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Chapter 342 Unstoppable?

I gripped my Emperor Qin’s Sword as I was teleported outside the arena. At that time, a group of [Zhan Long] members cheered. Qing Qian was the happiest as she cheered, “Brother Xiao Yao actually won against Fang Ge Que! So amazing!!”

General Li Mu laughed and said, “That’s right! And with just one strike too! That shieldless Fang Ge Que is actually a one hit trash too…”

Not far away, Mu Xuan crossed her arms as she leaned against the pillar and faintly smiled, “This… this should be the first time Fang Ge Que tasted defeat in the [Rise of the Heroes] tournament. Strictly speaking, this is the first time Fang Ge Que lost a round ever since he began playing [Destiny]…”

I was stunned, “That can’t be… Fang Ge Que should’ve been PK-ed before in Jiu Li City, right? Could it be that he’s never been defeated before?”

The [Judgement] Guild Master Ye Lai lifted his battle axe over his shoulder and said, “I don’t know about the others, but as far as I can remember, Fang Ge Que has never been defeated in Jiu Li City. It’s already hard enough for someone to get close to him in the wilderness. Once, the famous Bai Li Ruo Feng had a chance to kill him but got killed in the process. Thus, Mu Xuan’s words are probably right. After Fang Ge Que entered [Destiny] this is his first defeat. He’s like a G.o.d already, to think that he died in your hands. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are truly powerful. Too bad I haven’t had the chance to duel with you yet!”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “[Judgement]’s Guild Master, you’re too modest. We can compare notes at any time and I can even think of it as a lesson. You are a famous person on the CBN rankings while I’m just a newbie.”

Ye Lai laughed out and said, “Names like ‘newbies’ or ‘expert’ are just the opinion of plebeians. In my eyes, you, Xiao Yao, have already achieved the same level as Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han. On top of that, [Zhan Long] has experts like you, Qing Qian, Wolf Totem and the General Family. In the near future, you’ll become a big guild like [Hero Mound] and [Vanguard]. [Zhan Long]’s appearance should be [Destiny]’s Chinese server’s fortune!”

Wan Er also smiled and said, “[Judgement]’s Guild Master truly has a n.o.ble disposition. This kind of character isn’t something Guild Masters from other big guilds have. No wonder [Judgement] could hold such a stable rule over Jiu Li City. Even if you offended [Legend], you weren’t erased.”

Ye Lai grinned, then looked at Wan Er then at me and said, “Rumors have it that Fan Shu City’s number one beauty Cang Tong and Ba Huang City’s number one hottie Xiao Yao Zi Zai are friends in real life. Now that I look at you guys, it seems like it’s true. Beauty Cang Tong, even as [Hero Mound]’s Vice Guild Master, isn’t with their Guild Master in this tournament but rather with Xiao Yao Zi Zai. I can smell something fishy going on, Ke ke, now that I look at it again, you guys are the ideal couple…”

Wan Er’s blushed as she said, “Ye Lai, actually…… there isn’t that kind of relationship between me and Xiao Yao. At least not yet…”

Mu Xuan’s eyes lit up as she said, “Alright! Looks like I still have a chance. Little Zai Zai, think about it again. Wanna join our [Appearance Alliance]? We’re said to have 24 golden flowers. We have twenty four top quality beauties. Whoever you like, I’ll reveal their numbers to you. Mhm, if you like this sister’s kind of beauty, that’s fine too… My number is……”

I hit my head against the wall, feeling slightly suicidal. Old K took out his phone as his greedy eyes stared at Mu Xuan and said, “What’s the number? Say it?”

Mu Xuan grinned as her exceptional twin peaks jiggled a few times and said, “Che, I’m having a private conversation with Little Zai Zai, why would I give it to you ugly b.a.s.t.a.r.d……”

Old K raised his battle axe to fight to the death when Li Mu quickly interjected, “Old K, don’t be impulsive. You aren’t Queen Mu Xuan’s dish, so don’t be rash. She’s a lady, we can’t use brute force now can we.”

Song Han laughed, “Alright, let’s stop messing around. Brother Xiao Yao start preparing. The arena is about to be regenerated!”


Qing Qian looked at me and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, you have to win! If you win, you’ll become one of the finalists!”

Wan Er walked up to me; her sweet shoulders lightly knocked against my arm as she warmly smiled, “Good luck!”


I strongly nodded. The little miss’ slightly bashful encouragement gave me a huge boost in confidence.


The arena was quickly repaired and I received the signal to teleport. Afterward, I and Fang Ge Que both appeared in the arena. Outside, a thunderous applause resounded throughout the arena. Countless of players were watching this tournament and whether they were my friends or our enemies, everyone wanted to see this ultimate duel. Originally, the top individuals in the warrior cla.s.s were Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and Ye Lai. However, Q-Sword dealt with Jian Feng Han while Ye Lai was killed by Wan Er. Then, I defeated Q-Sword. It didn’t matter before whether my school was China’s number one or not, but now everything depended on me.

Fang Ge Que conceitedly stood in his original spot. A light breeze blew across the arena as his robes fluttered. A dark blue mysterious aura gathered behind him. Beside him, his Thunder Beast screeched and a ball of lightning began to condense around its body. It had high mobility and attack, its power was truly tyrannical.

Compared to Fang Ge Que, my armor looked extremely average. I was clothed in a stern armor, while a crimson cloak fluttered behind me. My Flaming Tiger G.o.d stalked around me, his fur riled up as he growled. The little tiger clearly displayed its killing intent to the opponent, probably because he had been killed by him before. Yup, I’ll stick to the same battle plan and create a confusing tactic. However, this time, my tactics had to be more complicated. I needed two battle plans in store so that I could swiftly switch between them; I couldn’t let Fang Ge Que’s [Mind Reading] succeed at all.

