

“Lingling, I’ll help you take your clothes off.” He lifted his hand, undoing the top b.u.t.ton.

This time, Feng Lingxue didn’t resist. She just let him take her clothes off. Her clothes dropped on the ground and Xuan Ying stopped. “Can you take off the rest by yourself?”

She still had her underwear on.

Feng Lingxue didn’t speak, she just took off her underwear, walking under the rain shower to bathe.

Xuan Ying stood there without moving. When someone couldn’t see, their other senses would be enhanced. He could hear the water sounds coming from inside the shower.

He was a healthy man and hearing the sounds of the woman he loved bathing, he was powerless to stop his waist from going numb.

There was a loud bang in the shower.

“Lingling, what happened? Did you fall down?”

Xuan Ying’s expression changed, he quickly strode over. Feng Lingxue hadn’t fallen, she was merely trying to reach for the bottle of shampoo and it fell onto the ground.

She was just about to crouch over to pick it up when Xuan Ying walked inside, stretching out his arm to pick her up.

Feng Lingxue staggered backwards, her calf hitting the rim of the bathtub and she fell backwards.


Xuan Ying instantly took off the blindfold, stretching out his arm to catch her waist. Both of them fell into the bathtub. When they fell, he held her head and protected it while his shoulder knocked into the rim of the bathtub and instantly went numb.

But he had no expression on his face, quickly stabilizing himself before lowering his eyes to check on the woman in his arms. “Lingling, are you fine? Are you okay?”

Feng Lingxue’s face was really pale, it was almost sickly but her skin was still soft and silky, she was a natural beauty. She lifted her head, looking at Xuan Ying with watery eyes, as though she was a frightened deer.

With her lips slightly pouted and her wet hair over her shoulders, she was inexplicably charming.

Xuan Ying took a glance at her, freezing for a moment. They were both in the bathtub and he held her shoulder, a smooth and satiny feeling in his hands.

He couldn’t help but his gaze traveled down. Feng Lingxue quickly pushed him away, hiding inside the milk bath with rose petals, only revealing her face.

Xuan Ying quickly realized he had lost control. “I’m sorry, I’ll get another maid to come.”

He spoke with a hoa.r.s.e voice.

Feng Lingxue looked at him as he got up to leave.

He had taken his black trench coat off before coming inside the bathroom. Wearing a black s.h.i.+rt with two b.u.t.tons undone, it stuck to his trim waist after it got wet. His chest was muscular and with long slender legs, he really had a good figure, resembling that of a model on the international runway.

Not only women were seductive, men could also do it. His hair was all wet, draping over his forehead. Even with only half of his face revealed, he was handsome and just like a perfectly-crafted artwork.

The other half of his face was covered by the silver mask. Feng Lingxue stretched her hand out, taking off the silver mask covering his face.

When the mask was taken off, the hideous looking portion of his face was revealed. It was covered with scars and Xuan Ying froze, not knowing what to do.

He knew for a fact how hideous he looked now.

For the past three years, he only dared to look in the mirror when the lights were all off and it was dark. He felt like he was just like a phantom that could only hide in the darkest corners.

He didn’t dare let anyone see him like that.

Of all the people in the world, he didn’t dare let her see him the most. His eyes met with hers, she was looking at the scars on his face.

He could see very clearly, she gasped when she saw his face. Her l.u.s.trous eyes were filled with… terror.

Feng Lingxue moved backwards, taking one step after another.

She was trying to get away from him, his hideous looks had completely frightened her.

Xuan Ying couldn’t say a word, he was completely caught off guard. “Lingling, don’t be scared. I…”

He stretched his hand out.

“Ah!” Feng Lingxue screamed, holding her head while hiding in one corner, she didn’t dare look at him.

“Don’t be scared, don’t be scared. I-I’ll leave, I’ll leave right now… I’m sorry…”

Xuan Ying quickly got up, stepping out of the bathtub. The silver mask dropped on the ground when he bent over to pick it up.

His fingers were shaking, he only managed to pick it up after a few tries. His eyes slowly turned bloodshot, he hadn’t been so pathetic before.

She actually saw the scars on his face.

Not only the hideous-looking scars, his low self-esteem, insecurities and everything negative about him back from the days at the Ah Jiao’s Room had been revealed to her.

He had no capability of providing her with a better life back then, so he was really insecure, constantly worried that she would leave him.

Now that he was powerful enough, he had tortured her, humiliated her.

He loved her in such a toxic way. He was selfish and controlling. It was not only that he didn’t trust her, but from the very start, he had already suspected her.

But she hadn’t let go of his hand even in her toughest times.

He was the most contemptible person. So he could only deserve to live in the darkness in the future.

He didn’t deserve to have her, such a beautiful her.

“I’ll go out first,” he said before stretching his legs to walk away.

Walking over, with his hand on the doork.n.o.b, he was about to open the door.

Then suddenly, Feng Lingxue got up, charging over to hug his trim waist from the back. Xuan Ying’s body stiffened.

Feng Lingxue hugged him tightly, her hands moving up to hold his shoulders, coming up on her tiptoes to kiss his right cheek. She started kissing the scars on his face.

Xuan Ying’s pupils contracted violently, his muscles tensing up as he started breathing heavily.


She planted her lips on the scars all over his face, kissing them gently and she even licked it with the tip of her tongue.

These scars on his face had caused him immense pain for the past three years, but now, her gentle kisses really healed him.

Furrowing his brows, Xuan Ying gasped for air as his chest heaved up and down. The silver mask in his hand dropped on the ground.

As he slowly stretched out his arm, he held her hands and turned around. Pulling a clean towel over, he draped it over her shoulders, making sure she wouldn’t be cold.

“Lingling… don’t be so good to me…”

The two were close together, their breathing both heavy. Xuan Ying’s voice was deep as he pleaded.

‘Don’t be too good to me…’

In response, Feng Lingxue stood up on her toes, kissing the scars on his face once again. This time, Xuan Ying couldn’t hold it in, he turned his head, capturing her soft lips and pulling her close.


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