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The Dragon Tower was still in the main hall. It was tall as one person, Yang Chen did not control the Dragon Tower to become taller. After entering the hall, Yang Chen once again established a connection with Xiao Tian and soon understood the situation of Xiao Tian.

Xiao Tian seemed to have completed the first posture, but there was still a lot of dragon qi left in his body, the second posture was being practiced and the second posture was nearing completion.

Yang Chen was in the hall practicing the Three purities secret art and the body refining technique while waiting for Xiao Tian to complete the second posture cultivation. After half a month, Xiao Tian came out from the dragon tower.

The Dragon Tower was directly thrown into the medicine garden by Yang Chen, just beside the pile of magic weapons, that was the old nest of Xiao Tian in the medicine garden.

In less than two years, Xiao Tian completely digested the dragon qi absorbed in the three jade cases, but in the past it took about ten years to do it.

The last remaining jade case, Yang Chen, of course, would not be polite and immediately told Xiao Tian to begin to devour the dragon qi.

Xiao Tian was cracking the formation of the jade case and Yang Chen’s gaze was on the huge dragon bead that the main hall was facing.

Although Xiao Tian has already practiced two postures in the Dragon Tower, Yang Chen does not feel that it has the ability to move this Dragon bead. The postures inside the Dragon Tower was obviously a set of system practice of the Dragon race, but Yang Chen knew that it was only the first layer of cultivation. The entire Dragon Tower has nine floors.

Yang Chen estimates that after Xiao Tian completed the cultivating the cultivation methods of the first layer and after its cultivation base was strong enough, it would be able to enter the second layer of the dragon tower. The second layer must have a second cultivation method and it would be the same for each layer advanced.

In Yang Chen’s estimation, if Xiao Tian wanted to move the Dragon bead, it had to at least reach the third floor of the Dragon Tower. If the dragon bead was completely absorbed, Yang Chen couldn’t imagine what it would be like when Xiao Tian grows.

After practicing the cultivation method in the Dragon Tower, the speed of the dragon qi absorption has become faster. Now that it was not swallowed in the way that it did before, it puts the pose of the first picture directly and sucks in the dragon qi.

According to this speed, he believed that it would take a few days to get the two dragons horns on the jade case. Yang Chen simply continued to let the gourd and the inverted sea jasper absorb the tenth water true essence and he was in the hall, while studying and waiting for Xiao Tian to finish.

As expected by Yang Chen, it was only two months. The dragon qi on the jade case was swallowed up by Xiao Tian revealing two dragon horns.

Yang Chen has been staring at it at that moment. As soon as the formation broke, Yang Chen reached out and grabbed the two dragon horns in his hands. Instinctively, his spiritual awareness and spiritual power were sent in it.

Unexpectedly, it did not have any effect. Even the mark of his spiritual awareness couldn’t be imprinted. After for the spiritual power exploration, Yang Chen only knew the attributes of the two dragon horns.

These two dragon horns, one was a fire attribute and one was a water attribute. At this moment, Yang Chen also understood why the spiritual awareness could not mark it. So far, these two dragon horns have not undergone any sacrificial rituals. They were simply two dragon horns. How could they be like magic weapons and lay down the mark of spiritual awareness?

However, this does not prevent Yang Chen from showing a smile on his face. The two dragon horns of water and fire attributes, isn’t it the best material for his master’s life source magic weapon?

His master was originally a master of refining, these two dragon horns, he could just let her refine it herself into her favorite style. No matter what it looked like, Yang Chen would not doubt the quality of flying swords made from the two dragon horns. He believed that even the Qilin horn flying sword of the ancestor w.a.n.g Yong may be dwarfed if it faced the flying sword of his master.

After coming to the Dragon Palace treasure house even his master’s life source magic weapon together with his Senior sister was all solved, it was just like it was arranged by the Heavens. Yang Chen didn’t know what to say.

This was not including the dragon tower that was given to Xiao Tian and the five-line hook specially prepared for the birth of the magic weapon in the future. This harvest was even better than Yang Chen’s going to the monster plain to get the property of the second city lord.

When he got everything, he was able to condense the tenth water golden dan, Yang Chen almost reached all the goals of going out to sea. There are even other seizures, such as those of the ocean spirit medicines and such as Li Junyu.

Originally, Yang Chen planned to go to the Demon realm to get the seventh metal true essence vein left by the Golden star of the sun, but after getting the two dragon horns and the geographical map of the mountains and rivers, Yang Chen changed his mind.

