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“F*** what kind of damage is this?!”

Ai Ye was on the city wall and his face turned green when he saw that. The deputy leader of the [Hero’s Mound]’s second guild Ji Yuan carried his dagger and appeared on the city wall. He squinted and said, “It was this guy’s super skills that s.n.a.t.c.hed away the two beauty deputy guild leaders of [Hero’s Mound]. Ai Ye, can you bear with it? If you can’t then let’s close the city walls, leave him out there to die and get sliced into pieces.”

Ai Ye laughed coldly, “Stop making me laugh. This guy doesn’t even use the city gates. Let the brothers below cover it up, we are suffering losses too quickly. If this continues on no one will be left to defend the city.”



Not long later, a heaven-shocking roar spread out from the Flaming Cloud City NPC army camp. Following that, 4 roughly 5-meter tall giants waved their axes and charged over. The skin of the giants was really thick. This was the killing card that the NPC army of Flaming Cloud City prepared?!!


The giant’s face was covered in arrows but he continued to wave his heavy axe on the iron gates of the Flaming G.o.d Castle. A fire light shone and the iron gate caved in from the hits. Bai Li Ruo Feng’s face turned white, “This… Quickly, kill the few giants first. Otherwise, we can’t defend the city!”

A bunch of House of Prestige archers charged up to shoot. However, when they were gathered together, there was a loud explosion and the Dragon Crystal Cannon strikes exploded out on the walls, causing a shockwave. Under this huge dragon power, none of the hundred archers could take it and they were blown to pieces!


A ring which gave off a silver light landed on the walls, looking really eye-catching under the setting sun. This was what one of the archers had dropped. This was also the first time that the Dragon Crystal Cannons directly hit the player group. Instantly, Bai Li Ruo Feng had a sour feeling and finally understood the strength of the cannons. He quickly looked towards me and hollered, “Li Xiao Yao, the House of Prestige is going to retreat. You should too, we can’t stop them here!”

My heart felt warm. Even if [Zhan Long] and the [House of Prestige] were enemies before, at this moment, Bai Li Ruo Feng still cared about my safety. Such times would let one understand the feeling of fighting together.

However, I couldn’t leave so soon. My boots stepped in the air and I charged towards the giant that was smashing the city walls. A “peng” resounded as the giant was knocked ten meters away. My strength was just too high and this giant was huge. However, in terms of strength, it wasn’t on my level.

I turned around and swept once more. The Zhen Yue Blade executed the Conflagration Sword technique attacks and slashed into the group. A bunch of iron cavalry was forced back. I raised my head and saw several people with golden guild symbols charging over. They were actually people from the top 20 of the Flaming Cloud City IBN Battlenet rankings. These people definitely weren’t simple. How could people who stood out from 50 million other players be weak?!!

I reached out with an arm and cast the [Black Tortoise Realm]. At the same time, I laid out a [Azure Dragon Crossbow]. The giant spiritual dragon roared as I pulled the bowstring. There was a “pa” as the azure dragon arrow shot through a group of people, directly forcing back an IBN-ranked mage back several steps. He instinctively cast a [Dimensional Leap]. Right as he landed, I cast [Great Realm of Desolation] — just the splash damage alone killed an This IBN famous person felt his head turn cold, “Be careful, this China player is too skilled. All IBN experts don’t get close, there’s no need for us to lose important members here. The others will charge out and drown him!”

With one blade and one sword, I danced about in the group, using lifesteal to heal up. I cast [Cleansing Rain] so it wasn’t that easy for Flaming Cloud City people to kill me. I raised my head and looked at the city walls. The people from the [Wrath of the Heroes] were still fighting.

I raged and hollered, “Liu Ying, why aren’t you all leaving, are you all staying here to die?”

Liu Ying said furiously, “We will just lose 1 level when we die, [Wrath of the Heroes] doesn’t need you to care about us!”


I jumped up and hollered, “Since you all want to die, then go ahead, no one will care about you. Piggy, run! Did you become stupid too?”

The Flaming Cloud City army was pressing down and the Flaming G.o.d Castle was definitely going to be lost. Piggy anxiously looked at Liu Ying, “Brother Ying, if we don’t go, then all of us will die here for nothing!”

Liu Ying gritted his teeth, “Retreat!”

Just at this moment, an explosion spread out from below. The iron gates of the Flaming G.o.d Castle broke open, flames and iron shrapnel spread out from the back. Many of the [Wrath of the Heroes] players were killed by the high-speed iron shrapnels. Moreover, many other Flame Dragon Cannons shots were fired over and more and more people died!

“Aim for that Xiao Yao ZI Zai!” Who knows who it was among the Indian Region that shouted.

I anxiously retreated, but a ball of flames was heading straight for me. It was the Flame Dragon Cannon!


