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Gongsun ling was very worried that Yang Chen would not be able to resist Shao Fanghua. However, when Yang Chen and her were together, there was no such worry.

Yang Chen clearly pa.s.sed his thoughts to Gongsun ling through the method of spiritual awareness double cultivation, at least for the time being.

Here, Yang Chen used a small trick. He told Gongsun ling that he had not been confused by Madam Fanghua for the time being. However, what would happen in the future would require the help of Gongsun ling.

In order to let Yang Chen not fall into the charm of the female devil, Gongsun ling also had to make all the stops to help Yang Chen. Of course, the first point was to fight against Madam Fanghua. Yang Chen cannot be allowed to be surrounded by Madam Fanghua.

“This kind of opportunity is really rare. Even if it is jealous, it can be regarded as cultivation.” Yang Chen clearly conveyed this idea to Gongsun ling “Senior sisters can regard this as a battle, a practice, and try her best to defeat the enemy. I am sure that your heart cultivation will be improved.”

In the cultivation of the people, the heart devils would be encountered almost throughout the entire process of cultivation. The negative emotions like jealousy were also a kind of heart devil. Yang Chen said that this was a battle and it was not exaggerated. If Gongsun ling buried the seeds of the heart devil in her heart, it would be very troublesome in the future. It would be better to take advantage of this opportunity to overcome this negative emotion.

On the other hand, this was also a very rare game. Even if she didn’t aim at the jealousy, it was a rare experience to grow her spiritual awareness.

Of course, Yang Chen would be able to hold himself back. The emotions of a Great Golden Immortal, let alone the witch in the Yuanying stage, even if there was a female demon that had the Great Golden Immortal cultivation base, after Yang Chen killed tens of thousands of immortals, even she couldn’t confuse Yang Chen. The b.l.o.o.d.y river was enough to keep Yang Chen completely awake at any time in the face of any temptation.

However, Yang Chen said this, if he was able to let Gongsun ling thoroughly invest in it, it would have great benefits for Gongsun ling’s cultivation. The concern and worry about Yang Chen would cause Gongsun Sunling to explode with more power than her own strength, and the justly jealous show just proves this.

Since Shao Fanghua wanted to play this game and she defined herself as a slave to Yang Chen in order to satisfy Yang Chen, then in terms of ident.i.ty, Gongsun ling had a higher status than Shoa Fanghua, so it should be justified.

This young master is happy with your decision!” Yang Chen was satisfied and twisted the small fox like nose of Gongsun ling gently and he said with satisfaction, but also secretly gave Madam Fanghua a provocative look.

The two were in the fight, but Yang Chen has helped Gongsun ling, who seemed to have gained the upper hand. But in the eyes of Madam Fanghua, she did not feel that she had lost.

On the contrary, since Gongsun ling has such a performance, then there her turn would also come. Quickly, Yang Chen would find out that a woman who was jealous of her own man would be annoyed, and naturally she would think about her own goodness.

The characteristics of the jade law, Madam Fanghua was very clear about it, the more Yang Chen and her own mind were harmonious, the more benefits she would get, she was naturally wanted to rely on this game to deepen her tacit understanding with Yang Chen. Gongsun ling, this seemingly unrestrained little girl was not her opponent.

The two sides thought about each other and respected each other’s thoughts. Shao Fanghua felt that she had already won the small game. Now she still puts on the proud but submissive face and asked “What else is young master interested in?”

“Let go around and see what good things are there.” Yang Chen ordered and went out to board the ship, and took the six women and Madam Fanghua, and slowly flew toward another merchant.

After Yang Chen and Madam Fanghua entered the opposite store, the shopkeeper of the auction house became soft all over and he sat on the ground. He didn’t know when his whole body has been soaked in cold sweat. Although the shopkeeper was already in the Jiedan stage and he rarely sweats, but he was still sweating from the situation just now.

Not long ago, there was news that a demonic weapon was going to be unearthed. Here, there was another mysterious devil king incarnate. It seemed that the nine secluded iron mines would be in a tumel and there would be no more peace.

After a long journey and the small town was almost turned over,Yang Chen returned to the inn with Gongsun ling and Madam Fanghua.

“Young Master, madam, this is some of the things that this slave prepared for the lady and l ask the lady to kindly accept it!” In front of other people, Shao Fanghua was still a high-ranking lady, Madam Fanghua, after Yang Chen and Gongsun ling settled down, Madam Fanghua led a group beautiful women in the foundation stage and they came to the room of Yang Chen and Gongsun ling.

This row of beautiful women, each person had a jade plate in their hand, there were a lot of good things on the plate. Yang Chen scanned it, there were several kinds of medicinal pills, sev­eral rare and pre­cious earth at­tribute ma­te­ri­als, and so on. These were all excellent items for the earth attribute cultivators and it even included a few beautiful dresses.

All of these were given to Gongsun ling. It was rare for Madam Fanghua to prepare so many good things in such a short period of time. It seemed that all her precious materials were used. All were sent to Gongsun ling, wasn’t it just a blow to Gongsun ling?

Gongsun ling showed great joy and once again showed her youthfulness in the eyes of Madam Fanghua, which was easy to be bought. She could not take advantage of her natural beauty, she only knew about being intimate to seduce Yang Chen, she was greedy, narrow minded, jealous, everything, could only explain that Gongsun Ling was definitely not the opponent of Madam Fanghua.

At least Shao Fanghua thought this way. The more shortcomings that Gongsun ling showed, the more understanding Shao Fanghua became, which was more and more set off, plus the unique attraction of the people who brought the things was enough to put Yang Chen firmly squatting on his belt.

“These women are all slaves i brought for the young master.” After Shao Fanghua presented Gongsun ling with her gift, she continued to speak.

“Young Master, don’t accept it!” Gongsun ling really began to oppose.

Shao Fanghua smiled in her heart, this was not allowed, which man would be able to bear this? The more Gongsun ling wanted to hold Yang Chen tightly, the more she would push Yang Chen into her arms.

“These female disciples are all virgins. Today, they have taken special medicinal pills to stimulate the qi of their Pri­mor­dial Yin. It is an excellent supplement to the cultivation method of young master.” Madam Fanghua showed her own consideration to Yang Chen. Considering her thoughtfulness She said “A few days later, this slave will send a batch of Jiedan stage virgins, so that young master’s cultivation base could climb higher.”


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