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Chapter 481: Why Are You Glaring at Me?

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Facing An’an’s questioning, Gu Mohan was somewhat taken aback as he recalled her pitiful countenance the previous night. Tang Mo’er had lowered her head, standing by the bed alone after being bullied by him.

How would he know why didn’t she appear for breakfast? He had a.s.sumed that she would come downstairs together with An’an.

Gu Mohan remained impa.s.sive when he replied, “I don’t have anything to do with her, so you don’t need to ask me about her matters.”

An’an instantly frowned at his words. “Brother, don’t be so mean towards Little Sister-in-law, or you’ll regret all of it in the future.”

Gu Mohan pursed his lips.

They then heard some footsteps, it was Tang Mo’er rus.h.i.+ng down the stairs. “Sorry, I overslept today.”

An’an got up and held onto her hands. “Little Sister-in-law, are you okay? I thought that you weren’t coming down because you were bullied by my brother.”

Tang Mo’er lifted her luminous eyes and glanced at the man, who was looking through the newspapers. She pouted and said laughingly, “He did bully me but I’ll forgive him once since I’m fond of him,” Tang Mo’er openly confessed.

An’an nodded her head in approval. “Little Sister-in-law, then let’s have breakfast together.”

“Sure.” Tang Mo’er sat opposite Gu Mohan.

The golden retriever strolled over and started barking, its eyes on Tang Mo’er and wanted to pounce on her.

But Gu Mohan warned the golden retriever with a virulent gaze.

The dog let out a pitiful whine. Feeling threatened, it could only sit still beside Tang Mo’er.

“Little sister-in-law, Bluse seems to like you a lot. Bluse is my brother’s dog and similar to him. Cold, almighty and refusing everyone. Jun Xiyan tried to suck up to Bluse the other time but it ended up as a futile attempt,” An’an commented.

Eh, really? Bluse was so awesome!

Tang Mo’er took a sip of milk before she asked, “An’an, does Bluse follow after your brother too and have a habit of yanking off women’s skirts?”


An’an glanced at her brother.

Gu Mohan’s face darkened, his Bluse never had the habit of yanking off women’s skirts, she was the only exception.

He had no idea why Bluse had been so disobedient to pull off her skirt completely.

However, he hadn’t been involved, so his conscience was clear.

A pleasant voice resounded in his ears. “Mr Gu!”

Gu Mohan’s eyelashes lifted and he found that he was fond of her calling him ‘Mr Gu’. Somehow, the words rolling off her tongue sounded nice.

More than nice.

Her voice had a kind of… kittenish quality.

He lifted his eyes and glanced at her, his voice calm and behaved like a man of few words would. “Yes?”

He was too smug, like it didn’t involve him at all!

Tang Mo’er gave him a radiant smile, her eyes lighting up in mischief. “Mr Gu, I have a question for you. Did you teach Bluse how to yank on my skirt to the point it would come off?”

Gu Mohan quickly furrowed his brows. What exactly was this woman talking about?

“Bluse is a pet and its actions are definitely taught by its owner. I’m your younger sister’s good friend and yet you decided to instruct Bluse to pull off my skirt. I’ve always thought of Mr Gu as a gentleman who wouldn’t lay a finger on a woman, even if she threw herself into your arms naked. Is this just a facade? Why, to think Mr Gu is actually a perverted, lecherous man.”


Gu Mohan was completely angered, it was the first time ever in his life that he was mocked this way. She had openly described him as a perverted and lecherous man, making him sound like he was someone with no morals.

She was being sarcastic, taking revenge for what had happened yesterday night.

Gu Mohan pursed his lips into a firm line, glaring straight at Tang Mo’er.

Tang Mo’er lifted her brows in defiance, her ethereal face was glowing and exuding a youthful exuberance. “Mr Gu, why are you glaring at me? Can you explain yourself, hm?”

She even added a ‘hm’.

This woman!

Gu Mohan was almost apoplectic with rage, his brows knitted after being forced into such a situation.

From his peripheral vision, he could even spot An’an smirking at him. Instead of responding to her, he suddenly got up and stormed away. “You two can continue eating breakfast in peace. I’ll take my leave first.”

He then left.

Tang Mo’er was pleased, she finally had the chance to break the ice between her and Mr Gu. She was certain that she would eventually captivate him. It was only a matter of time!

This dog was just like its owner, seemingly cold and disdainful on the outside but they were equally lecherous inside.

Tang Mo’er lowered her head and looked in Bluse’s eyes. “Hmph, little licentious dog! A licentious man sure has raised a little licentious dog!”

His distinguished golden retriever was being called a little licentious dog, Mr Gu could only frown as he headed out of the door.


The golden retriever was quick to refute Tang Mo’er’s accusations and even looked somewhat sullen. My owner is the lecherous one, it’s not me! I’m not going to take the blame!

Tang Mo’er ignored Bluse and continued calling, “Little licentious dog! Little licentious dog!”


A University.

Lessons had ended for the day and Tang Mo’er packed her bag, preparing to leave campus but someone had appeared in front of her. It was Li Fei’fei. “Tang Mo’er, you can’t leave campus yet, you’re on duty today.”

Tang Mo’er lifted her eyes in question. “But I’m supposed to be on duty on Fridays?”

Li Fei’fei gave her a disdainful snort. “My aunt changed it to today, aren’t you going to obey your teacher’s orders?”


Tang Mo’er rolled her eyes, this He Ling and Li Fei’fei were indeed h.e.l.lbent on making life difficult for her.

“Alright then. I’ll do clean up duties today.”

Everyone had already left and Tang Mo’er started wiping the blackboard, packing the lesson materials and after an entire hour of cleaning up, she was covered in sweat.

Finally she was done.

She left the room while carrying the textbooks in her arms.

Along the corridors, a few female cla.s.smates were engaged in a conversation. “Have y’all signed up?”

“Of course! The Gu Corporation is hiring interning designers for DHA Diamonds. This is such a rare opportunity to be able to learn in DHA Diamonds and enter the Gu Corporation. There’s even the chance to meet Professor Gu, we’ve all got to grab the chance!”

“Let me tell you guys, Tang Mo’er is still on duty today. Li Fei’fei did it on purpose, changing her duty schedule to prevent her from signing up.”

“It’s too late now, the registration is already overーOh! Tang Mo’er!”

Someone had caught sight of Tang Mo’er. d.a.m.n it, they had let it slip. They sent each other signals and snuck away.

Tang Mo’er stood frozen in her original spot. What? Gu Corporation was hiring interning designers for DHA Diamonds? Not only that, the registration period was over.

She wasn’t able to make it.

Tang Mo’er sprinted to the registration venue but it was long over. A staff member from the Gu Corporation was preparing to leave.

“Excuse me! I’m sorry but I was late. Can I still sign up?”

The staff shook his head. “I’m sorry, you’re too late.”

The staff then left.

She had missed her chance.

Li Fei’fei!

Tang Mo’er decided to look for Li Fei’fei and confront her about it.

Li Fei’fei was surrounded by a few female cla.s.smates. “Fei’fei, the Gu Corporation is hiring interning designers this time round. You’ve got such good results and adding on the fact that you’re Dean He’s niece, you’re sure to enter the Gu Corporation.”

“That’s right! That Tang Mo’er is just a little better looking, she doesn’t even have such good grades, unlike you.”

“You didn’t even have to do much to stop her from signing up, you’re truly brilliant!”


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