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Chapter 391: I Do

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Old Master Gu looked at Gu Mohan, as if he was appreciating his most perfect craftsmans.h.i.+p. This grandson was G.o.d-given to the Gu family. Thirty years ago, the Gu family was just on the sidelines. Thirty years later, the Gu family had become the main lead.

It was all because of this grandson of his.

Old Master Gu was reminded of the times when Gu Mohan was in his teens. He came to find Old Master Gu and told him calmly to let off his mother and sister, that he was willing to sacrifice himself for the Gu family…

At that time, he saw how much ambition and power the boy had. He was clear-cut and straightforward. The daughter of both the Lu family and Jun family liked him, how could he let this boy choose Tang Mo’er?


He would not let that happen.

Tang Mo’er’s face was filled with tears. She knew this man was a family man, and a very responsible one at that. If she married him, it meant he was serious about her, that they would have children and be together forever.

With his overbearing self, he believed that showing love to his woman was the most basic, yet most important thing he would do.

In her heart, she knew that her Mr Gu could accomplish anything in the world that he set out to do.

Evidently, reality proved that she was right. Three years later, she was wallowing at rock-bottom, while he had become the most prestigious and affluent ‘Mr. Gu’, the one often talked about by others as the most mysterious businessman in the Capital.


“I can’t see anything anymore and I don’t know if I’ll ever recover in the future. Although I have the antidote with me now, it’s only half. If… If I never recover, then it’ll be hard on you in the future. I don’t want to burden you and make things difficult for you…”

Tang Mo’er wanted to say more, but the man held her delicate hands and shoved something cool on her ring finger,

It was the One and Only ring.

Gu Mohan leaned over and kissed her hands. “Mo’er, do you feel it? I’ve been holding your hands all along, but the one who wants to let go of me is you. Aren’t you the only one making things difficult for me? Won’t you give us a chance? Stop torturing me, Mo’er. I’m about to go crazy.”

Hearing the man’s plea, she hardened up. She finally understood everything. To care for him and dote on him, all she needed to do was to grip on tighter to his hand and not let go.

She had always been overcautious and indecisive when it came to loving him. All along, she thought it was better for him, even if she had gotten hurt in the process. Little did she know that it would hurt him time and time again. It had been extremely stupid of her.

“Mo’er, marry me and be my Mrs Gu. Become my one and only.”

Tang Mo’er pouted her supple red lips. He had already put on the ring for her and asked if she agreed to marry him.

The moment she put on the ring, hadn’t she already agreed to marry him?

“Mm!” She nodded her head excitedly, a pink flush covering her cheeks.

She was marrying him.

Today was the day she had gotten married to Gu Mohan.

From now on, she would never leave him. Even if she died, she would die in his arms.

Gu Mohan’s handsome face was filled with joy as he helped her put on the veil.

Her hair was twisted into an elegant updo, revealing her fair, swan-like neck. Two crystal pearl earrings shone against her dainty ears giving out a subtle, yet beautiful glow.

She was radiant.

The white veil placed on her head covered her face in a layer of soft ivory. She held his muscular arms and they stopped in front of the pastor.

“Mr Gu Mohan, do you take this woman, Tang Mo’er, to be your lawfully wedded wife. From this day forth, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, in sorrows and in joy, to live and cherish her till death do you part.”

“I do.”

“Miss Tang Mo’er, do you take this man, Gu Mohan, to be your lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, in sorrows and in joy, do you promise to not leave him, till death do you part.”

Tang Mo’er’s tears had already gradually rolled down to her cherry lips as a resolute whisper left her lips, “Yes, I do.”

As such, the guests and the entire Karghalik’s mouths were blatantly force-fed dog food[1.To make others envious of a couple’s affection]. Although she was blind, Gu Mohan had still married a blind Tang Mo’er.

In an unexpected turn of events, Tang Mo’er had become Mrs Gu.