These things still needed to be returned to his master’s sect first and they have to be handed over to his Master and Senior apprentice sister. The quenching of this life source magic weapons were also a time-consuming and laborious work. The earlier it was began the earliest it would be successful.

Yang Chen doesn’t know how long it would take to go to the Demon realm. According to the experience of going out a few times in recent times, it would take a few years. This was only when it comes to the search for the seventh metal true essence plus the gathering of it, it has not counted the time Yang Chen needed to condense the seventh metal golden dan.

Instead of wasting it for a long time, Yang Chen still first decided to go back to the sect and gave it to his Master and Sister, so that they could start earlier. Delaying time on the road for a few months would not delay Yang Chen too much, with the water dividing wings, the speed of the shuttle was faster, maybe even more time could be saved.

After thinking about it, Yang Chen immediately put it into practice and rushed out of the hall, he took back the gourd and the sea jasper, the medicine garden was also retrieved from the spiritual vein. He left the Dragon Palace and directly called the shuttle to fly in the direction of the Pure Yang Palace.

Along the way, he was so busy that he didn’t bother to take care of myself. He looked for the direction and flew all the way. In just two months, he rushed back to the Pure Yang Palace.

Of course, he couldn’t fly in the Pure Yang Palace recklessly. Taking back the shuttle, Yang Chen went straight to his master’s small courtyard. On the road, he met several Pure Yang Palace disciples. When everyone saw Yang Chen, they all showed their horror, as if they had seen something magical.

Yang Chen didn’t care at first, but several consecutive disciples had such a performances. Suddenly, Yang Chen had a bit of an interest but he couldn’t figure it out. What was going on here?

However, Yang Chen did not stop to ask what was happening, anyway after seeing his master, he was sure he could understand what happened. Ignoring these strange disciples, Yang Chen went all the way to the courtyard of his master.

After recognizing his master’s aura from far, Yang Chen rushed into the yard and shouted as soon as he entered the door “Master, I am back!”

When the sound suddenly transmitted into the room, Gao Yue’s body rushed out and saw Yang Chen, it was as if she could not believe her eyes. After standing, Gao Yue looked up and down a few moments, she cried out in surprise “is it really you, Yang Chen? Are you okay?”

“What could have happened to me?” Yang Chen stared blankly, why was his master’s behaviour so strange?

In her panicked mindset, Gao Yue came forward and pulled Yang Chen groping him up and down from time to time, as if to determine whether Yang Chen was really there. In the end, she was so happy that she cried “It is true, it is true, Yang Chen, you are really fine!” Her body was soft and fluttered in the arms of Yang Chen.

“Master, what happened in the end?” Yang Chen held his master and slowly walked to the stone table in the center of the yard to sit down and then he strangely asked.

“It was rumored outside that elder Li of the Green Jade Immortal Island was chasing you with a large number of masters when you left the Green Jade Immortal Island.” Gao Yue finally calmed down, but her eyes still stared at Yang Chen’s face and did not leave it as she explained “Li Junyu took hundreds tenth water divine thunder to attack you. Later, you have never appeared again. Everyone guessed that you should have faced misfortune.”

When Gao Yue spoke, Yang Chen also looked at Gao Yue. It seemed that Gao Yue has been very worried during this period of time. Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel distressed.

From the medicine garden, a ginseng of more than a millennium year was taken out. The profound spirit furnace quickly appeared in the hands of Yang Chen and in the blink of an eye the ginseng became a liquid ginseng.

Expectedly, Yang Chen poured the ginseng into a jade cup and sent it to his master. Gao Yue knew Yang Chen’s mind. Although she knew that she was not in serious trouble, she still opened her mouth and drunk the ginseng.

“Master why would you believe it so easily?” When Yang Chen saw that Gao Yue had finished drinking, he relieved a sigh of relief and said with a smile “Luo Yuan who was at the late dacheng stage chased me, but am i not okay?”

“This time was different.” Gao Yue also smiled and shook her head. She said “The last time Luo Yuan was just one person. This time, Li Junyu was said to have brought at least three masters of the dacheng stage and four Yuanying stage ancestors to kill you and still arranged it in advance, many people say that you surely faced misfortune.”

