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The sound of the drums got closer and closer. A giant black shadow appeared on the ocean surface. They were the Hybrid Demons’ warships. The ships were covered in blue flames which were really familiar.

“Dragon Crystal Cannons, get ready!”

Han Yuan held his blade and smiled, “Release!”

Many streaks of flame light shone behind us, and the ground trembled. In the next moment, many Dragon Crystal Cannons exploded out in the ocean in front of us. The Hybrid Demon Warships were blown up into pieces and the wood turned to dust. The warships carrying the Dragon Armor Army showed themselves. They were all death cavalry dressed in blue war armor. They had really high health bars as the Dragon Crystal Cannons alone couldn’t kill them. However, after several rounds, it was very different. Even if they were strong, they could only cry out as the heat from the cannons turned them to pieces of meat and bones.

Dragon Crystal Cannons had a 50-second cooldown. However, we had at least 400 behind us firing and the shallow water region was covered all of a sudden. The first batch of hundreds of ships were totally wiped out. None were able to dock.

However, their range was 1,000 yards at most. We couldn’t handle anything beyond that. More and more ships reached the sh.o.r.e and started to clash with the NPCs and players.

“They are here again!”

Li Mu held his blade and shouted loudly — a bunch of Hybrid Demon ships got closer in the distance. They came too quickly and many Dragon Crystal Cannons were still on cooldown. They directly struck the dam we constructed and placed down their planks. The huge Dragon Armor Army cavalry charged over. What welcomed them was a 2-meter-deep, 50-meter-wide moat. A bunch of them entered — the war horses swam but their armor was now covered in black oil. Their mouths were wide open, and there were even some of them who even hollered, “What is this? It is so stinky!”

Yue Qing Qian’s lip curled up, “They actually think that the oil stinks. Don’t they think their corpse stench is the worst?”

I smiled and held up my Dragon Reservoir Sword, “Ling Luo, order the archers to fire and kill them!”

“Yes, General!”

Ling Luo giggled. A bunch of Dark Moon Elf archers all lit up their cloth-wrapped arrows. They all pulled open their bowstrings and fired. Many flame lights charged into the sky, aimed at the oil moat. There were some that even shot the bodies of the Dragon Armor Army soldiers. The fire quickly ignited the oil and instantly the entire moat became a fire ocean.

They cried out, but what we didn’t expect was their health to be so great. Even when the fire burnt half their health away, they still charged onto sh.o.r.e. The cavalry pounced onto the shields of the Royal Army and [Zhan Long]. In the distance, the Dragon Armor Army on the ships followed. However, we had achieved our goal. The flames could still cause damage and when they got close to us, they had less than a third health left. Therefore, they killed easily.


Han Yuan waved the blade in his hand and the Royal Army cavalry charged out. I also brought my [Zhan Long] cavalry and charged, both sides mixing together. On my right, Rongdi Army also clashed with the Dragon Armor Army. In the distance, flames covered the entire battlefield. After an hour of silence the sh.o.r.e turned into h.e.l.l on earth once more.

I brought the Ancient G.o.d Tiger to charge all about.

I felt that I didn’t deal enough damage in the G.o.d Dragon Horse state. I activated [Icy Wings] and killed monsters without hesitation. I had enough gold anyway and sustaining the 1 gold per second cost wasn’t a problem either.

The Dragon Armor Army defense was indeed the top out of the Rank 7 Hybrid Demons. Even the Sword Spirit Cavalry’s defenses couldn’t compare. Even Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian only dealt 10 thousand damage. Therefore, we could only rely on players attacking together. The physical defense of the Dragon Armor was really high, but fortunately the Magic Defense wasn’t. This was a chance for mages like Dong Cheng Yue. She cast [Magma Lance] and [Flame Beast Burst Raid], forcing the Dragon Armor Army to feel absolute pain. Li Meng Yao, Lin Wan Er, and Yue Qing Qian surrounded and protected Dong Cheng Yue. With Meng Yao’s protection, Dong Cheng Yue would definitely not be instantly killed. Moreover, Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian were in charge of clearing out the enemy. The four of them gave one the feeling as if they were invincible.


Forming a strong contrast with [Zhan Long] and Royal Army, the surrounding guilds were directly targets. The Dragon Armor Army had too high defence and many archers and musketee couldn’t deal more than 2000 damage. After a round of attacks the health of the monsters didn’t even move. Such a feeling was a huge blow to morale and it made many of them lose their courage to fight.

On the sh.o.r.e many players had started to flee in fear. Although the system interface showed that there were 2 million players at the Sea of No Return, but if only 500 thousand blocked then it would be a high number. Most of them were on the way back to Tian Ling City, escaping was the way to not be defeated!

