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Chapter 1364: I Am His Woman Now

That problem…

Jun Xiqing fluttered her long lashes. Her Elder Sister was already back, which meant that Dongfang Ruoli’s side of things had gone well.

She knew Lu Yeming’s methods very well. Those men were just clowns and not even worth a glance from him.

How could he not know Dongfang Ruoli was hiding inside the wardrobe? He was merciless when he wished to deal with someone.

But recalling their earlier activities, how he pressed down on her body and pinched her cheeks hard. How he breathed out the words, “Does it feel good? I am nothing in your heart. You can deliver me to another woman’s bed within even blinking. Later on, I will let another woman enjoy the same pleasure as you are now.”

She had no idea whether he was speaking the truth.

She could not fathom what was going on behind those deep almond-shaped eyes.

So Jun Xiqing gave up thinking about it. “We will know soon.”

Ping Ping took off Jun Xiqing’s jacket and a gasp burst out.

Jun Xiqing’s fair skin was full of love bites.

Those love bites made a long trail from her neck all the way down into her flesh beneath her dress. One couldn’t help blus.h.i.+ng upon seeing it. Since Ping Ping was still a young girl, she blushed a deep red.

“Your Highness, you and President Lu…”

Jun Xiqing hugged herself. “Ping Ping, hurry up and go get the morning-after pill.”

Morning-after pill?

“Yes, Your Highness.” Ping Ping hurried out.

Jun Xiqing stood alone in front of the sink in the washroom. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her face was glowing pink and radiant.

She took off her dress and got into the bathtub.

The warm rose milk bath submerged her entire body, was.h.i.+ng away all the filth from her body. Her legs had been trembling and she was feeling weak all over, but she was now starting to feel more at ease.

Ping Ping returned at this moment, bearing a gla.s.s of warm water and two morning-after pills. She handed them to Jun Xiqing. “Your Highness.”

Jun Xiqing placed the pills in her mouth and swallowed them with some warm water.

Only then did she relax.

She would not bear a son for Lu Yeming.

They heard the sound of a door opening from outside. Someone had entered this room.

Ping Ping said in a small voice, “Your Highness, it’s Elder Sister.”

Jun Xiqing’s eyes immediately narrowed. She placed one finger by her lips, making a ‘shhh’ gesture at Ping Ping.

Ping Ping immediately stopped talking.

Jun Xiqing gave a slight smile and said, “Ping Ping, go and get my cell phone. I am going to call President Lu.”

As Ping Ping had been with Jun Xiqing for three years, the two of them were very in sync with each other. She pretended not to understand. “Your Highness, why are you calling President Lu? Don’t tell me you have decided to get together with him?”

Jun Xiqing lowered her long eyelashes. “Mmm, I have decided to get together with him.”

Hearing this on the other side of the door, Jun Xiyan’s pupils narrowed and she immediately turned to leave the room.

Jun Xiyan returned to her own room. Her face was an unreadable mix of emotions. She then took out her cell phone.

She dialed a number. “h.e.l.lo, things are not going right…”

At this moment, the door to the room was suddenly pushed open and a figure walked in.

Jun Xiyan looked up. “Qing… Qingqing…”

It was Jun Xiqing with Ping Ping following behind.

Having just bathed, Jun Xiqing was wearing a white gauze dress. Her silky hair was wet and combed back from her head, her palm-sized face was pristine and flawless, while her eyes were spirited and lively. She looked exactly like a beautiful lake fairy.

But her gaze was cold and clear, and fixed unwavering on Jun Xiyan’s panicked face.

“Your Highness, the number that Elder Sister dialed is to Country A. The other party is very vigilant and immediately hung up just as we were tracing the call. The trace just disappeared into thin air.” Ping Ping reported to Jun Xiqing.

Jun Xiqing looked at Jun Xiyan. “Elder Sister, do you have anything you wish to say to me?”

But her sister only shook her head in disbelief. “Qingqing, you set down a trap for me? You have been suspecting me since a long time ago, but you kept silent about it. Earlier when I entered your room, you and Ping Ping put on an act, and you even a.s.signed someone to monitor me. Am I right?”

Jun Xiqing’s eyes were like waves of crystal clear water, rippling in a manner which touched the heart. “Elder Sister, yes, I have been suspecting you for some time now. Right from the moment you were kidnapped!

“You were kidnapped in Country Z. I had someone investigate and found out that you purposely arranged for your personal maid to be away during the time of the kidnapping. Elder Sister, you collaborated with outsiders to put on an act. You even plotted to have outside enemies enter the restricted areas in the President’s residence. You are a diplomat, don’t you know such behavior is equivalent to treason?”

Jun Xiqing turned pale. “Qingqing, I am your sister…”

“I wouldn’t have rescued you if you were not my sister. If I didn’t save you, you would no longer have any value. The fake kidnapping would have become a real kidnapping. Elder Sister, did you ever consider the seriousness of such a consequence? Did you ever stop to think?”

“I… Qingqing, I did it for your own good. I really don’t wish for you and Lu Yeming to be together.”

Jun Xiqing closed her eyes before opening them again. Sadness and hurt were mired in her dewy eyes. “Elder Sister, are you really doing this purely for my own good?”

Jun Xiqing’s face changed. “Qingqing, what do you mean by that?”

“Elder Sister, you were an exceptional diplomat at the age of 20. At that time, I was still very young and was raised somewhere far away where no one knew about me. Everyone praised you for your talents and achievements, not at all inferior to any man. You achieved great results and became the top diplomat. More recently, you secretly started ama.s.sing your own resources and power. I have been turning a blind eye to your doings for the sake of our sisterly relations.

“But this time, you have really crossed the line. From now on, I am suspending you from all your duties. Take this time to reflect on your actions.”


Jun Xiyan gasped. She stared at Jun Xiqing in shock. So she had known all along.

She had known everything.

Now she was going to strip her of all her authority.

“Qingqing, I…”

“Elder Sister.” Jun Xiqing looked at Jun Xiyan. “Let me ask you something. What is the relations.h.i.+p between you and that mysterious woman?”

Completely stunned, Jun Xiyan felt like she had been stripped bare and left exposed.

Unexpectedly, Jun Xiqing didn’t probe further. “Take care of yourself.”

Jun Xiqing left with Ping Ping.

Jun Xiqing had just left the room when she b.u.mped into a familiar face in the corridor. It was Dongfang Ruoli.

Dongfang Ruoli was wearing a long pink dress. In the few short hours since she last saw her, Dongfang Ruoli now looked soft and rosy, as if she had just soaked in a tub full of honey.

“Your Highness, what a coincidence.”

When she noticed Jun Xiqing, Dongfang Ruoli smiled smugly.

Jun Xiqing paused.

Dongfang Ruoli strutted over and gave a low laugh. “Your Highness, I suppose I must really thank you. I slept with His Highness last night. I am his woman now.”


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