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Chapter 270: 3 Way Power

After the utter defeat of [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division, Li Mu continued to lead his Valiant Bravery players forward, and they killed anyone in their way. 500 heavy armor players from the First Division were killed, while the long ranged players were killed after being surrounded by [Zhan Long] and [Crimson Contract] combined. The flames of war shook both the forests and the heavens with their noise, and in just half an hour, the previously tranquil Magic Tracking Forest became a purgatory of battle.


“Brother Xiao Yao…”

Wolf clutched his daggers in one hand while extending his other to point at the men we had surrounded, “The First Division of [Hero’s Mound] still has 400 players left resisting. They are unable to return to Ba Huang City; what should we do? Send them a message to scram, or….?”

I looked at Wan Er, who returned my look with a smirk, “Let’s go with your favorite method…” she said.

I nodded, “w.a.n.g Ze Cheng is too shrewd. The fact that he brought a group of players from [Hero Mound] to lead an expedition in Ba Huang City, shows that he has already completely infiltrated the ranks of the guild. Whether he goes on the offense with people or money, in actuality, the First Division of [Hero’s Mound] doesn’t even belong to [Hero’s Mound] anymore. In any case, if they dare provoke us again, then we won’t let them justify themselves…Wolf!”

“Yes, I’m here…”

“Order everyone to kill every member of the First Division, and then guard their bodies for 10 hours. However many reinforcements come, kill them all; this is how [Zhan Long] fights!”

Wolf laughed, “Alright, this method is my favorite one as well!”

General Bai Qi was equally excited. He swept his cleaver around, and with the other heavy armor players from [Zhan Long], killed all of the long ranged enemies, quickly scattering the opposing players. With every hit, General Bai Qi was able to kill one of the 400 long ranged players, while suffering almost no losses himself. The saddest part was that none of the enemies could surpa.s.s the 3rd cla.s.s advanced Mages. The Mages leapt around all over the place, every single one of them causing chaos and confusion, as the swords and battle axes of the enemy began to chip and break away.


Clearing the battlefield was a merry process; Wolf and Old K were running around everywhere, while I was by Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and Han Bei Song’s sides, watching from the distance.

“Guess what Q-Sword’s reaction to this spectacle will be when he gets online…” Wan Er laughed.

“He’ll be murderous…” Dong Cheng Yue chuckled as well. “[Hero’s Mound] is the number one guild in Fan Shu City. For the First Division to suffer from a devastating defeat after entering Ba Huang City while the Guild Master, w.a.n.g Ze Cheng, escaped with a few dozen players as the rest are killed, no guild would be able to take this, [Hero’s Mound] included.”

Han Bei Song lifted his sword, “This is what w.a.n.g Ze Cheng has started, so he should suffer the consequences; for him to suddenly want to enter Magic Tracking Forest, and then challenge both of our guilds…”

Yue Qing Qian chuckled, “Perhaps Cang Cheng just wanted to test us. He probably hadn’t imagined that [Zhan Long] would be so determined to defend Qilin Valley…or maybe he just wanted to bully [Crimson Contract]?”

Han Bei Song wiped at his nose angrily, “Hey, the beautiful Yue Qing Qian isn’t giving us enough face. Is [Crimson Contract] really the type of guild that everyone wants to bully? If Cang Cheng really wants to bully us, then…then he has to at least give us a warning first…”

Suddenly, Wan Er’s beautiful eyes opened wide, as she turned to look at me.

“What happened, Wan Er?”

“Q-Sword got online!”

“Ah, then what…”

“He’s angry of course…”

“And so?”

“He’s ordering every single online leader, as well as the 2-5th vice leaders, to come to him. He says he’s coming over to Ba Huang City; do you understand why?”

I held onto the hilt of the Emperor Qin’s Sword and said, “Oh man, Q-Sword is being impulsive. Does he want to come over and bully [Zhan Long] and [Crimson Contract] to death?!”

Han Bei Song said, “I have a suggestion…”


“Let’s escape and hide in Ba Huang City for 2 days until Q-Sword’s anger Then we’ll come out…”

I sighed, “That will be the last resort. For now, everyone should first rest up, and wait for Q-Sword to come and say something. I doubt that Q-Sword is like Jian Feng Han; after all, his long ranged players have been destroyed by [Zhan Long], there would be no benefits from continuing to fight.”

Han Bei Song nodded, “Then I’ll first go contact the other 3 guilds and get some more help. If we were able to fight against [Vanguard], then we’ll be able to fight against [Hero’s Mound]. After all, what are a few levels in comparison?”



After an hour, Misty Cloud brought his [Misty Palace] over, while Sword Reborn and Fighting in Blood brought their own guilds to Magic Tracking Forest. The tiny forest now held over 6000 players from 5 big guilds, as everyone waited for Q-Sword and his men to arrive.

Finally, after around 10 pm at last in the far horizon, a crowd of Fan Shu City players approached like a tide. Nearly 12,000 players from [Hero’s Mound]’s official guild were descending upon Ba Huang City. The entire Wild b.u.t.terfly Plain was covered with players. With the plains right next to the Magic Tracking Forest, we couldn’t let them enter, or else we would no longer act pa.s.sively!

Swords in hand, the 1900 players from [Zhan Long] rushed out from the forest onto the plains. Misty Palace and Han Bei Song’s men were also walking out from the forests, forming a defensive perimeter. With our difference in numbers, it was imperative that we maintained this perimeter. There were no shortcuts in this area. Those who tried to attack were looking for death.



In the distance, Q-Sword unsheathed his sword and stood in his fancy battle armor, showing off his heroic spirit as the wind blew his cape up. No one could deny that he looked like an experienced veteran, and it was no wonder that this man was called China’s most perfect man, as well as the first ranked battle master. With just one glance, anyone would feel that Q-Sword was not an ordinary man.