Not only players, the Tian Ling City army was collapsing. From afar a Fire Dragon Army Major’s arm was already cut off by the Dragon Armor Army. His face was filled with fear as he shouted with a trembling voice, “We lost… We lost… It is over, Tian Ling City is over, Dragon Armor Army isn’t something we can block…”

He galloped away and brought a bunch of Fire Dragon Army troops to flee.

Fang Ge Que hollered, “F*** is that NPC Major stupid? He actually want to desert the battle?”

Enchanted Painting held her Water G.o.d Halberd, “We will block, don’t bother about these dumb NPCs!”

Small Refined laughed, “Ah Jing don’t curse!”

Enchanted Painting was filled with killing energy as she raised her chests, “I like to curse, if you have the b.a.l.l.s then come and hit me!”

Small Refined couldn’t beat her so he could only keep silent.

The Fire Dragon Army Major whose face turned white from fear brought 7 Lieutenants and hundreds of people to escape. If one person fled it was okay but at least 20 thousand of them retreated. Facing the Dragon Armor Army, they had lost all fighting spirit.


Blade came out of its sheath as it gave a clear glow. Lochlan rode his horse over and his sword slashed across. Instantly that Major’s head flew into the air. Lochlan grabbed it and held it high up, “Anyone who flees will be killed. Return to defend. Royal Army and Rongdi Army didn’t even retreat, what rights do you all have to retreat? ! All the generals listen up, people who retreat without fighting, kill!”

As he said that, Lochlan rode his horse over. His sword piercing the chest of one Dragon Armor Army soldier. He pushed forwards and the cavalry fell and died. After becoming emperor, Lochlan was at least a [Demon Harvest Tier] BOSS, he wasn’t just a normal kind of strong.

I slashed about the crowd for a period of time and jumped onto the horse. I casted [Seven Star Fragment Slash] into the Dragon Armor Army and then hollered, “Situ Xin what are you doing, what did I tell you to do?”

Situ Xin brought a bunch of Guards Army cavalry to chase and he was really wronged, “Commander in Chief it isn’t that I don’t want to, he is the emperor. If I forcefully block him my head would be gone…”

I was speechless and could only say towards Han Yuan, “Send 5000 Royal Army troops to protect His Majesty, Han Yuan go over too!”

“Yes, General you need to be careful too!”


Behind me I had a bunch of [Zhan Long] brothers and sisters so naturally I was fine.


The intense battle lasted for close to 3 hours. In real life it was already the morning of the second day. No one expected that the battle would last for so long and be so intense, not even allowing one a chance to eat dinner. Especially players like us who had heavy responsibilities in the army, we didn’t have any time for ourselves.

The 300 thousand Dragon Armor Army was pretty much wiped out by us but we also paid a heavy price. After the Empire Rebuild at least a half of the troops died here. The Royal Army was said to have 100 thousand but now only 60 thousand remained, near to half gone. If Royal Army was bad, Rongdi Army was worse. After the battle of Sea of No Return, 100 thousand of the 300 thousand Rongdi Army troops remained. Luo Xun’s eyes turned red and he nearly cried.

However he had no one to blame. After all his son was the emperor and the empire was the same as his. It was natural that he lost so many troops for the country.

On the sh.o.r.e, Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian etc were cleaning up. Dragon Armor Army didn’t drop any sets but their drop rate were really decent. There were many [Emperor Tier] equipment that dropped.

Lin Wan Er walked over and said solemnly, “Honey look at your achievement points, you got exceeded!”

“Oh?” !”

I quickly opened the leaderboards. As expected I was now number 2…

1. Sky Rose (America) Achievement Points: 5400

2. Xiao Yao Zi Zai (China) Achievement Points: 4914

3. Fang Ge Que (China) Achievement Points: 4601

4. Clear Black Eyes (India) Achievement Points: 4290

5. Muxin (Russia) Achievement Points: 3964

6. Rhythm of the Rain (America) Achievement Points: 3811

7. Drunk Maple (India) Achievement Points: 3772

8. Cang Yue (China) Achievement Points: 3770

9. King_Lee (Korea) Achievement Points: 3620

10. Smile (England) Achievement Points: 3579


“What happened, why did Sky Rose suddenly get 1000 achievement points?” I asked.

Lin Wan Er smiled, “Sky Rose also has the army system, he must have killed a BOSS and was rewarded by the city lord? This time you probably won’t be able to get MVP.”

“It is okay…”

I smiled and looked towards Han Yuan and said, “Send 200 ships and 50 thousand people and prepare to attack!”

Han Yuan cupped his fists, “Yes General!”


Lin Wan Er was shocked, “Piggy what are you going to do?”

I turned around and looked towards the north before saying, “Luoding is at his tent and sent a million troops to reduce our numbers. Their ships are all burnt and they have no more navy. So I want to counter attack, to send the Royal Army to bomb their camp and if possible kill Vanguard Luoding!”

“I also want to go!”

“En, bring 200 [Zhan Long] elites along, prepare to use them to kill the BOSS.”



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