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Chapter 474.1: Last Bamboo Pole

Yang Chen also didn’t elaborate on where they were going for the seclusion to his own sect master, master ancestor and the others. He just said that he had refined a special pill, and wanted to try his best to restore the cold plum fairy and the dancing snow fairy’s cultivation base.

As for everyone’s collective promotion to the Yuanying stage, it was because of the long-term seclusion and their dual cultivation. In addition to their dual cultivation method, Yang Chen also prepared a relatively ordinary but superior double cultivation method to prevaricate the past.

There were many things, except for the husband and wives, other people couldn’t know too much, even if it was the palace master. Yang Chen had already made this point clear to his four wives.

In fact, the four women also knew that the things Yang Chen gave them, just taking them out was enough to send the whole world of cultivators into a craze. Treasures driving people crazy was not only applicable to ordinary people, it was also applicable in the world of cultivators.

In any case, there were three more Yuanying stage ancestors in the Pure Yang Palace, which was no small matter. In the past, there were only eight Yuanying stage ancestors in the Pure Yang Palace, and there was one who had a heart toward the Greatest Heaven Sect. Later, although many Yuanying stage ancestors were recruited, the monster race were mostly aliens, and the Yuanying stage ancestors who were human beings were among the few.

In the years when Yang Chen was absent, the changes in the Pure Yang Palace have continued with each pa.s.sing day. Those newly recruited disciples with good apt.i.tudes searched from the private sector have already begun to show up temporarily, and thousands of them have reached the Jiedan stage. Compared to the past, there were only a few hundred people who were having poor qualifications and they have not increased for a long time, it’s simply heaven and earth.

There was even more rapid development in the hall of eccentrics. There were already about a dozen Yuanying stage monster cultivators who have reached the peak Yuanying stage, and everyone has received a questioning inner heart pill and began their seclusion. As long as they wait until they end their seclusion, maybe there would be more dacheng stage masters in the sect.

There were more monster race cultivators in the Jiedan stage. So in the past few decades, every year, one or two monsters at the peak Jiedan stage would face their tribulation with the help of the second grade inner sensing pill. The total number of Yuanying stage ancestors in the Pure Yang Palace was close to two hundred, just this power would make many sects jealous.

Of course, it was more envy than jealousy. Who told their sect not to have a fifth-grade alchemist? It could be said that the Pure Yang Palace could have such achievements and it absolutely cannot be separated from Yang Chen.

Now the Pure Yang Palace, even without the backing of the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect, could still be regarded as a quasi-first cla.s.s sect, and it was also a force that could not be ignored. Even recently, two small sects around them have wanted to come and join the Pure Yang Palace.

Naturally, the palace master and the elders were in charge of these matters and Yang Chen had a lot of things to do when he came back. First, they went to the patriarch hall to pay respect to the patriarch, and then went to leave behind their life tablet.

When he reached the Yuanying stage, he already had the strength to completely put his own spiritual awareness imprint into the jade tablet with his life source and preserve it for a long time. Each jade tablet was engraved with the name of the owner of the jade tablet and if something goes wrong, they could quickly figure out which one it was.

The current life tablet hall was no longer having only a few life tablets like in the past. There were hundreds of life tablets, arranged neatly and hung on the most conspicuous wall. As long as you look at it, there was a kind of natural pride. This was the masters of their own sect.

After completing these things, when Yang Chen stayed alone to meet with the palace master and a few core elders, Yang Chen was congratulated by everyone one by one.

There was nothing that could be done about it, it was not just Yang Chen who cultivated diligently alone, and everyone present cultivation base has been improved. Even Qiao Ming and Xu Chengxin, who had just raised their realms not long ago, seemed to have raised a small realm. After reaching the peak early Yuanying stage, he could enter the middle Yuanying stage in a few decades.

Elder Gao Shiyan was already at the peak Yuanying stage, Yang Chen looked at him, maybe the tribulation would appear in the next ten or twenty years. At that time, there would be another master of the Pure Yang Palace who had reached the dacheng stage by himself. While the strength of Pure Yang Palace has improved, it also adds more attractiveness.

Who could refuse a sect that could bring so many dacheng stage masters? Who doesn’t want to join such a sect? Isn’t the reason why those super-large sects attract people because of the more resources for cultivation and the more attractive prospects for cultivators?

However, the masters of the super sects themselves were disciples with excellent spiritual apt.i.tudes, and it was natural to have high achievements. But several elders in the Pure Yang Palace, including w.a.n.g Yong and Gao Shiyan, were completely hopeless before. For such a cultivator to be promoted, this was even more rare for Pure Yang Palace.

After some congratulations, Yang Chen talked about the face retaining pills to the palace master. This face retaining pill was originally the pill that Yang Chen refined, and everyone naturally had no opinion on how he would deal with it.

“It’s a shame to sell at a price.” The palace master was worthy of being an old fried dough stick. As soon as he rolled his eyes, he came up with an idea “Every time you take a few of them, they will be auctioned in various places. The price must contain some medicinal materials you need.”

If Yang Chen divided the face retaining pills into grades, the low-level ones would use the thousand year medicinal materials, the intermediate ones would use the thousands year medicinal materials, and the high-level ones would use the ten thousand year medicinal materials, it would definitely meet the needs of cultivators at all levels.

It was conceivable that when these face retaining pills were launched, the ten thousand treasure tower would definitely become a new dark horse that could rival a few large organizations. Others wouldn’t dare to suppress it, otherwise they would endure the condemnation of countless female cultivators and the crazy attacks of those blue-faced confidants around them.

The Banyan tree Immortal’s Cave was now completely in the hands of the Pure Yang Palace, and Hou Yun was still there to handle it. The Immortal’s cave could collect the first wood spiritual solution, so it can’t be easily given up. It happens to be an outer sect of the Pure Yang Palace.

There were not many other things in the sect that Yang Chen needed to know. On the contrary, the Blue Cloud Sect had already obtained the batch of the questioning inner heart pills given by Yang Chen and paid the remuneration as scheduled. These things were kept for Yang Chen by the palace master, and they happened to be returned to Yang Chen now.

And during these years, there was another Yuanying stage master in the Blue Cloud Sect who had reached the dacheng stage, and the Green Jade Immortal Island also had one, which put great pressure on the Greatest Heaven Sect. Others were increasing their dacheng stage masters, only the Greatest Heaven Sect was constantly losing them.

For Yang Chen, this was also good news. However, he believed that the Greatest Heaven Sect would soon come to him.

Sure enough, the palace master told Yang Chen next that Mao Qi, the head of the foreign affairs hall of the Greatest Heaven Sect, had been waiting for him for two years.


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