“Where is the news coming out from?” Yang Chen frowned. The news was really a bit strange. It seemed to be directed at the cooperation between the Pure Yang Palace and the Green Jade Immortal Island so he hurriedly asked “What did the palace master say about it ?”

“The palace master didn’t believe it in the beginning.” After seeing Yang Chen, Gao Yue calmed down completely and talked a lot “But later, there were more rumors and even the removal of Li Junyu from the Green Jade Immortal Island as an elder, there were many people who believed in it after this.”

The Green Jade Immortal Island responded quickly and removed Li Junyu’s eldership, this was not surprising. The reaction of the island master was not slow. But this matter has actually developed because everyone thought that Yang Chen was dead, which was a bit ridiculous.

“After a few months the head of the palace began to send people to contact the island master of the Green Jade Immortal Island, but the island master could not give any certain information.” Gao Yue gave Yang Chen doubts, then hurriedly reminded “Yang Chen, you should go to see the master of the palace and clarify the misunderstanding.”

Regarding the cooperation between the Pure Yang Palace and the Green Jade Immortal Island, Yang Chen certainly did not dare to neglect it. He quickly went to the main hall of the Pure Yang Palace to visit the palace master, while Gao Yue directly asked her servant to inform Gongsun Ling, while she herself rushed to the location of Master w.a.n.g Yong, to report the news of Yang Chen’s return.

“Yang Chen!” When the head of the palace heard that Yang Chen was here to meet him, he directly ran out. When he saw Yang Chen’s face, his face suddenly turned to the sky and he laughed happily: “I knew you were fine!” After the laugh, he pulled Yang Chen into the hall and immediately sent someone to go get the elders.

While waiting for the arrival of the elders, the palace master only briefed Yang Chen on the current situation. Because of the death of Yang Chen, the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Pure Yang Palace now have some small misunderstandings, but under the strong control of the Island master and the head of the palace, there has not been much contradiction. But if Yang Chen didn’t come back again, they would not be able to continue to suppress it.

Yang Chen’s master ancestor w.a.n.g Yong was one of them. Because of the previous experience, everyone had a blind faith in Yang Chen and firmly believed that nothing would happen to Yang Chen, but this time it was different.

The head of the palace sent people to ask the island master if it was true that Li Junyu took three masters of the dacheng stage to chase Yang Chen but she did not know. It was only that Li Junyu had links to the three masters of the Green Jade Immortal Island and she refused to accept her as the island master. On the day of Yang Chen’s accident, Li Junyu and the three masters of the dacheng stage were indeed out, but then all three masters returned, but Li Junyu’s whereabouts were still unknown.

The Island master also questioned the whereabouts of the three masters. The three masters of the dacheng stage did not lie in front of the island master. They only said that they were invited by Li Junyu to intercept Yang Chen in several directions, but the three people were not lucky and no one met Yang Chen.

Moreover, Li Junyu brought dozens of tenth water divine thunder and it was said to be several hundreds. It may be that Li Junyu herself said this in order to increase the confidence of some people.

Li Junyu was missing and no one knew what happened. The island master could not give an affirmative news, the two sides were in a deadlocked.

At the beginning, everyone could restrain, but as time went by and there was no news from Yang Chen, w.a.n.g Yong began to move.

His own grand disciple was inexplicably attacked by the elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island at the gate of the Green Jade Immortal Island. According to w.a.n.g Yong, they had to find the sect and ask them to give an account to them. The master of the palace tried to calm down w.a.n.g Yong, but recently w.a.n.g Yong was also a little untenable.

During their talk, the elders have already arrived in the hall quickly and upon seeing Yang Chen, they were all surprised and happy. Especially w.a.n.g Yong, just like a little child, he was happily laughing.

The palace master also immediately thought of sending someone to send a letter to the island master, telling her that Yang Chen was safe and sound. This was related to the cooperation between the two sides of the sect and so he was not sloppy. He wanted to inform the island master earlier and also lift the misunderstanding earlier.

“Was Li Junyu chasing you in the end?” w.a.n.g Yong became a master of the dacheng stage, but his temperament was more and more impetuous. After the arrangement of the master of the palace, he immediately asked Yang Chen “Why is Li Junyu missing? What happened?”

“This disciple was indeed chased by Li Junyu.” Yang Chen gave an answer directly. He looked at the eyebrows of w.a.n.g Yong and stood up and hurriedly replied “As for the disappearance of Li Junyu, since this disciple is fine, then of course she is only a little trouble.”


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