After the wedding ceremony ended, Gu Mohan brought Tang Mo’er to see Old Master Gu. “Grandpa, I officially resign from my position as the President of Gu Corporation. Everything under my name, including all tangible a.s.sets such as my car and real estate will be transferred to you. I will leave the Gu family and I won’t take a single cent from you.”

Old Master Gu looked at their interlocking fingers and shook his head as he replied, “Mohan, I know you will regret your decision today. I will be waiting for you to come home.”

Gu Mohan lifted the corners of his lips and did not respond, leaving with Tang Mo’er without turning back.

“President…” Yan Dong came forward.

“Yan Dong, I’m not your President anymore so don’t follow me.”

Yan Dong looked at Old Master Gu and his eyes were determined. “Old Master, I am also resigning and from today, I no longer work for the Gu Corporation.”

Old Master Gu’s eyes flashed.

“President, I am free to follow you now. I’m sure you will have a use for a secretary like me.”

Gu Mohan looked at Yan Dong. They had been together for many years and had built up a tacit understanding of one another. Gu Mohan raised his eyebrow and pressed, “If you’re my secretary, your salary may be halved what you were getting.”

“I believe that it won’t take long for my salary to increase to its former amount once again.”

“Alright, head back first and await my instructions.”

“President and Madam, I’ll take my leave first.” Yan Dong retreated.

As it was her first time being called ‘Madam’, Tang Mo’er blushed hard and felt an inexplicable shyness at his words.

Gu Mohan grabbed Tang Mo’er and walked out of Louis Hills. The first thing he saw when he stepped out was Tang Hai and Tang Chenyi.

Tang Hai was frowning, expressing his unhappiness. It was obvious this man had lured his daughter here and married her without gaining the consent of her family. He did not approve of this marriage and he had made it clear that he preferred Jun Chulin.

In comparison, Tang Chenyi’s gaze was more indifferent. The way he looked at Tang Mo’er was careful and deliberate, as if he was ensuring that she had not been injured.

Gu Mohan looked at the duo and his facial expression did not change. In fact, he held Tang Mo’er’s hand even tighter. “Mo’er, now that I’m left with nothing, with no house or car, do you feel like you’re suffering?”

A few strands of hair fell on Tang Mo’er’s delicate face. Her little hands rummaged through her bag for her credit card. “Here.”

Gu Mohan looked at her credit card in bemus.e.m.e.nt and asked, “What’s this for?”

Although Tang Mo’er couldn’t see, her tears were still flowing. She lifted the corners of her red lips and said earnestly, “Mr Gu, I have a house and I have a car. If I wanted to, I could afford to buy your Rolls Royce too. This is the dowry I’ve saved for myself, so take it and use it. I’ve accepted your proposal so I don’t want you to be too stressed, trying to make money like a madman just so you can prove yourself to me. Even if you can’t do it in the end, I won’t laugh at you. Just treat me well from now and that’s enough for me.”

She had money as she had earned quite a bit in the entertainment industry the past three years. Her little nest egg of savings was nothing to sniff at. She was rich and successful in her own right.

Gu Mohan felt touched by her gesture. He took her credit card and put it back into her bag. He raised his eyebrow. “What else?”

What else is there?

Tang Mo’er thought for a while, “What else? All my money is here, I do have some stocks and shares, I’ll calculate them when I get back home.”

Gu Mohan stretched out his arms, held her waist and hugged her tightly. He kissed her luscious locks and chuckled. “My love, why don’t you understand me? When I said ‘what else’, I was referring to you, and to us. Did you forget that tonight is our wedding night?”

Tang Mo’er blushed and embraced his broad arms once again. Her legs were a little numb.

“Mr Gu, my period came two days ago and it hasn’t ended yet.”

“What?” Gu Mohan immediately raised his eyebrows.

Tang Mo’er reached for his muscular chest and pushed him, “Mr Gu, you’re no fun. I was just kidding.”

She was just like a little water snake that slithered away from his arms and ran away.


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