I felt a burning feeling in my chest as I lost 20 thousand health. The feeling of being hit by the Flame Dragon Cannon really didn’t feel good. I fell into a pile of stones with my sword. Several cannon strikes shot out once more, exploding out in the crowd. I could only look on to see the cavalry of the [Wrath of the Heroes] being blown to pieces.

I stood up. The [Icy Wings] effect was still there. I cast another [Cleansing Rain] and forced myself up, directly charging into the low cloud layer. This time, the Dragon Crystal Cannons couldn’t lock onto me. I looked north. The tens of millions of troops from the China Region had already spread out in the Dragon Surrendering Forest. This was just a portion of our combat strength. [Legend], [Prague], and etc weren’t here. They probably went to defend the southern region of the War G.o.d River. Tian Ling City was in a bad strategic location and everyone had to cooperate with each other to try to break out of it.


I charged down and floated to the front of the [Zhan Long] camp, deactivating the [Icy Wings]. I jumped onto the horseback of the G.o.d Dragon Horse. Behind me was a bunch of Fire Dragon Cavalry. The mounts they were on were similar to mine but their stats were much weaker. However, they were undoubtedly the trump card force of the China Region.

“Flaming G.o.d Castle fell?” Li Mu asked.

I nodded, “That was expected. It was Tian Ling City’s weak creation. It would be weird if it could block their cannons.”

Li Mu sucked in a deep breath and said, “I saw from afar that the cannon fire was relentless. The country war is different from what we thought. The NPC army’s weapons really play a huge role in the war.”

w.a.n.g Jian said, “It seems like the control players have over everything is just too little.”

I shook my head, “That is not entirely true. At least we are more flexible and can choose when to attack and counter-attack. In Dragon Surrendering Forest, apart from us, what other decent guild is there?”

Lin Wan Er said, “[House of Prestige], [Enemies at the Gate] and also [Flying Dragon]. Do I need to contact them?”

“No, it is too late. I will do it myself!”



I didn’t bother about the grievances of the past, immediately adding Bai Li Ruo Feng and Soaring Dragon before I sent news over to Bai Li Ruo Feng, “The range of the Dragon Crystal Cannons is a thousand yards. For them to attack us, they have to push their cannons to the north of Flaming G.o.d Mountain Range. That is our chance. I hope the [House of Prestige] can send at least 5 thousand cavalry to hide east ofthe Flaming G.o.d Mountain Range. Once the Flaming Cloud City resources arrive, then you will sneak attack. The Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons that each server produces is limited. The more we destroy, the less they will have in their hands.”

Bai Li Ruo Feng was a righteous fellow as he replied, “I will ask Quick Thunder Swift Wind to send people over. Who is [Zhan Long] sending?”

I replied, “I will personally bring the Fire Dragon Cavalry. The Steel Blade Cavalry will hide in the west. We will work from both sides, and I don’t care how much we sacrifice, just go all out. If we don’t destroy their cannons, we will suffer more losses.”


After that, I sent Soaring Dragon. My tone was more firm, and he also didn’t purposely create problems. He agreed to send Drunken Spear along with the cavalry to help the [House of Prestige] troops. That made me feel more at ease. The entering [Flying Dragon] had the one and only Drunken Spear which I trusted. With him there, the Flaming Cloud City NPC cannons were destined to be all destroyed.


Lin Wan Er and I stood side by side and she smiled, “I have already investigated. We are facing all the top guilds of Flaming Cloud City in this battle. Their top guild, [Conquer the World], is here. Their guild leader, Drunk Maple, is personally leading them. Their second guild [Beautiful Life] is also there, led by their guild leader Clear Black Eyes. Out of the top 10, only the 7th and 9th guild aren’t there. The NPC army that came is also their top army, the Clear Current Army. There are also 4 main armies. The army that shot the Flaming G.o.d Castle was the Clear Current Army. They have a total of 170 thousand people and are even stronger than the Fire Dragon Army of Tian Ling City!”

I took in a deep breath, “There really is a battle! Wan’er, Qing Qian, Dong Cheng, the few of you lead [Zhan Long] to fight them head on. Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian, Old K, you guys command the 3 thousand Fire Dragon Cavalry and the 5 thousand Steel Blade Cavalry. A total of 8 thousand will follow me west of the valley. We will wait at least 1 thousand yards from the entrance and then rely on our speed and explosiveness. Wan’er, send some to scout and after confirming that their heavy transport armies are out, we will strike!”


After selecting the members, I hollered and we all charged out. Using the cover of the players who were still fighting in the valley, we charged to the west of it. The shape of it was like a protruding lip so before one walked out, one couldn’t see the sides. This became a natural barrier for us.

8 thousand Zhan Long cavalry charged over. Enemies at the gate also sent out 10 thousand with Misty Clouds personally leading them. From afar she laughed out, “Xiao Yao, this time we must viciously beat them up!”



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