Behind Q-Sword, Sword Tears and elder Jian Han were present. They were people who had accompanied Q-Sword through countless battles during the past years. Now that they had joined , the amount of terror they both could unfold was unimaginable.

The Emperor Qin’s Sword stuck by my side as I strode out in front of the crowd to meet Q-Sword and the other experts of his guild. Even though I did not look at them directly, I could not help but feel a sense of dread. But my Emperor Qin’s Sword has already killed many people, and the effect had boosted my strength by 200%. So if Q-Sword and I ended up fighting, then victory would have a good chance of being in my grasp!

“Li Xiao Yao, long time no see….” Q-Sword smiled.

I also nodded with a smile, “Yea, long time no see. However, I hadn’t imagined the next time we’d meet would be in this type of situation.”

Behind Q-Sword, Jian Han angrily said, “Your [Zhan Long], combined with [Blood Contract], decimated our First Division here. Moreover, you’re guarding the corpses for 10 hrs; is this how you, Li Xiao Yao, greets people?”

I took a deep breath, “Uncle Jian Han, if it were you or Q-Sword, I definitely wouldn’t do something like this. However, [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division leader is Cang Cheng, the w.a.n.g Ze Cheng I know. I won’t say anymore about his ident.i.ty and background, but to allow such a person to become First Division’s leader, I must tell Q-Sword this: your First Division is already done for; it’s no longer yours….”

Fear flickered within Q-Sword’s eyes as he spoke, “Xiao Yao, what do you mean by that? I…I went to watch a horse race with my third uncle in the afternoon, and didn’t expect to come home to such a situation like this. What exactly happened? I had thought Cang Cheng was pretty decent, and could manage a big guild. So when I gave him the First Division, I didn’t think there would be so many problems…”

Behind Q-Sword, his sister Sword Tears carried her sword and said, “Brother, don’t bother with idle chat from Xiao Yao Zi Zai. Right now our men in the First Division are stuck in Magic Tracking Forest and their bodies are being guarded. All we need to ask Xiao Yao Zi Zai is if he’ll let our people go or not…”

Q-Sword nodded, “Xiao Yao, you heard her; will you let our people go? Otherwise I’ll be forced to make the announcement to my guild…”

I laughed, “This isn’t the right question to ask. The real question is: are you still determined to occupy Magic Tracking Forest? Magic Tracking Forest neighbors [Zhan Long], not to mention that it’s originally under [Crimson Contract]’s control. Right now, if [Hero’s Mound] wants to occupy Magic Tracking Forest, then this is clearly declaring war…”

“Ah?” Q-Sword was startled, “I…I didn’t say to take over Magic Tracking Forest. I only told Cang Cheng to enter Ba Huang City and find a nice training ground…”

“So it really was w.a.n.g Ze Cheng’s plan!” I gritted through my teeth.

At that moment, Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue both came walking back. Q-Sword saw them both from the corners of his eyes and helplessly asked, “Wan Er, Dong Cheng, can you two please tell me what type of situation I have on my hands? Why is it that Wind Walker is telling me that you two had fought against our own members?”

Wan Er frowned, “Q-Sword, if you really trust us, you don’t even need to ask. If you don’t trust us, then the both of us will leave [Hero’s Mound] immediately. It’s that simple.”

Q-Sword coughed, “If you have something to say, then say it…”

Han Bei Song lowered his sword, “Guild Master Q-Sword, first answer me this; why did you bring so many people to Ba Huang City?”

Q-Sword faintly smiled, “It’s really nothing, just me preparing myself. If people were really trying to bully my members, then I will have to respond with force. But looking at this situation, it seems like it was because I hadn’t had a proper handle on things.”

“Guild Master!”

Behind Q-Sword, a Lv 64 Wind Elf Archer slowly floated down to the ground with his longbow in hand, “We’ve found a large group of players heading our way from the southeast; they all appear to be Yan Zhao Warrior’s men…” He whispered.

“Eh?” Q-Sword wrinkled his eyebrows, “Why did that old man come here?”

Over the horizon, a group of densely packed players came marching by with Yan Zhao Warrior at the front.


Sword Tears stated coldly, “There are at least 10,000 players, what is [Prague] planning?”

Q-Sword clenched his teeth, “I’ll go find out!”

After saying that, the Guild Master of [Hero’s Mound] moved on over to within 40 meters of Yan Zhao Warrior and his group. With a smile, he said, “Guild Master Yan Zhao, it’s been a long time; have you been well? Why have you brought out so many people to Wild b.u.t.terfly Plains? A training exercise?”

Yan Zhao Warrior pumped his fist and laughed, “Not at all; I heard that [Hero’s Mound] was about to fight a war, so I brought my players to engage in it. To uphold the honor of Ba Huang City…”

Yue Qing Qian giggled beside me, “Why do I feel like uncle has suddenly become cuter recently?”

Han Bei Song laughed as well, “Cunning old man, he clearly wants to uphold [Prague]’s own honor in Ba Huang City. With [Hero’s Mound] trying to enter Ba Huang City, of course [Prague] would be affected by it…”


Cleanly resolving the initial matter, Q-Sword faced me once more, “Xiao Yao, if you let me revive the First Division, we will immediately pull out and return to Fan Shu City, how about it?”

I nodded, “Deal!”

Q-Sword took out a city scroll, and in the next moment, the densely packed Wild b.u.t.terfly Plains was enveloped in a bright glow, as the 10,000+ players all were transported back to Fan Shu City.

Yan Zhao Warrior laughed and pointed to the south, “Tornado, bring our men over to train…”

Tornado nodded, “Okay!’



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