The countdown began-




In the end, he used an above average PK spell. His paper fan flashed as his Thunder Beast rushed over. Once it was extremely close, a [Blazewind Lock] flew at me which gave me no way to retreat!


I immediately rushed forward. When I saw that there wasn’t much distance between us, I immediately used [Blade Rush]!

“Hua Cha!”

When my body charged forward, Fang Ge Que’s feet suddenly slid backward a few steps, dodging my [Blade Rush]. At the same time, he gave his paper fan a slight wave, and a [Fire and Ice Storm] suddenly enveloped both me and my Flaming Tiger G.o.d!



What the f*ck, isn’t this the start of getting kited to death?!

I bit down and activated [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] and [Haste]. At the same time, I gave a [Heal] to my Flaming Tiger G.o.d. I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword as I dashed forward. My Divine Battle Boots created sparks as I came to an abrupt stop. I was at the perfect angle and with a raise of my sword, I activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!


Fang Ge Que used a [Dimensional Leap] to flash away. Even so, his Thunder Beast couldn’t dodge. With a screech, it lost 2900+ health while the Flaming Tiger G.o.d pounced onto it with a [Flame Claw]!


The Thunder Beast cried out then suddenly curled up into a ball. It was a defensive stance which could fend off at least 50% of the damage. At the same time Fang Ge Que roared out and an [Indigo Sea Arrow] shot right at my Flaming Tiger G.o.d!

However, my eyes were faster and my shoulder suddenly plunged in as I knocked my tiger away and took the damage from the spell!


Luckily, the Magic Spite armor’s magical resistance effect appeared. Fang Ge Que’s eyes darkened again; His plans were probably spoiled. The Flaming Tiger G.o.d raised its claws and activated [Blood Drain] on the Thunder Beast. As the Thunder Beast died, it activated one last [Lightning Abyss], trapping both me and my tiger!

Fang Ge Que’s paper fan waved, [Pillar of Fire and Ice]!

I saw it coming. I couldn’t protect my Flaming Tiger G.o.d!

And thus, the little tiger in critical health began running toward the wall. My Valkyrie Tier BOSS level pet had an extremely fast recovery rate and only needed around 30 seconds to recover all of its health. Fang Ge Que also knew this, and so he rushed over and waved the flames on his paper fan, [Blazewind Lock] locked right onto the tiger!


In the end, the little tiger couldn’t withstand it and wailed as it fell to the ground. However, it also bought me crucial time as I quickly dashed toward Fang Ge Que. With a raise of my long sword, I activated a [Combo] as my sword began to flash five different rays of light, which all slashed right toward Fang Ge Que!

Fang Ge Que wouldn’t dare take the attacks head on and could only use another [Dimensional Leap] and appeared 20 yards away!

My feet didn’t stop at all; my Battle Boots stepped across the ground and ran in a Z shape as I dodged two of Fang Ge Que’s spells. With a wave of my longsword, a [Wind Blade] fell upon him!


It was his last [Dimensional Leap]. Fang Ge Que stood still; his paper fan danced in his hand as he continuously cast three different attacks!




When I saw my magical resistance take effect two times in a row, I was in ecstasy. The heavens were helping me!


I knocked into Fang Ge Que’s chest and took advantage of my opponent’s retreat and the air under my feet began to rise as [Combo] activated!


Fang Ge Que saw everything occurred and displayed his quick decision making. With a slide, he dodged the attack. He raised his paper fan once again as an icicle materialized in his palm. “Pa!” it shot right onto my wrist which actually interrupted my [Strength of a Thousand Men]!

I wasn’t shocked in the slightest since everything was still within my calculations. I rotated my wrist as my blade cut right into Fang Ge Que’s [Black Tortoise Shield]. The paper fan in his hand slightly trembled as I raised my fist and “Peng!” began throwing punches. At the same time, I took a step forward, leaped and threw a kick into Fang Ge Que’s stomach which interrupted his [Fire and Ice Storm]. Fang Ge Que’s face clearly wrote out his shock as if he couldn’t even dream of a Swordsman having such quick movements. He never would’ve thought that I could break through his casting movements. Just as he began condensing his third [Blazewind Lock], my body slightly dipped and my Battle Boots kicked out!


The kick knocked Fang Ge Que over causing his third attempt to be interrupted once again. As he continually took my hits, his [Black Tortoise Shield] fell to 9% durability!


My Emperor Qin’s Sword began to buzz as I sliced down right into Fang Ge Que’s shoulder!


Even though he was a Mage, Fang Ge Que still had extremely swift movements. He suddenly raised his paper fan in front of him, was he blocking?!

“Peng!” Fang Ge Que rolled 20 yards away. Watching that, my heart froze. He wasn’t defending, he was borrowing the force of my kick to increase our distance!? F*ck, I fell for it!


I opened my palm and faced Fang Ge Que, [Great Realm of Desolation]!

At the same time, Fang Ge Que pointed his paper fan at me – [Ice Rock Blast]!

“Bang Bang!”




My body weakened and was sent out of the arena, while Fang Ge Que also knelt to the ground as his body turned into light which slowly converged again. A system notification resounded through the air –


System Notification: Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Fang Ge Que was killed at the same time during the tournament. But due to the fact that Xiao Yao Zi Zai had been killed by the other side 0.14 seconds before, Fang Ge Que had taken victory. Congratulations to Fang Ge Que for officially entering this year’s [Rise of the Heroes] Tournament Finals!


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