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The palace master was really excited nowadays! The people from the Greatest Heaven Sect came to their sect again. However, this time it was not like the last time that their momentum was arrogant, but now they had a very pleasant att.i.tude to seek cooperation with the Pure Yang Palace.

Of course, the Greatest Heaven Sect was still the Greatest Heaven Sect. Even if they were looking for help from someone, they couldn’t be making this kind of low-pitched gesture. However, the ability to make the Greatest Heaven Sect seek their help has already explained many issues. Especially this time compared to their arrogance previously, this att.i.tude was undoubtedly pleasant.

The Greatest Heaven Sect, who were high and aloof, came to ask for their help. When the master of the palace got to know the purpose of the visit, he almost laughed a few times to show his pride and happiness.

Although Yang Chen did not deliberately arrange this matter, it was still due to Yang Chen. The palace master was a little surprised by the influence of Yang Chen and then he hid this surprise in my heart, posing a look of harmony, the details of the cooperation was carefully discussed with the people from the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Even when the head of the palace said that it was necessary to discuss with the elders of the sect first, the messenger of the Greatest Heaven Sect was very understanding.

They could let the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect wait and after consultation, decide that this was not the deliberate treatment of the sect. This alone was enough to make the head of the palace and all the elders feel a little more pleasant.

The Greatest Heaven Sect’s request was not very complicated, they just wanted to ask Yang Chen to help them interpret some text. For Yang Chen, this was just a little effort, but the rewards were amazing. At least this time, the Greatest Heaven Sect expressed enough sincerity. Some of the things that were brought out were very tempting. There were two kinds of high-level refining system which the Dragon horn flying sword needed.

w.a.n.g Yong quietly agreed to this cooperation, and other elders did not object. It’s not the time to break off all their relationship with the Greatest Heaven Sect, so some superficial relationships had to be maintained.

However, even if the cooperation could be agreed, the Greatest Heaven Sect needed Yang Chen to consent to it, but Yang Chen was now retreating, Therefore, the aloof Greatest Heaven Sect, could only wait for Yang Chen to go out.

The last time, their disciples who were tempering their life source magic weapons had to take out their weapons on the spot. Even if they destroyed a group of magic weapons and the disciples cultivation base was destroyed, they had to do it.

This cooperation could be completely different from the last time, but they had to wait, wait for Yang Chen to come back. And there was still a condition, that was, the manuals would be read in the Pure Yang Palace, not in the Greatest Heaven Sect.

The Pure Yang Palace would be responsible for helping to find a quiet place and let Yang Chen and the Greatest Heaven Sect people go in to interpret the text, but not in the Greatest Heaven Sect. This was obviously for Yang Chen’s security considerations and the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect did hesitated and agreed to it. But there were also conditions, Yang Chen must make a heart oath not to tell anyone about the content of the manual.

The two sides reached an agreement and the head of the palace and the Greatest Heaven Sect made a smile at each other. It seemed that this means the beginning of the cooperation between the two sects if there was no other abnormality.

The Greatest Heaven Sect performance was very sincere. They even took out the promised rewards on the day of the cooperation with the intention of handing them over to the Pure Yang Palace. Everyone was waiting for Yang Chen to close the agreement.

Yang Chen’s retreat this time took too long, Yang Chen did not spend as much time as he thought he would. Perhaps when the spirit powers of the Yang Five Elements condensed dan at the same time they have already raised the remaining three spiritual powers to their peak. The refinement of the second wood spirit power only took him more than four years and he entered the condensing dan process.

Yang Chen was already familiar with this kind of process to the extreme, he have had it at least seven times, this was the eighth time. Standing on the two spirit veins in the Immortal’s cave, the spiritual power of the outside world was continuously absorbed by Yang Chen’s body and then it was gathered into the newly formed small sesame-sized second wood Jiedan, all the processes appeared so smooth.

However, it was completely different when there was not something like the first wood true essence spiritual solution and the seventh metal true essence liquid involved. The influx of the two kinds of spiritual essence liquids, both in terms of quality and quant.i.ty, was much better than the spiritual power absorbed by Yang Chen. At least Yang Chen does not need to absorb it and then converts it into second wood spirit power, which increases the consumption of time.

The spiritual power absorbed by the spiritual veins must be transformed and purified before it could be adapted to the needs of the Jiedan. This process wasted at least 90% of Yang Chen’s time.

It was better to wait for the growth of Jiedan in this way. It was better to cultivate in the huge and unmatched first wood true essence spiritual solution and the seventh metal true essence liquid. Therefore, Yang Chen was resistant to the temper and absorbed the spiritual power after conversion and conciseness. He grew the little Jiedan that had just formed.

This absorption and growth took almost a whole year and finally Yang Chen became satisfied, the dragon’s eye sized Jiedan spontaneously absorbed the spirit power while spinning, the fast and already formed two yin five elements Jiedan went to one place.

Next, the condensing of the second wood spirit power also led the remaining two yin five elements spirit power also to condense, the eighth metal and sixth earth spirit power were condensing at a speed visible to the naked eye until they were in the dantian, it was reduced to two sesame-sized golden dans. Then, the spirit power between the heavens and the earth began to rush into the body of Yang Chen.

Whether it was the first wood true essence or the seventh metal true essence liquid, Yang Chen has a lot of spiritual liquid in his hand, which was actually among the five elements of Yang. In the five elements of Yin, although there were some of the tenth water true essence, but if they were compered to the other two, it’s just a slap in the face.

When the three spirit powers of the Yang Five Elements were condensed at the same time, they had the huge spirit power support of the seventh metal true essence. The direct conversion was enough to meet the requirements of the three Jiedan absorbing spiritual power, and because it was the true essenc spiritual power, the quality of the spiritual power was very high, Yang Chen spent only a short period of time from the beginning of the condensate to the end.

But now it was different. The spirit power absorbed entirely from the spiritual veins cannot be compared with the seventh metal true essence liquid. Therefore, Yang Chen had to endure the c.u.mbersome process of absorbing and transforming and enriching the Jiedan. Fortunately, Yang Chen was prepared early, once again controlling the two veins on his side, it was enough for all the condensation needs.

Patiently controlling the spirit power and systematically enriching the newly condensed golden dan. This process was slow and orderly, but it was under the control of Yang Chen.

For a whole year, the last two Jiedan finally grew to the same level as the second wood spiritual power Jiedan. In Yang Chen’s dantian, they were arranged in accordance with the five elements, the other three golden dans were perfectly composed.


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