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Chapter 255: Your Sister Asked for 300 Million Dollars from Fu Qinglun

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In a matter of seconds, Lu Qi’er lifted her eyes and looked at Fu Qinglun, her eyes filled with expectation. “Qinglun, 300 million dollars shouldn’t be considered much to you right? I definitely need Lion to compose a few songs for me urgently. You’ll continue to help me, right?”

Bei Chuan, “…”

Fu Qinglun gave Lu Qi’er a sidewards glance, but otherwise, he didn’t have much of an expression on his handsome face. It was hard to tell what he was thinking.

Lu Qi’er stretched out her tiny hand and clutched Fu Qinglun’s sleeve, widening her eyes and acting coquettishly with a pout appearing on her red lips. “Qinglun…”

Her voice was as sweet as honey.

Fu Qinglun raised his brow, he then looked towards Bei Chuan. “I’ll pay the 300 million dollars that Lion has requested. However, I hope for his sake that he’ll be worth the exorbitant price and compose songs that are more than exceptional.”

Bei Chuan was still feeling indignant inside, but he nodded respectfully. “Yes, President.”

Turning around, Bei Chuan moved to start handling the matter when he saw someone standing there.



His greeting caused Fu Qinglun to turn around in shock. It was Lin s.h.i.+yu, who leaned against the door in a languid, unhurried position. She wore a light green embroidered dress that fell down to her ankles. The vintage design of the dress complemented her beautiful face very much and paired with her pearl earrings, she was simply enchanting.

It wasn’t clear when she had arrived, but she had evidently seen everything that had just transpired.

Lu Qi’er’s hand was still tugging on Fu Qinglun’s sleeve, and he consciously pulled his hand away.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

Lin s.h.i.+yu stood up straight and her dress was flowing around her fair ankles in soft waves. She was excruciatingly beautiful. With her gaze on the pair, she gave three slow, deliberate claps. “You two really did put up such a great show for my enjoyment.”

Being caught out, Lu Qi’er was a little embarra.s.sed.

At this time, Lin Ruoxi walked over, hooking her arm around Lu Qi’er’s slender arms as she glared at Lin s.h.i.+yu. “Lin s.h.i.+yu, why are you stirring trouble again? Stop bullying Sister Qi’er.”

“Oh? Am I bullying Lu Qi’er? Lin Ruoxi, you have overestimated my powers, I wouldn’t dare to do anything to her. Your dear Sister Qi’er has just gotten engaged to Gu Mohan tonight, but she still has the audacity to act coquettishly and ask for 300 million dollars from Fu Qinglun. I can’t help but applaud her, she is seriously formidable.” Lin s.h.i.+yu gave a spurious smile.

“What?” Lin Ruoxi’s facial expression changed in an instant and she looked at Lu Qi’er in shock, her forehead wrinkling unhappily.

Lin Ruoxi felt indignant. All along, she had been in love with Fu Qinglun, but Fu Qinglun was in love with Sister Qi’er. Now that Sister Qi’er was engaged to Brother Mohan, she thought that her chance had finally come. She knew that Fu Qinglun would be hers, as long as she defeated Lin s.h.i.+yu.

But she didn’t antic.i.p.ate Lu Qi’er to behave like this. What was she thinking?

“Sister Qi’er, you’re already Brother Mohan’s fiancée. Even if you’re truly in need of money, you should approach Brother Mohan. Why are you asking Brother Qinglun for money?” Lin Ruoxi was not happy at all and didn’t hide the distaste in her voice.

Asking for money.

Lu Qi’er was displeased when she heard those three words. She was the Capital’s greatest socialite after all. Pouting her red lips, she glared at Lin s.h.i.+yu. All along, Lin Ruoxi was her underling and she knew what was running through Lin Ruoxi’s mind. What did she have going for her anyway? She was just a big-chested bimbo. Now that Lin s.h.i.+yu had just slightly sowing a dissension, this Ruoxi was already targeting her and biting back.

Lu Qi’er turned to hold onto Lin Ruoxi’s hand, her voice gentle as she replied. “Ruoxi, Brother Qinglun is going to use the 300 million dollars to get me a contract with Lion. When the time comes, I’ll invite you to be my music videos’ female lead. You’ll be absolutely perfect for it. Don’t let s.h.i.+yu misguide you, be careful to not help others achieve their ulterior motives.”

After hearing Sister Qi’er’s words, Lin Ruoxi seemed slightly satisfied.

Lin s.h.i.+yu was smirking as she sized Lu Qi’er up. “Tsk tsk, you’re indeed the Capital’s greatest socialite, just a few words of yours and you’re able to keep Lin Ruoxi as your loyal sycophant. As I said, you are truly formidable.”


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