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Chapter 1379: Placing A Ring On Her Finger

Lu Yeming was dressed in all-black and standing ramrod straight. The darkness of the night only served to complement him, lending his handsome features an air of elegance and grace. As the dazzling fireworks lit up his chiseled features, it made him look like a sculpted work of art.

At this point, he had one hand in his pocket as his deep, almond-shaped eyes gazed quietly at her little face.

He watched her sadness. He watched her joy.

He watched her pure and innocent girlish manner.

Jun Xiqing was stunned. She had just made a wish to get a good husband. And he appeared before her. Previously at Sister Mo’er’s party, the two of them had picked the same red string.

Was this fate?

Jun Xiqing smiled. “President Lu, thank you. I am very happy today.

Lu Yeming remained silent.

At this moment, Ping Ping ran over. “Your Highness, let’s go in to have some cake.”

In the room.

Jun Xiqing blew out her candles. Fan Men and Ping Ping clapped vigorously. “Happy birthday!”

Raising the knife, Jun Xiqing cut into the cake. She never expected to pa.s.s her 23rd birthday in Country A. And to think that she had Fan Men and Ping Ping by her side. Not many people, but she felt relaxed and happy.

“Your Highness, this cake is delicious.” Ping Ping smiled.

“Well…” Fan Men looked at Ping Ping and pointed uncomfortably at a corner of her lips. “You have something there.”

Ping Ping’s sweet face turned red as she rapidly turned around to rub her lips.

Having witnessed this entire scene, Jun Xiqing playfully nudged Ping Ping and whispered, “Ping Ping, is there something going on between you two?”

What something? Ping Ping tugged at Jun Xiqing’s sleeve bashfully. “Your Highness, don’t talk nonsense.”

Cough. Jun Xiqing cleared her throat and put on a serious face. She then batted her lashes impishly. “Ping Ping, I noticed you and Fan Men exchanging looks the past few days. Fan Men are exceptional on all counts. If you are willing, I can give your hand to him. You are my top lady-in-waiting, he won’t dare to bully you. I’m sure he will treat you well for the rest of your life.”

Ping Ping glanced at Fan Men and bashfully buried her face into Jun Xiqing’s arms. “Your Highness, I am not going anywhere. I want to follow you forever.”

Hearing this, Jun Xiqing was very touched. She treated Ping Ping as a part of the family and so all the more she didn’t wish to delay Ping Ping’s lifelong happiness.

Jun Xiqing went next door. Lu Yeming was sitting on a leather work chair and reading some doc.u.ments. As he did so, he was taking a puff from a cigarette that he held between two long fingers on his right hand.

The cigarette smoke blurred his handsome face, his expression focused as he smoked and tapped the ashes into an ashtray.

Jun Xiqing watched him quietly for a moment. He had been away from the palace for a long time and a lot of governing matters had been acc.u.mulated which required his attention. It seemed like he would be burning the midnight oil tonight.

Actually, in this road to political power, both of them bore heavy burdens. Too heavy. Having arrived at this high position, who would be able to live a life free of responsibilities and cares?

As if he felt her gaze, Lu Yeming lifted his eyes, and those almond-shaped eyes pierced through the smoke and landed on her face.

He closed the folder in his hands and placed the cigarette at the corner of his lips. Deep eyes watched her as he took a puff.

His eyes were bloodshot with weariness. The late-night atmosphere and this momentary respite gave him an air of elegant nonchalance. But one could still feel his irrepressible aura of dominance.

His gaze was mesmerizing.

Any woman would be completely besotted when she looked into his eyes.

Jun Xiqing walked over and handed a small plate to him. “My birthday cake. Have some.”

Lu Yeming turned to face her while still sitting in his black leather chair.

The two of them were not separated by anything. His strong back leaned against his chair while his two long longs stretched out.

He glanced at the cake and shook his head. “No.”

He didn’t like to eat sweet things.

Jun Xiqing looked at the cigarette in his hand and coughed.

“Does it bother you?” His voice was exceptionally low and incredibly s.e.xy. He reached out his arm and extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray. “Sorry, I seldom smoke. I was a bit tired today and was trying to boost my energy levels.”


Jun Xiqing used her finger to pick up a bit of cream and smeared it on his lips.

Lu Yeming was stunned and stared at her.

Jun Xiqing gave him a mischievous smile. “Is it good?”

Eyes darkening, Lu Yeming seemed to awaken from his stupor. Just as she was about to pull back her hand, he opened his lips and took her cream-smeared finger into his mouth.


Jun Xiqing was shocked. He had so easily turned the tables on her.

“President Lu, I was wrong. I sincerely offer you my apologies.”

Jun Xiqing obediently apologized and wanted to pull back her hand.

But Lu Yeming suddenly clamped down on her finger. His slippery tongue slid around her fingertip. Jun Xiqing was instantly covered in gooseb.u.mps.

“President Lu, I don’t know if it is appropriate for me to say this…” Jun Xiqing’s delicate little face was a deep red.

Lu Yeming didn’t let go.

Jun Xiqing batted her long lashes as she stammered. “I should be thanking you for my birthday celebrations and shouldn’t be scolding you, but… but you are really… perverted!”

Finally releasing her finger, Lu Yeming then reached out to tug at her. Her slender body fell into his firm lap.

Ouch! Her b.u.t.t hurt.

Jun Xiqing pushed against his firm chest again. “President Lu, let’s talk things through civilly. Don’t attack me!”

Her right hand suddenly felt something cold. Lu Yeming had put something onto the middle finger of her right hand.

Huh? Jun Xiqing was stunned. When she looked down, she saw that it was a ring.

A diamond sparkled on the ring.

Women usually wore their rings on their right hands.

Rings on the fourth finger represented marriage.

Rings on the middle finger meant she belonged to someone.

“Your birthday gift. Do you like it?” he asked in a low voice.

“No.” Jun Xiqing immediately tried to take off the ring.

But she couldn’t.

“Don’t waste your energy. The harder you pull, the tighter it’ll become. You’ll never be able to take it off.” Lu Yeming reached up and stroked her lovely face.

Jun Xiqing looked at him with her clear eyes. In response, he lowered his lids and leaned over to kiss her.

But he didn’t manage to. Just before their lips met, Jun Xiqing blocked him with her hand.

“Lu Yeming, don’t behave in such an ambiguous manner. It only makes me sad.”

Her voice was soft.

When he heard her tone, he stopped and opened his eyes to look at her.

“Lu Yeming, I know you are nice to women, but I beg of you, don’t be nice to me… Because toward everyone who is good to me and loves me, I will reciprocate their kindness and love sincerely.

“Not only that, but I will also reciprocate it by a tenfold. When someone loves me even a little, I will love him back with all of my heart.

“That day, you said that family and country are number one in my heart, and so what rank are you? You don’t understand. Family and country gave me all the love I have ever known. If you wish to be number one, you need to exchange for that position with your heart.”

With that, Jun Xiqing pointed at his heart. “I need a true heart in return for my true heart. Can you understand that?”


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